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  1. BroOk


    he said to me wil go for dragon 2.0 apexko 2020 . who knows...
  2. BroOk


    yes relaunch please at least we can see USA doing some killls with babashoping. asdasda asdas d:D
  3. Kinda agree . Snow event was funny as fuck
  4. Not really if they do daily questi u can obtain scrolls on cz by pk..still i prefer to see some more babashopers right now merchant is dead. Nothing can be worth then that
  5. not really, you can because . *theres many KC to drain from players same as gold bars. *still they can put daily quest kill 30 enemy give u small pack of 10 scrolls hp or ac by ur choise. thise can also help sell merchant on moradon to drain gbs..
  6. i think u are the only person in the world who can record 3 players on chaos to proof 1 guy went afk because its faking bored to do chaos with 3 players myb? your topic should be? Q. why the hell just 3 faking players going CHAOS? A. dunno myb cuz theres no hell drops appart some randomly wings which not really worth? Q.why theres no real drop on the best PVPevent has been made since kingaurelio learn how to styx? A. myb admins have not good moderators/gms who can let them know how to make better a perfect event like that.
  7. Archer Stun / slow ko + HK SET immortal server... this more then fantasy. why no1 ask to reduce deffence , deleted scrolls 2k from sundriess or deleted all scrolls in general from sundriess just PUS or something which make gear players weak to make fast pk ..
  8. what the hell no plese theres enough free items krowaz u can make +11 .... HK set should stay hard to obtain like this please 0.o...or make this set just +8 and not +11 wtf ...asking for more items ..
  9. BroOk


    totaly agree
  10. BroOk


    kinda agree even if i rather to have mages over power then warriors with 7k ap runing with 3 priest. mages always bring more players to server, warriors kinda nope. usko have nothing to do with apexko btw they are 2 diff games .. agree Z attack pk on 2019 its kinda creazy even if i like to play as priest w/o team speak, but still i can see most of players need to get call even shield to play good this game -.- so: they should adjust kurians divide and skills in general have to be reworked.. not by listening those MP cancer kurians ofc but doing real test to make Pvp balanced.. warrior aoe skill are fine enof even their ap its kinda good and enof to clear cz with 2 priest ... instead i could ask to reduce their deffence .. warriors with iron belt +3 draki pendant adamant +11 sey krowaz +11 still diying with 3 priest -.- apexko things... mages . dmg is just perfect for them even if i could work on cast % and leave stun rate like it is ...
  11. BroOk


    i kinda agree with u,.. still the best way to mix new and old players is make events bdw, chaos , jr .. able to pick all together.. its kinda difficult to force players to play with others i really doubt this will work on apexko.
  12. BroOk


    Well a good way to obtain items for new comers/players/and all those old people who wanted to re join apexko back again , its make events like able to drop some materials which allowed you to exchange for UNTRADABLE items! example: CHAOS (pvp event, best event has been make on ko story imo.) can drop X material, and for the 1st , 2nd , 3rd place some NPS like 2k, 1k, 500, etc etc.. BDW( a good random 8 vs 8 system must be fund yet, to pick good equal partys like 2 priest 2 mages 2 sins 2 kurian or 4 warriors) can drop Y materials after u win. FT (dead event as fak because allowed farmers to go afk and kill the event) FT reward must be just for those who make some Dmg to the last mob thats will force at least every1 to make partys and try to survive and back from afk at least when last mob respwan. JR ( reduced request from win to obtain Juraid Protector, but no1 join on event anymore) most people on server obtain already JP archive so no1 is interesting to join on that even anymore because theres nothing good to obtain, so winers must get some materials and the winer party should obtain at least 1k nps for all. request to join all event must be 5k nps montly at least like for ultima/felo quest in ronark land, To join all events people should pay at least 30 millions so finally we can start to drain some faking gold bars from apexko. 100 kc = 20 gbs right now .. im sure if u give reward nps from events all will go and pay even 1 gold bar to register. Relaunch server , again is not a good idea. most people who give that idea has been play and quit apexko many many times i dont really know why admis should even listen to those players . gL.
  13. BroOk


    mmmm well i’ve to be honest if players give half of energy/time on apexko instead to keep jumping on all private servers then coming back always to cry and complaing for relaunch probably ull have more faking items then old players be on ranking and server could be thousend better... if u think relaunch will fix something ur wrong. This will bring back jumpers again which is the worse think if u looking to keep server alive for long time.. will bring Also farmers but not just the 1s Who loook to improve in game instead those farm people Who sell after for usd and keep ruining the economy game and destroy moradon price.... if u relaunch myb old/loyal players will stay and that Also means their mentality will stay so basic cancer Pk- unskill will stay that just means most of people Who leave here for X reason will leave again. So relaunch apexko? If if was 2016/17 when pk was good and armos was not so tanky i could agree but right now i say this bad idea. Admis should care to their nowdays comunity and try to bring “new”players and help/ support them and not relaunch to bring back the same jumpers again -.- thats so stupid. Good luck anyways.
  14. inglýsh clan????? gL:
  15. oha nice NPT it is allowed on apexko ??
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