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  1. +11 Rev Bombastic Wirinom +2 Dual Roc +2 Dual Opal Earing +2 Amulet of STR +1 Iron Set +8 War Kro Set Send me a PM For your offers.
  2. LostLegends

    Chopa vs iLEYNAAAAAAAA

    Good Game.
  3. LostLegends


    Good Game.
  4. LostLegends

    DaLegendS PK MOVIE SPECIAL LostHeaveN

    Are you fucking kidding me ? 3-1 ? U r a real loser. The real scor is LostHeaveN 4 - 3 DaLegends. But its our fault to lose 3 times in a row. We died 3 times becs LostDream has unstable internet connection nowadays. He has vacation. He tries to connect with mobile phone connection with 350-400 ping. He was dropping the ts during ts 3-4 times . I did not recorded the vs bcs i dont care such a noob like urs. But if you want vs 1 k 5 k 10 k 20 k kc for 8v8 5v5 3v3 no matter. Its a big shame u announced this like that.
  5. LostLegends

    Char Askıda Kaldı

    Sorunu halen halen yaşıyorsan PM atabilirsin ya da direkt Alphaya "Can you please DC Jeayme, i cant log in game bcs it says account is already in use." yazarsan yardımcı olur. Ya da herhangibir gm e.
  6. LostLegends


    First Pic : As you see there are clan members from RealHeroS. Second Pic: You are just able to kill my sub characters on genine in bdw or somewhere like this qweqweqweqw You can just kill sub characters and Multi is ban reason, go and complain it. Third Pic : It is not 3, its 4 (Number of multi accounts logged) and this is your fault(to know multi accounts number as 3). Now go away. You loser, all of the characters in clan are mine own characters. Go and beg( complain ) to GM's as " He has Multi" .
  7. LostLegends

    BloodLine Recruiting!

    no u r not Not that much thougt.
  8. LostLegends

    SkyKing NPT

    Seems you should stop talking like an a55 hole.
  9. LostLegends

    iProdigy wall hack

    Tp ile bazen o tarz yerlere atiyor cikamiyorsun basimiza geldi 2-3 sefer
  10. LostLegends

    SkyKing NPT

    Pawel you need 5 x priest 1 x tp mage 1 x Assasin and you. It will be better. And it seems your macro is better than mine ? Or cuz my eye delusion?
  11. LostLegends


    Here is the one of the way. Yeah Please Feel free to get more info. Good Knowladge. Come clan.
  12. LostLegends

    LostHeaveN PK Movie #2 (Final)

    5 k kc Challenge Here! Need balls.