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  1. Without hesitation, him are working hard,patching bugs in game zone / events modifications, adding more features and a lot of trash for us doing to make a server funny for everyone thumbs up for Aesteris and Alpha supporting much! Gene is supporting also good every staff is contributing much here please show them how to do their work, what more you want to see?
  2. Yes but GM's are not online all the time because real works and other real stuff to do can't be 24/7 checking all the FT times
  3. You're really airhead, INT priest still can healing + R attack and get the reward this only to prevent so many afks in FT I like it as usko system is working and here priests are needed, you will never see a INT priest without party, or maybe you have 10x characters afking in FT? ohhh sorry for break your heart
  4. Actually i'm playing steam sometimes i've seen there in the new system there is 0 afk's the system forces to everyone to attack to the monsters if players don't attack them will not get the rewards need stay constantly in moving and attacking!
  5. I'm trying to paint the colour of the cape grade 2 from green one for red, but after y apply the changes it cost me the money without change the cape colour even i tried 2 times lost about 160m pointless really system not working.
  6. Yes pretty much remember that we are just starting on ApexKO alot of my members still using quest jewels / shells +7 and shits we are not geared yet, once we get it you will be down +1 was fun for us too
  7. Nero

    Remove buff scrolls from pus?

    Yes did, did you undersnatd my post? You are asking for delete the scrolls 2.000 HP 350 AC right? not way to do it my honest opinon.
  8. Hey guys normally I recruit UK and US players in my clan but if you speak decent to outstanding english come join me and my clan actually we are spanish people here most of us speak spanish but with a decent english ( atleast ) Just to let you guys know is that if you're just starting out or returning vet that needs help. I'll be willing to provide assistances on a daily basis from Monday, Wednesday, Friday on the Eastern Time (Standard Time) Our most important condution is to be respectful and helpful between clan member each other. With that said, if you got any questions go ahead and message me on forum. Or In game message me. Leader clan: Odin Assistant: OneHunterHit We looking for Priest's / warriors / rogues / kurians with good skills and actives. See you guys in game. Estamos reclutando jugadores para el clan JustPlay si estan en busca de un clan latino pueden enviarnos un mensaje aqui en el foro o en el juego vamos utilizar TS o raidcall esta bajo discuisón no somos exigentes con tal que sepan jugar son bienvenidos. Nos vemos en el juego!
  9. This is incorporated in the system like usko is, imo this should stay like always.
  10. Nero

    Remove buff scrolls from pus?

    Nah this won't happen you still can buy scroll 300-1500 at sundries it is cheap why you want deleted them... nobody is forcing you buy them whatever bad idea -10 let it.
  11. Nero

    Suggestions for the server

    Really it has much logic if people start on lvl 60 still they need to exp till 83 due some good quests that gives a good amount of EXP aren't soleable's it is actually hard without help if they have a clan beginner they can get everything without beg for a strong clan (TOP) other thing we might see partys helping each others not only by doing quest included personal weapon 70/80 and shit we might see more friendly comunity and partys around doing EXP togother +1 good idea and perfect..