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    T> rogue items for warrior items

    I got +8 rogue shell set ROL, old rol Need warrior armors or jewels
  2. smokenfly

    smokeNfly S/B List

    B> -cokatrice earrings -CHD +8
  3. smokenfly

    smokeNfly S/B List

  4. smokenfly


    Just came here to read comments since I heard about this warrior007 and he's obvious scammer. Barboor what the fuck is ur goal with your accusations? Why couldnt you use skyper for a trade? What about if im in teamspeak with my clannies and we trade ingame by speaking there omg am I doing lots of illegal stuffzz now :X. There is no point in ur posts rofl grow up. EDIT: Actually I can agree you must be Warrior007.
  5. smokenfly

    smokeNfly S/B List

    list refreshed