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  1. Pew Pew Z Pew Pew 🏹
  2. He don't want Z SKILL Z SKILL Z SKILL. He want Mix party who can beat 3priests 5warriors.
  3. VAC BAN ciao major. bb IEM Katowice 2k19.
  4. Kinda disappointed that none from ApexKo replied. thought we could do something for helps that shitty unbalanced situation. i guess you can close or even delete topic... sad.
  5. got your points, but mine is: we were in boss war event and we were like 4-5 party orc against humans Rome clan. they left after 30mins or something like that, and than pk was over. same thing happen on Boss event in cz. Orc's were only runing and waiting for few humans, and when humans went out of their bass, they got gang banged by 60 orc's+. What's the points? it's just killing the event. If one clan could nt, the situation would changes. PK could grow up again and everyone enjoy back, if humans are coming backs and unbalance the situation than you NT back. It's sou
  6. Hello, I was wondering if you could make a better system for NT clans, today during event it's was a big mess, only orc's was there. Its was like 5-6 party orc's against 1-2 party humains and left early. Pretty boring. No fun at all So i may suggest something like free NT clan for top 5 clan ranking, so they can handle it alone or put someone (GM) who can handle event, and support clan's for nt if somethings wrongs. Or something else that can helps to improve pk. It's doesn't have sense to pay X KC for NT clan and carry about how pk is everytime it's unbalanced. I mean we c
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