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  1. LegalizeShroomZz

    LF english speaking clan

    Ayy human side
  2. LegalizeShroomZz

    Looking for human clan

  3. LegalizeShroomZz

    Expensive Selling list

    Exc ib +11rev howmuch do you want for it
  4. LegalizeShroomZz

    Expensive Selling list

    Mind pming me what you want for the ib+11?
  5. LegalizeShroomZz

    Town's market (updated 8.03.2016)

    is the dragon scale rev+1 or just +1 that you're buying?
  6. DHC how many priest chitins you have?
  7. LegalizeShroomZz


    Buying 8x judi belts+0 100m each 1x cockatrice ear+0 Selling coming soon Pm/letter legalizeshrooms ingame
  8. LegalizeShroomZz


    have no1 to bang now;(
  9. LegalizeShroomZz


    soap plz smile FeelsBadMan
  10. LegalizeShroomZz

    Helping newcomers

    tits=this is the shit
  11. LegalizeShroomZz

    Price check - Priest gear

    Nanananananan Batman
  12. LegalizeShroomZz

    Making DC Pre "Usefull"

    Alpha told me you cant get GB from mining in ^mora
  13. LegalizeShroomZz

    Is kurians left out of juraid?

    i got in with some kurians before like ISIS etc
  14. LegalizeShroomZz

    Legalize B/S

    small update
  15. LegalizeShroomZz

    Selling / Buying List.