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  1. Not really , I can say it will be cancer and will destroy Cz enjoy for every1 else .. myb on 83 and with jamadars for sins can be good right now will be cancer same as 70 cap
  2. I don't think 80 cap Archer should back like before. They making alot dmg on server because there's less deffeance arrow still on80 cap their power shot hit too much compared to others clases , spaming 800+ dmg its way too much .. myb on 83 and sins with some jamadar weapons can work at least right now this gonna make just cancer PK
  3. ya will be gr8 if they make bp back, theres really few servers only where BPS able to pk and on 80 or 83 cap they really dead or just be slave ... there could be simple things like giving INT BONUS to eruption or blasting, or just increase the str points after give more then 200 str dunno. still DMG battle priest AGAINST MOBS must be different thenPLAYERS , why? because i test already and saw my self int bp on farming its just tooo OP compared to warriors archers so dont make BPS STRONG to make them the best solo farm class instead to make them competitive on PK. whatever BPS must die in few hits but they need alot more AP. not this half way as INT BP where u can tank 1 party but make really low freak dmg... anyways good luck with this ,i really hope they give an eye to this topic at least.
  4. so you ll remove genie from cz?it will make at least no zombies on farm.
  5. sounds better, at least we wont see all those inactive farmers getting gbs to sell 4 USD on real life ... about mages aoe: myb they can increase the time of drop boxes on CZ and let them abit few more seconds so you can click on each box and take it. otherwise just kill 1 by 1 like rogues bps warriors . ofc. if u do this soon prices weapon eslant drop will go down even more, because there will be more farmers genie on eslant lufer/emc. so something must be done to dont kill this weapons value even if they are cheapers too much already. for while autoloot on cz must be disable already. dont think you will drain too many gbs if u do that, because theres still mobs around emc luf droping items that can sell on sundriess for coins etc. theres zombies farmers all day doing this so. incase theres no gbs in future you can increase myb the drop silver bar from mobs in bowl (expect harunga cardinal undying) just mobs which request at least some POTS to be killed. after this myb can start real farm with real people on cz clicking on drops instead of zombie farmers.. hope its just not too late to do this kinda of things.b btw if u do that dount touch after this drop rates let like this to see how server will be, then in case fix something
  6. BTW back to the topic, right now server became REALLY BORED ! WHY? well because : PEOPLE just doing FARM FARM FARM, and to be honest this FARM ITS GOOD but you MUST BE ON PC TO FARM ON CZ !! people just going open genie autoloot , magic hammers genie + MACRO SET UP, AND FARM FARM FARM get raid AGAIN SAME STORY. so this really KILL PK. most players rather to die 5 or 6 times by day but getting genie partys . my suggest? : PUT AUTOLOOT only ABLE ON ESLANT /EMC/LUFERSON.. Ronark LAND = should be disable AUTOLOOOT. i mean AUTOLOOT not able for AFK FARMERS WITH 10 PCS or FOR THOSE big farmers just GENIE NO SENSE.. CZ supposed to be more DROP but you must be ACTIVE ! NOT DEAD ! if u do that we will see then more people making REAL FARMING something that have nothing to do with this, GENIES PARTYS. i wish some1 do something.
  7. meret u have not enough chinese to farm? let also other people with 2 or 3 pc farm quite .
  8. all those items should be disable already .
  9. Actually I've agree with custody . To start uniques +1 is not for every1 it supposed to be something just for few players or for those who have more time more money to spend( can't pretend a new player got insta same items then active or baba player it's like this on every server). Well yes request so too much certificates for skill and for upgrade those uniques it's very too much for everyone. I can confirm alot of Turkish players, Latinos players ( mages clans) already left apexko and sold everything by USD, even my clan members quiting right now and most of them sold it already. Very soon this will be same story 3 years ago. Same routine same players stay here then will pass few years and community will again cry to relaunch server... Still server is not dead but as far I see is diying day by day and all those patch don't really work at all. Now have reply by GM's like eos doesn't really help and make community satisfy . Wish they do something against this situation going on. apexko need active GM on game login every day any time to see how changes doing special where there's such a patchs. Will see guys but just hope it's not too late to stop this trend all selling acc items character leaving server already very sad about it .
  10. hangover shut up go farm add me seekyng
  11. why u hurts my feeling , we miss world cup finally with corona virus i had forgoten amk ya
  12. asking ban lmao, but when turks making funny videos about others everything its fine so funny .
  13. not nice, i just saw a simple PK VIDEO like thousend people have been doing around here. so not nice to ask for ban.
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