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    BroOk got a reaction from fuckyou in New War About Np !   
    tmn, ne zaman activity pk?
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    BroOk reacted to neXusLeen in New War About Np !   
    sana yok martin.
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    BroOk reacted to Dragon in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    +1 server is again Dead only in Ultima time little pk we need something similiar snowmans but with biger range beetwen spots to reduce mage gain all np from pk. Thx @twostars @Aesteris
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    BroOk got a reaction from Dragon in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    the question should be ? will the pk be returned for us ? or left again for weeks months year unable to complete kill players again ?
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    BroOk reacted to ThOms in NT Systems.   
    got your points, but mine is: we were in boss war event and we were like 4-5 party orc against humans Rome clan.
    they left after 30mins or something like that, and than pk was over. same thing happen on Boss event in cz.
    Orc's were only runing and waiting for few humans, and when humans went out of their bass, they got gang banged by 60 orc's+.
    What's the points? it's just killing the event.
    If one clan could nt, the situation would changes. PK could grow up again and everyone enjoy back, if humans are coming backs and unbalance the situation than you NT back.
    It's sound crazy but at least cz/event doesn't stop.
    Look, for me i can't play during weeks, only on week-ends and still depend on free times.
    But if i log in during weekends for Pk or events and the only thing i see is : cz not much actions and event unbalanced (giving randoms numbers) 80 vs 20 it's just make me feel like leave the game and go play somethings else and come back later with hope stuff changed.
    So imagine for new players. it's giving bad reputation.
    Also it's not everyday and everytimes it's unbalanced, it's on certains periods/days/hours. but if we can improve better PK why would we not work on it?
    I think you can give an try. select few serious clans. give them the privilege of NT for balance stuff and see how it's going.
    Make a test for 1-2weeks  and if it's work than cool if not than what are you loosing? nothing.
    If someone abuse it than you remove from the list.
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    BroOk reacted to Aesteris in Christmas & New Year event ends on 14 January   
    Update; Exchanged Darkness weapons will also be removed at this time.
    Güncelleme: Kırdırılan Darkness silahlar da kaldırılacaktır.
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    BroOk reacted to Aesteris in Christmas & New Year event ends on 14 January   
    Dear Apexians,
    We hope everyone has enjoyed the Christmas & New Year event that's been running since December 21.
    As with all good things, they must come to an end, and so will this event.
    Monday, January 14th marks that day for this particular case, so we encourage you to reap the most until then!
    The following items will be removed from your characters once the event finishes:
    Undying Scroll Red Potion Blue Potion Duration Item DC premium (1 day) WAR premium (1 day) EXP premium (1 day) Offline Merchant (1 day) Darkness Weapon Voucher (3 day) Exchanged Darkness weapons (+11) Have fun & play fair,
    The Apex Team
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    BroOk reacted to Deoxs in im sick, tired and pissed off   
    Yes agreed always buff and nerf for warrior priest sin. Go buff int bp leonar lets fkin go. Fuck the other classes
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    BroOk reacted to dominiccc in Make Ultima strong again   
    TukeFin loves the PK. He always with full party and chase randoms in CZ till catch them. Gg PKer. What can a tuke do in ApexKO? He already has best gear and he wants kill some low geared farmers in cz. Understandable.
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    BroOk reacted to twostars in Make Ultima strong again   
    A certain server started running their Christmas event a week ago. So I mean, I don't think it's too much of a stretch for it to be running right now.
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    BroOk got a reaction from KissOfNeo in im sick, tired and pissed off   
    myb make  255 int priest inmortal ? so i can start duo with kissofneo? lmao xD
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    BroOk reacted to TukeOP in Make Ultima strong again   
    thats how apexko players playing this server what can do if 90% people dont want pk only farm... Should already delete this xmas event, Xmas already past its 11.1.2019 good morning
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    BroOk reacted to dominiccc in im sick, tired and pissed off   
    Do you have a char in usko now? Why don't you make a video for us? Just now log in and go PK and show us some VS and damages. If you proof that u hit 11 kro set and full 3 uniques warriors harder like here then pretty sure admins will take care your requests. Now you share imkiraa or something i see lots of video for him and his stamina's never been change or he kills who use full plate or chitin armor on rogue/warrior. But if you proof you kill kro set 11 rogues warriors by it in CZ and show it by live video/records now, then it makes sense.

    But here i played on kurian for a while and it was so OP. When you say kurian's been nerfed in ApexKO, it only force me to laugh alot really. 

    Raptor i mean spear weapons wasn't working on kurians and someone proved it by video/screenshots from USKO and they changed it in ApexKO. Now raptor's working very well on kurians. It fails alot nevertheless it works. 
    Long story short, don't talk with random videos belongs someone else. Show urs and then talk about it.
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    BroOk reacted to twostars in Killing Felankor for royal clan bug?   
    Who tried to loot it? Also, when you say it was empty, did it tell you that or did it open up and visually show as if it were empty?
    I've just given TukeFin the Royal Emblem that dropped.
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    BroOk reacted to Dragon in Let's finish the event.   
    why u are crying abaout event, this event bring lot of new players in game they can easy get good items from crismas chests... adamat +7 wiri +7 holy armors etc...
    I hope u leave it more surely we have more players here this days.
    Always same ppl crying abaout something new Brook chayni tuke melody etc players who play here 3 years and have 50k kc in store...
    relax guys let new players come dont cry on everything new here...
    have a nice day
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    BroOk reacted to Sierra in Killing Felankor for royal clan bug?   
    Will see what's up with that. o.O
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    BroOk reacted to sm0902 in Let's finish the event.   
    This is the player clan manager goddog from Elmo.
    It's been two weeks since the Christmas event began.
    Thank you for opening the event for users, but as the event goes on for too long, the game is losing interest.
    Only at the event time, Rona Land is activated for a while, and all the events are left after the event is over.
    It is not a game for war, but a game for events.
    I hope you will not have this boring event for a long time.
    Also, I hope that you will set a certain period of time when you are going to the event in the future.
    Please comment on this article by administrators and operators.
    @[email protected]
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    BroOk reacted to KissOfNeo in Dark knight   
    PK against me all u want    i only really party in  Event time for  15   20 min then  we off  and im solo  vsing the 8 v 1  because i use other chars   solo you all town  and run ..
    I have to use a KissOfNeo char to get you to come   with ya friends to kill....    Good to see i make an impact on your game just remember  how much you say  love to kill me but for every 1 time i die  you guys are giving me  4 to 10  deaths    so my NPs grow and grow everyday      THANK YOU  🙂 
    Dark knight   items  unsure of   when they  gone My priest wont be able to kill shit again  but thats ok  back to old style pk  and have to change chars to  upset you all again
    If PPL love them  keep  but doing that  cant over power gear come in and no weapons to fight against it  go go +4 accessory and +14 krowaz 
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    BroOk reacted to BabySh0ckeR in Buy Pontus ring +0+1   
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    BroOk reacted to red123 in Dark knight   
    UTC should be hard, do you want everyone running around with Buju, Azagai, Khanjar +11 ? Look what happened to krowaz items, they worth shit now. I think UTC materials should be obtained in CZ/PK, not joining some stupid and annoying event once a week.
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    BroOk got a reaction from TukeOP in Aesteris & twostars, Let's do the math together?   
    Well that 1 reason why me and tuke not going to rank anymore on apexko i guess. the fact people on ranking is inactive doesnt means they dont expect the place they are. thats why players like us keep 24/7 since server open on ronark Land which means buying items By kc spending alot money on game cospre scrolls etc. but it seems that is not so important for you since ull respond back we doing this for bring alot of players back.
    dont get my wrong , whatever u doing to bring players back to apexko its fine. but the fact is that you guys cant just slap like that your old players just because they having busy on rl or work so much and cant be active anymore like before.
    Im pretty sure just giving good items to newcomers fix the balanced and bring players to pk, then myb with nps u can buy some top items, red pots undy scroll etc should be on PUS already. but well thats just my simple opinion.
    Just need  to wait and watch if this big massive reduction nps to old players will bring apexko where u guys want to be.
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    BroOk reacted to twostars in Aesteris & twostars, Let's do the math together?   
    Tell me: what did anyone lose?
    The answer: nothing.
    Play and you keep your rank. Nothing effectively changed except these people who could previously go AFK for weeks and still be on top have to play now to hold their rank. And they still have their headstart, because all numbers are scaled.
    Call me crazy, but that doesn't seem like such a big deal.
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    BroOk reacted to Chayni in Aesteris & twostars, Let's do the math together?   
    Ye, I Think a Total wipe would of been better, or atleast a reward for the top 10 Np holders as They lost the most..
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    BroOk reacted to MeIody in Aesteris & twostars, Let's do the math together?   
    I wanted to reply on the other topic but twostars already closed it, [@PS I don't know why they always rush to close topic].
    So here let me say my thoughts about the reduction Nation Points and how it's clearly unfair for the Old Players - That've support you all this way-long.

    This goes to what @Aesteris pointed out.

    I give TukeOwnz & BroOk and even me [if I'll Stop PK] at the top 2 weeks, and they-we will drop almost by 10 ranking..

    As the tittle say: "Let's do the math together".

    Before the Reduced Every 1 CONT you were getting x2.5 NPs, so basically you reduced the gain NP's by 2.5 but you reduced the total NP's by 9!
    So for example: I had 15.000.000 NPs I were getting 112 NP's [without NP Scroll] per kill, which mean it's equals to 133,928 Kills.
    After the reduced I left with 1.500.000 NPs but getting 45 NP's [without NP Scroll] per kill, which mean it's equals to 33,333 Kills.
    Which mean now it's x4 faster to pass anyone on the board than it would take him before the Reduction NP's.

    If before the Reduction NP's I made 3.000.000 NPs in 1 Months [even tho the server went down at WARs & PK Times],
    Now it's equals to 1.200.000 NP's Almost TOP 1 IN The SERVER.

    So if before to pass the top ranking ranking in the server [15M/3M] would take them atleast 5 - 6 Months!
    It will take them now about 1 month an half at the top to pass the top ranking in the server. as I said x4 FASTER than before.

    This goes to what @twostars pointed out.

    The PK activity increased ONLY because of the successful of the Santa Event and Nothing ELSE!
    And let's put the facts on the table, the Reduced NP's didn't bring more 'New Comers' nor it will give them attention to start over.
    It's all about the advantage over other players - Balance.

    Eden || Melody.
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    BroOk reacted to MeIody in Aesteris & twostars, Let's do the math together?   
    "So Let's make it a little bit more quicker to catch up, why just by NP's? [Not that improtant]
    Let's start from the most important by items..."