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  1. using bug and stay at zone where cant be fitted. Then use same to go to Abbys entrance and regroup they mages behinde. So if you get rect every csw need to use bugs to win ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inaY1SiUYuw&ab_channel=KCT
  2. I don't know if it's a Chinese macro but it's certainly not normal, as you can see in the photos there are no hits with R but only skill. I have optical internet directly in an optical network card and I have never had a lag on any game, so this is not a lag. I wrote to Aesteris but as always there is no answer :)
  3. and this comes from the master of descent the player who can't even combo manually and is in macro all the time there is no bigger bot than you, but I can at least teach you how to descent further than 1 centimeter
  4. this does not surprise me at all, their greed is inversely proportional on they descent skill
  5. we running for 10k kc best editing skills, you need to apply for job in Disney since your clan is so funny and biggest joke on the server
  6. CZ is dead all day and active only on boss events and boss war. You need to delete Isiloon , Felankor and Boss war so all those humans farmer to start pk , not only on boss events to join with 7-8 partys and in the moment last boss die they leave and run to the trade sites for selling drop and spend him for food on market. You need to bring back medal s ystem with montly leader point so pk to be active. Exchange medals for uniques ( avedon, hell breaker, dread shield, silver bar) will bring back activity in coloni zone. And you need to remove montly point from Lunar War invade coz most of the players transfer in human side just to kill NPC on invade and make like 6+k NP from NPC on day. And also chek warrior AOE skill - how warriors make more DMG on melles team then on mages ?!?!? Stun rate is to highl. Keep ignoring players just to buff one class or side and soon Riote, Atros, Harunga pk will be only PK on the server.
  7. Selling Exptional Iron Impact +5 reverse or trade + Gold bars or KC for raptor +8 (+5) rev pm here , dicord or ingame - ThePistouEffect
  8. Well that is good Pk video Verry good editing skills. Learn from that guy when you make videos . А perfect match between picture and music. Finally, at the end exposing them how pathetic they are using a bug of despair is priceless.
  9. Its really have mater mate. I was alredy tell Karim to town coz feeling bad NPt you. This was like stealing candy from kid. Even if you dont get this so pressure win for you i was ready to leave , was borin to kill your members again and again and again. Thats why i dont like vs - people's ger raped 30 times in a row but recorded and post 30 seconds video just to feel better after get used like cheap Asian lady boy . But if that make you happy its ok. Have fun
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