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  1. didnt even read all what he say lmao.. but agree with any idea which can bring more new players to server.
  2. Give better items for new comers like secret +11 and not chaos curse weapons +11 already. all uniquest must be +3 . about characters : Bring back MP kurians please. there are many random/newplayers cant play on big clans or they like to play solo. at lest they will run with big partys to ks and make more activity on cz. Int battle priest must make more dmg imo. but they also should be more weak on deffence. Priest are so tanky on apexko, weak abit in general their deffence could help to end pk season fast instead to keep 1 party alive for 40 min lmao.. Darkness weapon is a good idea but i've to be honest dunno if apexko players are ready for that weapons , most of players like to pk as warrior / mage on big teams , its rare to see competitive pk or quality pk around here. so if theres not gangbang there will be low place for solo players. still darkness weapon has been make also to do more competitive Play Kill for priest( and more) since they kill battle priest with new patches. on usko Priest can play support and in same time help their party to make a kser kill or make them able to do some PK solo giving priest a chance to kill those rogues who run faster away from party or those unfingers warriors who decent everywhere no sense.. imo it work pretty good there. so what u do expect? in a fair KO world where meles have their CHAOS curse, where a rogues have their JAMADAR , where mages have their kaul/aztec curses, you can see runing a priest with their stupid adamant ( which can be use also for all classes execpt kurians ) waiting getting attack by meles to activate their curse...Shame on players who think still after all those patches priest just must run with shield hp build behind/hide meles to make 1 kill. rolf. still, making darkness voucher obtain as reward from montly nps could be genial, make like an NPC like old times when u could buy medals knight and exchange those for some vouchers that u can collect and take a darkness weapon for a week, where is the point to PK collect montly nps if i cant do with them what i want. back to the topic : 1. add armors +11 ( not krowaz) weapons +11 (not chaos, jamadar, aztec/kaul,mean leonard, not castellean weapons) 2. deleted all items which can be obtained simple and easy by chest in general. 3.Drop gold bars from game. so red blue pots sundriess for alot of gbs like tatto. 4.put voucher cospre 3 days max on NP STORE. Postscript: stop to make strong players more strong. so NO to all rewards which make stronger big TEAMS / full gear players able to make more merchant, end this if u want to see any future for newplayers on apexko. how to do simple: more rewards for solo players, single rewards like NPS for single players can make newcomers able to grow up. chaos event- its dead. bdw event- current dead JR event - its still alive? CSW- must reward just 1 party. not 1 clan. this very important for apexko and must be done right now. reward should be same holy knight set its enough , do not give any kinda of KC reward etc. you must think not all comunity can join on this even 1 time by week. so no point to reward just those few kids no lifers who can join sunday during lunch time. my personal opinion ofc. instead make twice csw by week? 1 on sunday other on thursday? im pretty sure players who want to challenge will like to see more pk on csw then keep castle for 1 week or 1 month with no challenge.
  3. Also make solo players like battle priest able to make more dmg .
  4. u are not the only 1 who waiting for any admin who care about priest, they touch alraedy all characters on servers they reduced / increased almost every class on server except Priest, apexko need a bp str style to make some solo nice pks. but that obvious cant be done with2xxx files, still giving some more ap to INT priest could help more on solo players. giving more attack power to priest means u cant wear good items to tank ofc. pretty sure theres many ways to find a solution for that but to be honest i lose all my wish to see bps back on 2xxx servers. just do like every1 else , make archer run behind 3 party ks and make a kill or just make light mage , so ull be able to stun every1 with just 1 hit and it doesnt matter if ur opponet runing with 250+ LR resistnce. take care and enjoy ur solo apexko game. XD
  5. wondering when battle priest will be able to do some real dmg? ? karim add me seekyng?
  6. it would be nice yes, make it abit hard , but still , after every1 get 10 rebirth will be same . server its so faking tank, pk takes too long to finish ...myb u can get some more str with rebirth , but still not enouf... deleted draki pendants ?? or any item which make pk alive for 3 hours instead to finish faster. ps: when BPS will come back? bah.
  7. admins should give NPs reward for those who win events or something interesting at least to bring back players join on it.
  8. play 255 int priest full stun full slow and dmg low as f.. need 255 str bps already sagol.
  9. wondering why cant use spike town on human town ronark land? whats going on? its that the new way to worse a class like rogue ? which is already broken? wondering if can do anger town? or nova town? lmao what is that?
  10. give trio party please !
  11. playing 1- 2 day by week yes its alot of time.. keep thinking apexko need relaunch im pretty sure some1 will care about ur request.. meanwhile i login time to time for pk on bosses time and still i ve some pk . thats enough for people like me who work and have real life. take care baby.
  12. Harungas for ever 👍 have fun jumping every month on random corrupts private server, cya soon then with another topic by players crying for relaunch. Im pretty sure dedi will put alot effort to make ur kiddosh request be real. 😂😂 ps: if u need any suggest about private gonna be open soon let me know i ve on my mind few corrupt owners which looking for bots to make some money 😂😂😂
  13. harungas style thats how u all play -.-
  14. gm meret can u help me trade maradon? eyv
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