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  1. BroOk

    incrasingly HARD

    go raid farmers 24 7 like i do at least some nps on cz dead nowdays..
  2. BroOk

    New War About Np !

    tmn, ne zaman activity pk?
  3. BroOk

    nation transfer

    if gm help us we could NT to human side np https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501589347646
  4. usko is shit doubt players apexko will like to go there, u can easy get hack / banned etc and no1 will ever care about you. i can worries about other private servers instead i saw many player from our server jump there but even this not a problem imo soon all those private will close because they simple cant handle all those amount players just join server to make their own business with selling gbs /kc etc. if u going usko GL let me know when u get hacked by GM accounts on 80lvl full items and top user ranking i know something about.
  5. BroOk

    npc bad keys bad

    bad? are u seriously? i join war last day and stay on invasion after time and was so good to see finally npcs keys bots drop low nps thanks to god. go pk if u want to make alot of nps , if their plan is to drop any items or rewards with nps why u should take them easy by killing bots?..finally something good has been done.
  6. BroOk

    Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?

    agree with u server is so dead and bored most of the time
  7. BroOk

    Xmas Event finish but farm ?

    Was nice idea to turn off this event but will be good if they release the new patch already instead to wait and let players w/o kniwng anything. but well wait to see..
  8. BroOk

    NT Systems.

    so cute :d who are u btw? lmao stay on topic or gms will just ignore this once again.
  9. BroOk

    Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?

    agree with u , but all around map can be also a problem, they just should respawn around middle of bowl.
  10. BroOk

    NT Systems.

    as th0ms said he want to NT to balance server not to make it unbalanced -.- but if this is ur idea its fine no1 force u to NT lmao
  11. BroOk

    NT Systems.

    give flame and stay on topic also please wanna see if any admin dare to respond at least..
  12. BroOk

    NT Systems.

    then every1 will just disband and remake clan again and again smart like ur heals when ur warriors doing redball np. the fact is many players on apexko still need gear to fight " old players" even if just few of us full gear some1 else like th0ms instead have basic items and still looking just for pk and not for farm thats funny and up to him. there should be already something like buying items with ur own NPS maybe +7 or +8 krowaz holy knight etc. make them also untradable so people will farm their nps to buy their items and we will finally stop this OVER SELLER FOR USD on apexko.. something patethic every 2 min some1 is selling KC or ITMES out of server for some dollar instead to go work lmao.. lets see what wil be after this event ends and i hope the big strategy reducing our hard work nps will bring the benefits and players they were thinking about.
  13. BroOk

    Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?

    the question should be ? will the pk be returned for us ? or left again for weeks months year unable to complete kill players again ?
  14. BroOk

    NT Systems.

    th0ms nice adamant +6 broh +1
  15. BroOk

    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie

    No te da verguenza mostrar que tan mal juegas -.- tu skill bar da pena , no tiene ni sentido xD para no hablar de tus skills tu delay on heal nada que ver. pero enfin si tu estas happy asi buen video lmao.