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    Gotti reacted to lilorc6 in MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)   
    Watch it if you haven't already.

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    Gotti reacted to lilorc6 in MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)   
    Will be changing the clan application pretty soon. Probably going to make Ventrilo a requirement if your'e pking.
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    Gotti reacted to david4244 in Adding an option to remove wings visually while having the stat bonuses from them.   
    The same way you can remove Valkyrie / Gryphon etc. 
    Or any other way to atleast remove our own. (Just a visual patch, or having a pair of every wing that gives the same bonuses but you won't actually have a wing on your char, whatever)
    Me and a decent amount of our friends [and kinda sure plenty of ppl feeling the same way too] despise the wings kinda hard. I mean honestly, certain wings being like 2-3x the size of your character it is just ridiculous.  Even if not the other's but if we could somewhat get rid of our own wings (while getting the stat bonus, etc from it) it would be appreciated.
    EDIT:  My bad, just noticed there is an other topic about it already:  http://forum.apexko.com/topic/495-hidingshowing-cospre-items/
    So let's just consider this1 as a bump, would truly be appreciated if we could get rid of those ugly ass wings, ty.
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    Gotti reacted to david4244 in about skill bar ingame   
    I'm not used to it aswell, however prefer it this way, atleast can put some not rly often used stuffs there so i don't have to bother with F7, etc in order to use them. So for me having 9-10 is a good thing actually.
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    Gotti got a reaction from Built4CZ in Mantle Clan   
    welcome to ApexKO
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    Gotti reacted to vincent in Things that might kill the server   
    But the thing is that no one is forcing you to buy premium. You can play USKO without premium for example, hence the phrase "Free 2 Play.
    I somewhat agree and disagree with this topic because from past experience and observation, it's a two way street. If the EXP is made easier, users will max out quicker, which will lead to boredom quicker, which could lead to "killing the server" quicker. Secondly, the same people who are judging the "hard exp" haven't even completed many of the EXP quests which are available in every single zone you could possibly teleport to. Before making a drastic change such as reducing the EXP I think we should tally up the total EXP that can be granted by doing all the quests first and see what that adds up to.
    That's just my opinion though. We had users who hit level 83 in 2-3 days before gear was dispensed at +8 and when the rate was 200% EXP -- mostly on genie, without EXP quests.
    That's just my opinion though, everyone wants quick access to CZ, but no one wants to grind -- find a PK server then?
    When you folks played USKO did you refuse to war or go to CZ without reaching max level? Oh, me either 
    And if everyone following your logic about not wanting to spend 15$ dollars, this server is good as dead then, since it will survive on donations (especially after the amount of money they have pumped into this project (not to mention literally thousands of hours of work)). 
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    Gotti reacted to BotanicalConcepts in Hiding/Showing Cospre Items   
    There is an option to hide the cospre items, that's cool because I don't like their aesthetic. But is it possible to hide wings? I really don't like their look.
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    Gotti got a reaction from sebast44 in about drops   
    Whoa you mean actually play the game? your sir have gone to far suggesting such a thing! I like the idea tho
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    Gotti reacted to sebast44 in about drops   
    i just had an idea, i know lots of ppl wont like it, but for the sake of casual players this would be awesome.
    We all know that about 80% of server will use genie when official comes out, but i was think about how to get a good economy in server that way, since all they have to do is lvlup and get lots of items with auto loots. I actually came with the idea of disabling the auto loot system (oread's and pets) when you activate your genie.
    This way, you would not have any other choice than farming on your own, even if you are a casual or a player that is using genie only to find his way up to the best ranks.
    I personally don't know if it is even possible to make such coding, but i think it would be more enjoyable if we make party to farm stuff, split the drops, i mean, getting back to the old usko stuff when all it was about is teamwork.
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    Gotti reacted to sebast44 in Quests   
    as i mentionned, you stop getting quests at something like lvl 70, and getting 80m out of 1B xp is not even worth doing the quest..
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    Gotti got a reaction from Built4CZ in MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)   
    I always enjoy following your clan posts super entertaining lmao
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    Gotti reacted to lilorc6 in MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)   
    I don't have nothing to say when I just said it in my previous post. Everything that was needed said, was said.
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    Gotti reacted to Immortal in Making Free Signatures   
    There you go sir.
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    Gotti reacted to NagaSadow in Making Free Signatures   
    Shit man,thats great!Yea sure ,avatar up to you really
    Thanks a lot!
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    Gotti got a reaction from ReborN in Hello ^^   
    ill be your friend but im human
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    Gotti reacted to twostars in server status   
    I've installed the shoutbox, still need to set it up properly. Doing it in between other things.
    It'll be useful for its accompanying announcement, anyhow. :-)
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    Gotti reacted to twostars in server status   
    I'll setup a shoutbox. A bunch of us are in IRC when that happens, though even this time they didn't really get much of an ETA since we were pretty much solely focused on getting the issue resolved.
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    Gotti got a reaction from FrontLiner in server status   
    any status report on why its down? is there another place where they are updating? feel in the dark on this forums
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    Gotti reacted to Yuuuup in Upgrade feed   
    How can this be turned off?
    If we cant, maybe make it moradon feed only?
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    Gotti reacted to ReborN in Hello ^^   
    Hello everyone I'll be playing ApexKO as Orc and I hope i make some good friends, and I will look for english speaker clans
    Cya in-game ;D
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    Gotti reacted to ReborN in server status   
    Totally agreed! Actually its the best Idea we had lately
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    Gotti got a reaction from ReborN in server status   
    I suggest putting a server status to show when the actual server is online/offline cause even tho the website says online forever i still get http://postimg.org/image/pf8zbp417/
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    Gotti reacted to FrontLiner in server status   
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    Gotti reacted to BeastD in server status   
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    Gotti got a reaction from Sick in Genie- should it be free?   
    i like the genie if I do chose to go passed ardream then I would def want the option to use it since my time to play is limited with real life stuff going on