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  1. habibirush after xrus BUMP VIDEOOOOO !!!
  2. BroOk

    Mage ve Cz Durumu

    I dont really think mages are that OP. seems like when u spike u fail often . 2nd think if u get them torment warriors destroy them easy just need better set up on ur partys , mages need to be nerfed on spells , 1400 mp fire mages its too much, staff its kinda abit hight too, they are hiting too much after their novas with staff ,its really hard kill them cuzthey have subside on party so counter them its not alawys easy , but i guess ur team might have not that problems since u guys alwyas pking with 2pt or more. mages stun rate also is not bad , i guess it can stay like that if admis rew
  3. ancient treant is a bad idea its just promoting re sellers not giving nothing to server acitivy expect for korsan which stealth near farmers to cp spike. contract is good idea just need rework abit on the 1 million thing. if u are newcomer u can also farm gb on lufer get a clan bonus and ask party for boro barlog, raccomamd u to join human side to do it actually is good for farmers
  4. asdasdsdaasdsdDADSSADSDASAS :ddddddddddddddddddd
  5. bumpppp need mage ko again !!!! 2k mage staff please !!!
  7. ye please mage staff 1200 fr and light 1100 please not enof nova 1k+ also need stsff 1+ so we can over kill all meles over and over!! not enof 1200+ dmg from fire spells please need more!! not enof stun rate please mage need tank warrior undee torment with rons set and belt of life please!! no need work on switch itema like spear boots chitin shields or old rol at least to get more deffence no please need make 1k+ dmg with all and tank also warriors sins on torment yeye ! seems like rogue warrior and priest must br tard to switch items when they get attak just to be more tanky? is the same log
  8. new items should be added to pvp like old chest system. cr pvp , should give also items for pk and upgrade but not tradable ofc. and genies players should nout count as kill already. there should be any sort of way to obtain items by PK so u risk !!! and get items that u cant sell and can upgrade ofc. those items should also forbidden to add on ccs so people not over abuse them and still market will not die easy
  9. aahahahahah habibirush after xrus make me laugh so much
  10. theres a rule where they must share this kinda of drop with you and if they dont give gm just will take item and do it for hiself. i dont really surprise u get this scam from them, most server hate them cuz they over talking no sense plus they are all full of items still pretending more from dropa. pretty sure this guy called korsan feel important cuz he need to give ur own share but what can i say bro some people are just greedy and bad . wish u good luck on ur kc share.
  11. Im not sure but after the last patchs. u did somthing that faked up priest skill parasite supera para and reverse life not working at all. parasite and super para. after reduce 20 and 30% hp when u get cure instead to let u with low HP it just recover you full hp like healing u? lmao reverse life . this skill just not work anymore , i mean leteraly u give it to some1 and nothing happens... before it delte buff and scroll for few seconds then cure it self . now simple just not work. i dont make a video of this bcs its pretty obvious admin just need to log in and check it sel
  12. all the idea of collection race its bad set up : CR exp: people its as always keep over abusing it by just relogin on side character as much they can to over profit drops to sell, which is leterary fine to be honest but when the CR are so faking easy like this there u go that people just rather relog and keep doing them . i dont even wanna talk about the fact that most players like to join 8 people before get out their base because its smthing impossible pretend people to play as short party when theres not skillls to do it so nvm. -so to end all CR there should be request kill a mo
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