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    LostLegends reacted to SPANKME in VOTE ! LOLxONLYSikilir   
    It's not going so well for turkish leaders in general. xD
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    LostLegends reacted to Aesteris in LostUjio   
    Right, let's get some facts down.
    1. The server does NOT allow under ANY circumstances a cast be completed as fast as his seemingly did in the video.
    2. A TBL does not have an on / off switch; It's either on all the time (and ALL of his heals would be as fast ALL of the time), or it's off.
    I have no idea whether there was any party member near him at the time to throw him that heal, all I know is I can't see what's behind Karambit (e.g. who else except for LostQueTamo is there, as he has him targeted for most of the 'clip'), and I know that the server does not under any circumstance allow a cast that fast (it's encouraged to try it out yourself, because why take my word for it).
    Topic is closed, any further evidence on the matter will be looked upon if provided (open a new topic).
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    LostLegends reacted to Aesteris in 0 banned unfair   
    You were banned for 7 days by me for playing on both sides in a Border Defense War event.
    Contact me on the 14th to get unbanned
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    LostLegends reacted to blackaq in LostUjio   
    exactly, so what's the reason for the blur? go ahead and try making a cheat report on USKO with an edited video, i really wonder what their reply would be.
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    LostLegends got a reaction from Chito in Error 255 (7 days and do not give me solution)   
    Have a new clear account(There must not be any other character innew ID) send a Private message to Aesteris included your old characters loggin ID Game nick and new accounts loggin ID.
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    LostLegends reacted to L2CustodyRRR in LostHeaveN PK Movie | Special Night with LaTroupe   
    Poor Quality but jood job guys !!..
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    LostLegends reacted to Aesteris in dark knight drop rate   
    Topic closed, nothing was touched, as usual. Random is random, you were just extremely lucky to encounter "2x slots" with only coins and no items.
    The clan bonus, is not a flat +20%, it's 20% of whatever the droprate is; e.g. If it were 10% drop rate, the clan bonus would make it a 12% drop rate (20% of 10% is 2%).
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    LostLegends got a reaction from LostControl in Elu ( REZ TBL)   
    What is this all about? You dont need to rez him several time to get his nps freely, He is already free np all over everywhere.
    PS: You need some Macro bud.
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    LostLegends reacted to warcrawl in Karus King Event Video (LostHeaveN - LostQueTamo)   
    Good job. ^^
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    LostLegends got a reaction from Alpha in Karus King Event Video (LostHeaveN - LostQueTamo)   
    Here is the Pm Event results.
    3rd- HANDSONMY 7th-ga1adriel 15th-nevar 17th-LoreanSee 21th-Butchet
    If you did not have ur GB's yet feel free to ask any time.
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    LostLegends got a reaction from GAREZ in GAREZZZZZ ;)   
    As you need 2 party to be able to pk ?
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    LostLegends got a reaction from Dwarf in New Player   
    Didn't find*
    Pm black he is recruiting.
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    LostLegends reacted to ISpitOnYourGrave in How to die with 2 party VATANOOB   
    i'll vouch for lost
    they're alot more organised then vata
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    LostLegends reacted to SacrificeProductions in 1 kc per 10 min while in bowl   
    This is a bad idea cause the only players that would stay at the top majority of the time would be the mages, kinda a favoritism type of thing really cause unless mages aren't on or the melees were really far ahead of the ranking they would not be able to reap the rewards of such a thing.
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    LostLegends reacted to MrsD in Suggestions for the server   
    just delate crap uniqe from apex chest and medals drop list and all will be fine
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    LostLegends reacted to SkyHunter in King&Sick vs LostControl&Dovahkiin/Maltuzz   
    im glad ur k:d is great but this isnt COD bro, so if u want to 2v2 / 8v8 / 5v5 u know who to call buddy
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    LostLegends reacted to SkyHunter in 2vs2 with DYNASTY clan   
    that's great about the topic but how about some actual evidence instead of a bunch of people who think warrior AOE is anger making posts?
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    LostLegends reacted to Harzi in 2vs2 with DYNASTY clan   
    Good job -TukeOwnz
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    LostLegends reacted to Dwarf in Black market   
    BUY >
    - Aztec Gold Faun +8
    - Mage Krowaz Set +8
    SELL >
    - Iron Belt +1
    - Iron Necklace +0
    - Minotaur's Earring +0
    - Gab's Adament +7
    - Gab's Blessing +7
    - Scorpion Shield +7
    - 4x Ron's Staff +8
    - 2x Wrath of Erenion +8
    - 2x Lightning Erenion +8
    pm Öffers oferty offer ofiary teklifler amk подпобности в личку może być za półlitrowe kolego tamam ale mierdam :/
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    LostLegends reacted to Alpha in 1000 dot damage per second DAGDAMOR   
    Will be taking a look,if there is something out of the ordinary we'll make sure to fix it! 
    Thanks for the report! 
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    LostLegends reacted to twostars in SoulSlayer swears to me   
    Regardless, there's a simple solution -- just block them yourself ingame. Then you won't see anything from them anymore.
    Closing this thread.
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    LostLegends reacted to Sultan in Login issue+Anvil!   
    when moonlight comes out so will Pontus and then u know what that means, u can kiss ur noob jamadars goodbye.
    Go borrow more items from people in server 
    and if u want to get owned again come vs me with ur own items in cz thnx
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    LostLegends reacted to ISpitOnYourGrave in Cartel presents: Vatan Special (P1) @Apexko   
    because you were 2 pts vs 1 pt?
    or using a second priest out of ur party?
    get skills fucking lame cheater
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    LostLegends reacted to blackaq in King&Sick vs LostControl&Dovahkiin/Maltuzz   
    still waiting for soap to scam sick's gear 
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    LostLegends reacted to Smooth in King&Sick vs LostControl&Dovahkiin/Maltuzz   
    brain brain brain