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    all tested already long time ago with melody (eden) from animosty mages, theres not news on LR since most anoying thing from them its STUN and not dmg or DOT dmg ofc, indeed the creazy dmg its FROM FR MAGES !! getting 1700 FROM spells when im sure as u said they are not runing with FULL MP SET its just retarded feel free to test , after on PK ill make some picture to proof it. kinda patethic pretending to make more then 1k dmg with LR mp mage after u can stun + cast + spam it with no sense +u just need a subside to decrease mele attack. light mages indeed never making dmg on spells most o
  2. BroOk


    Wait wait wait so mages crying becausethey are not make dmg? are u kidding or what??? so its normal to see every day more then 4 party warrior trying to kill 1 party mage? and still mages making over and over kills on them? ofc they diying but they kill way more?? mages ruining PK nowdays on apexko because as u said theres no more mage teams around here, so all they do its aoe on meles VS or fights + they are OVER FAKING POWER! lets : im priest with ss and HP build i ve almost 11k HP with hp copsre and gem life big scroll etc. to start mages are killing me with spells from SOO F
  3. Everytime theres an event there could be also NPC to rental decent gear for PK. to be honest i dont really like also the fact everytime theres something most of players just say " there will be favour for full gear partys" , theres just few clans runing with super items with al +7 and most +7+8 and still they not giving as far i see challenge on apexko, thats the mean reason , CSW on apexko never work as CLAN VS CLAN, and never will work, because you just need JOIN to ur clans 8x mages to dominate , which is really unfair. that good point u said, giving restriction like you cant join csw
  4. +RESKILL for ROGUES, PRIEST and MAGES is anoying by clicking all time to re put stat points. it's possible to add near the stat points a small windows where we can straigh type the ammount of stats we want to add on STR, HP DEX ETC... its anoying for those who play as farmers bp or archers and on PK seasons as HP build. +CR: all the CR PVP system its bad , people not doing PK to make CR theres not PVP yet. most of players doing PK just when they are over number to dont risk diying. there should be more CR only for farmers but request must be also bosses from bowl example: 20 blood
  5. That guy called YIGIT, xrus. to most of you sounds a friendly guy , good tp mage always looking for INFOS to log in etc. he just stole items from 3 accounts from my clan , we still trying to figure out how he obtain all pw and ids since but the point its he scam alot of KC GB and items to the follow players : habibirush, RalphLaure and Jewishangel please guys if u have contact with that guy XRUS, YIGIT, dont share ur ACCOUNT or give him any assist from ur clan banks , be carefull. im trying to warn as more people i can. Admis already take care to him, big thanks to them and for
  6. We finished with couple accounts again and still bug
  7. yep i can confirm that, i saw my self people doing it
  8. is there any news about this quest bug ??
  9. you can try urself if u go near npc and press C somehow the others see u inside walk u cant get single hit but just can get attak by aoe, in that case i could say he report a bug visual which must be fixed. its krepin still spaming on everywhere nowdays? lmao
  10. Lmao , it was not wallhack , he went afk pee on invasion he was on my party near npc for any point he cant get attaked by single skills , but u could aoe or nova on him, i tried to rezz him also but i coudnt, theres clear afk player , kinda sad to see u wasting ur time trying to get ban loyal players instead to report real bugs on game. theres no profit from him on this, Gm can test it self any time. we gonna make some laugh of this and how u wasting ur time on this kinda of reports xD.
  11. heres another account done , just to be sure in case u rewards all those players like us, who already end this quest .
  12. heres another quest 10k kills done
  13. heres another character didnt obtain reward
  14. Not really his guy has been doing this for so long , and all this time we wonder he play with mage but not ofc he fund some way to log off with 10 % hp . please do somthing !
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