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  1. BroOk

    8635 Damage

    divide and power shot by full dex rogue to a nob kurian start items ? lmao say thanks to god u got just 8k dmg at least 11k was more fair
  2. yes , make darkness alive so we can see priest like VE doing pro games with his heal skills . ty
  3. sure event will come more active from next patch as admin say.
  4. why dont u agree? nice answer broh ..
  5. About 90 % reduce nps : as i far remember u guys reduce it to bring many players back to apexko since there will be not much difference btw start and old players.even if i dislike so much this i still agree with any idea which help server and keep it " alive ". but then why right now i making more nps then before? and faster answell . wo use any kinda of bug abuse ofc example: i got 100 PK chest on PK by 120 or 140 kills ? because not every kill drop it so it means with prem and wings nps around 5k nps + from 100 chest yesterday i got like 3k nps so basic i make 8 or 9 k nps with 140 kills it means on couple hours on cz i make that ammount mmmm as far i remember befoe to make 20k nps ive to stay hours and hours and killing also bosses etc but well myb my math is wrong , who knows .. 1 more thing. where red pots and blue pots are? can u please make any sort of weekly reward or daily quest? to make them? for example : 100 kills = 10 red pots? or blue 1s? PK chest = low rate drop red blue pots also please. still waiting UTC bifrost this friday to see how good pk will be.
  6. Saw the new patch bring kinda good ideas but still theres many simple things to fix. felankor still is a problem : make a big announcement like ultima when it will respawn please! is not possible all the time just 1 side killing it with 3 party while the other side have not even chance to fight for it because theres not annoucement... deleted DROP from felankor/ ultima nation! make just ultima chest and felo box for the nation who kill boss. the nation which make more dmg on felankor will take box/chest. how new commers can fight for big drops if theres always the same partys taking drop from those bosses almost 90% of time lmao.. pk chest: is there any bug? after i exchange some of them its like i cant exchange anymore even if theres many pk chest left on my invetory? is the pk chest not 100 % drop if u a r in a party once u gel kill? wondering because i saw many times not getting drop by kills.? if is like this good point! give to the new account /start players better item like: krowaz set +8 untradable and some +8 curse weapons also ( not chaos /adamant ofc ) NPC items : give those npc items different rate upgrade on anvil and incrase their prices myb?? at least people will know using their nps and risk pk on cz will worth something? old players like me already lose any interesting to buy upgrade items. personally everytime there was a big patch my items lose alot of value so give new players already better gear. increase PUS price of war/switch premiun or any other item which drop extra nps ( this in case u change rate upgrade from npc item ofc). RIOTE ATROSS or ANY OTHER THING which drop NPS on Ronark land should NOT DROP montly nps ! this ruin many things !! randoms on montly rank means alot for jumper players trust me.. give to montly ranking a good drop .. instead to give 1 week darkness weapon , give a chance to take materials for make darkness items or something which really worth to spend KC and TIME on apexko.. still hope with the next patch things will be better . gL.
  7. just joke 😆 dont be mad
  8. yes ive also chitin sell +21 INT i want play BP make them strong please . np
  9. BroOk

    genie bug

    1 hour in bowl = 2 or 3 gbs dont be lazy go farm in bowl so i can kill you and make some nps with full items agaisnt new comer ty.
  10. we need int priest power back once already.. still with 5k ap bp die fast but not making dmg .. nice same as usko sure ! ps: need laurawells kurian back already
  11. yup . make some int and str items on already. make helis dmg % able to hit harder once u switch to paper items. something like mages paper make 2k dmg with staff
  12. BroOk

    hi all "!

    habla espanol? english? italian? indian? malaysian? korean? portogues no entiende maluco.obrigado
  13. yes what we need is 1 kurian able to tank under super para malice 1 party recover and town after 10 min please. ! lmao .. make battle priest alive already...
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