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  1. wondering why cant use spike town on human town ronark land? whats going on? its that the new way to worse a class like rogue ? which is already broken? wondering if can do anger town? or nova town? lmao what is that?
  2. give trio party please !
  3. playing 1- 2 day by week yes its alot of time.. keep thinking apexko need relaunch im pretty sure some1 will care about ur request.. meanwhile i login time to time for pk on bosses time and still i ve some pk . thats enough for people like me who work and have real life. take care baby.
  4. Harungas for ever 👍 have fun jumping every month on random corrupts private server, cya soon then with another topic by players crying for relaunch. Im pretty sure dedi will put alot effort to make ur kiddosh request be real. 😂😂 ps: if u need any suggest about private gonna be open soon let me know i ve on my mind few corrupt owners which looking for bots to make some money 😂😂😂
  5. harungas style thats how u all play -.-
  6. gm meret can u help me trade maradon? eyv
  7. hi merlet ! so u like horse?
  8. nerfing archer will just make people quit as all kurians did before, instead they should give kurians back and ice skills from mages working often as archers arrows. nerf is a bad idea once again. or the same can be with light skills more stun from spells with low delay stun as archers do . ps: im not crying once again i doing PK still every time as i ve free time against this retard archer partys.
  9. indeed the problem which every1 complain about archers are not that solo archers which are simple to kill . u trying to hide behind usless comments the fact that all archers runing with 2 or 3 party together just to make a kill , and stilll this just proof u guys want to keep cancer skills. and once again this explain us how mentality archers work which is basic the most cancer . as i said before. if theres many archers is not because they like to play it , instead its just because theres over power stun slow rates , so basic easy stun easy kill and not risk even to die so u make a chest or a kill in retarded way . well thats not how pk supposed to work. and as far i see around here archers just killing human side pk not doing or making better. once events finish all archesr quit because theres not humans partys to tank their cancer style... making as u call invisble arrow is the mos retarded idea i heard on this topic but thats what every1 will expect from an archer player? what else do u want to make styx eat 2500 mana? and make power shoot blinded 20 seconds? lmao xD i didnt suggest to admins actually to nerf their stun slow rate. instead i could suggest them to give other class some chance to break this cancer pk. example: -single spells from ICE mages could work in same way when 1 ice arrow hit u and slow u?? ( mages bring players remember that) - reduce the time from arrow stun? something lower , keep ice like that. - give kurian a decent back. their divide broken already fix make it abit better. ecc ecc ecc ecc ecc thousend more ideas but bored to type. gL
  10. actually i rather to have kurians and mages on server then cancer archers, still is not me who make that topic and as far i see almost every1 here complaining about cancer stun/slow rates , so u might be right and all comunity might be wrong then. thanks for the suggest anyways ill think if leave or not in future for now i want to stay around. I just loke to share my ideas like ever1 else , sad but true for you my friend but archers are just cancerlar. thats a good point , u just explain very well how kurians are usless and how they broken a funny class and how helpful can be that class special on a server where 90% players already is full gear and theres alot of holy knight armors +11 already. basic their divide help alot against those full gear..
  11. All you said is right but still it doesnt means this should keep that way .. why?? Is simple because human side pk often with archers and this killing the game..why? Because every1 get bored of chasing 6 archers and once u catch then u get stun/slow thats just cancer pk.. as i said mages always bring players and as far i see archer pk just kill cz and make alot people bored including me. okey lets say not reduce their stun/ slow then.. make kurians rush 100% and divede like before at least?? i really like how some players trying to be smart behind some obvious cancer pk.. if u consider ur self/ friends good team archers in this case then instead to run with 16 archers to make 1 kill why dont u split them?? Or even much better why ur team not balance and move orc and make face to face with other archers?? Ahhhh right challange will put ur fingers on panic-.- lmao .. pew pew town town funny cancer
  12. Mmmm to start mages are weak then rogues even if they stun alot u still can kill them easy with rogues .. 2nd point mages bring always players to apexko instead since all humans play archers i saw alot or people leaving servers because of this cancer partys.. every1 say we are just 1 party but then during events u go to do pk and human side is runing together with 2 or 3 party archers lmao this is cancer and harunga pk .. I dont think using resistence will help that much when all nation play archer and u try to get face to face with them... Still is not necesary to make weak archers just reduce the stun rate .. ice can be same ..did u concider archer cast from every arrow??? Is same as mage light there Cast should be lower i cant underand why rest clases need to combo to be able to cast skill while on archers/ mages its just necessry spam 1 skill lmao .. fixing their stun rate will show us how real archers partys will keep playing on it otherwise all those harungas will change class .. bring kurians back agree 100% divide should be like before at least.
  13. no one in topic say to deleted them xD just to make those nobs skill ice light arrow fair enought its leteraly impossible to catch archers and once u do they town lmao cancer pk has been up for so long already...
  14. El problema no son los ítems son la clase de jugadores ke hay .. si el server sigue así de mal es xke siguen los mismo malos jugadores en el server..no hay más respecto para los VS o no hay esos party ke deciden de hacer un 3 vs 7 o que buscan el challenge continuo aunque si habrían muchos ítems no lo harían .. es por eso ke vez a todos los perdedores jugando de arquero atraz uno de tras de otro para poder cojer 1 kill .. eso hace reír mucho .. los admins tienen ke hacer algo para llamar nueva gente estos player de hoy malogran el servidor .
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