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  1. Sophirax

    HELP !!!!!!

  2. lol xD first +8 i ever tried,,,never broke one before that
  3. nope dont use trinas havent for 6 years
  4. first and prolly only +9 on server
  5. well tomorrow ill be on all day ill try to set up my priest n warrior.....so ill have genie on them lmk if u got attackers who are lazy...and private char me ur voice chat....(if u dont have one let me know ill set one up for main clan and this exping clan...) i just need exp im a babashopper so my items come with lvling....and since ur human i gotta start fresh xD
  6. im down for it...i just work alot..so im trying to find a way to exp and not lose my job yall do quests all night or genie? i cant be questing yet xD i work 12s and they got me on overtime this month
  7. got room for me? i can go priest (int)or rogue(archer)
  8. yeahhh the shield? its a UTC shield...they arent opening UTC at start...
  9. reason i said +9s is because u can buy them from npc (so easy to make) gabs isnt... actually dont even give the priest the gabs or iron set...may as well do WP and some old belt... thats the only thing i find crappy about this server is the jamadars
  10. they make rogues too OP no other class has a wep that the iron set and shield cant defend against..... i think they should be taken out... if you dont believe me...set up a rogue with a weaponbreaker 9 set lvl 83 give a priest gabs 7 and jewels +0 iron set and all... watch the hp when the sin uses CP +skills....
  11. its not racist at all...take it how you want...i want an american clan....why does that have to be racist?....theres going to be tons of english clans on this server....asking for ppl that are on the sameish time zone/speak the same language (without an accent), textable/callable if needed, and other shits.....shouldnt be considered racist...if yall dont like what you read...look for another group...i dont get why ppl gotta flame each other...if this post doesnt fit you move on....no one needs keyboard warriors
  12. im recruiting americans (its not that im racist or anything i just cant understand ppl with accents as well) will bring up a ts this friday and anyone who wants to come can itll be for official basically we will be doing a melee clan so im lookin for all classes itd be a benefit to join me prefer the ppl to have ts and a mic lookin for a core group to decide clan name/cape color/symbol...i want to know the clan name/symbol before official so i can make a sig for us
  13. i personally feel it would be good because u dont want to lay everything out all at once...that seems like itd kill the server 6 months on a private server seems rather long tho...so i voted monthly.... u gotta think if everything is available right from the start itd be harder for new ppl to catch up in gear wise...but if u release them between 1-6 months -ppl that are already here would have less time to have accumulated these items (im assuming ull farm the mats as u do in usko) plus...if u release all the way up to utc ppl will just be going for them and then once they get it they wont have anything else to work for other than just pk... u dont want pk to be the only thing to do when its during dead times(pk servers die fast or get boring) think of wow(i dont like wow only because of curtain reasons) but if ur not doing bgs or running raids/dungeons u can cook/mine/ and craft shit....but in ko we dont have them options (our mining sucks) so giving ppl something to look forward to later on after release would be a good idea..this is only my opinion... i think the knight empire sucked...i hope ppl dont choose this for this server(i know these polls are for general discussion but im assuming twoey and aesteris will look at these to see the community choices and judge from there) i want the 80-83 cap...and at least krowaz i love the new looks if ko just stuck with reg shells and reg items...i wouldnt have played the game as long as i did....i love the new looks and stuff the new items do i think its neat (example the warm downpour wf i love the nova it does)
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