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  1. u really pro fingers bro add me eslant clam
  2. BroOk


    cual es el clan que los farmea en los 2 lados?? creo que no es justo pero no hay regla que prohiba hacer algo asi... es muy dificil desgraciadamente para a todos estos farmers que quieren items para poder vender por dolares. consejo olvida atila y vee a farmear en cz trees coge coins y comprate old items es casi igual y menos tiempo te requiere.
  3. wondering if ur clan will still play once you cant see behind wallks to antincipate novas lmao no comments.
  4. BroOk

    Passion Warrior

    Sad but true making more then 1k dmg with nova it's just stupid there's not even decent vs btw mages just who shot first nova will get everything lmao..(range nova it's just fantasy not even risk to get Abit closer just novaing from folk village will allow u 2 kill at least 20 player, on right timing ofc otherwise if there's not right timing u ll be allowed 2 kill just 10 players np.) still most people like it so don't need nerf mage class but need at least better cap for better HP even if they let the farm like that..
  5. BroOk

    Passion Warrior

    Just need better camp , 70 cap really make so much unbalance btw all classes ..
  6. i dont see any racist on this, why would u ks his spot btw? do u expect all comments imo... wo racist ofc.
  7. Not gonna change anything , drain should stay like with drain restrictions but then fix SKill DMG of rogues alil bit. dont make rogue class the next kurian class usless on game. must deal with the fact some classes are just more OP on 70 cap ...
  8. easy hard pk farm who really care , alot of people were asking for years relaunch server .now is finally done tuke have lose his dragon symbol already and his crying every day so just go log in try it ifu dont like u can always jump on the thousend private server around playing with lags corrupt gms staff like that. kc prices cheaper for turks? mmm in this case also cheaper for peruvians , brazilians . chineses etc?? kinda unfair ye but im pretty sure they cant do different price for every single country .....myb thats a reason why all myko turkish server are cheaper , cheap kc usually easy farm = then easy sell for usd/tl on webside arounds i dont really think apexko staff will do that mistake good luck with all those question ( imo just useless most of them , thats why there was a beta.)
  9. It's normal to get stun when u get chase by 500 kingaurelios .. rate should stay like that for now or rogues will disappear from apexko... Harungas style is needed for harugas
  10. ya i dont mean that indeed, and drecrease dmg from mages its just a bad idea ofc. small party can do better if they hit properly equal to rest class : mages beta doing 1200 DMG to priest with shield and some resistnce like lillme earrings ep or ss. etc and ofc w/o any torment or db since they dont need same way while meles need DB , if they dont use any db they will hit 300 or 400 DMG from warrior till 800 or 900 from spikes. and this not aoe dmg but its just 1 by how fair is that and how this dmg will help to small partys? like that theres no way to risk parasite 1 mage and get inside 7 mages with 2 sins because before u even try to touch him he already get heal or u already dead by staff not even by novas XD.( now cosinder a mage who using brain and wear dd or shield ) my point its to give better dmg to rogues and see how it will be. myb this can allow players to go and risk to die inside a full party mages or warriors? about warriors , i dont know if give passion more ap will be good solution , i guess is better to think something about single skill and not aoe , not on 70 cap ofc.. just tips btw... as some1 say this beta for test everything. and like that i just can say go join mages and salla everywhere.
  11. yup i agree total with this, and ofc no1 is asking to nerf mages, but at least just make not only warriors , but also rogues more competitive on PK , anyways mages always will be more strong on start server thats why theres alot mages team jumping all time on servers 70 cap just to enjoy their over power nova. doubt most of the mages clans i saw those days on beta pk will stay here after not even 3 months official.
  12. this the first think because every1 care so much about ofc ... mages hiting 1200 with good uniques and they using uniques +0 . most of MP uniques on begin are easy to find so it means they will just make over 900 dmg with 1 nova while meles runing on cz with not even 4k u realise that ?? anyways i always said mages bring players and im up for every idea who keep those 3 2 1 nova town players on apexko dont get my wrong...
  13. BroOk


    he mean myb scoll to call friends tp ?
  14. Lmao i dont think apexko Will be myko forever keeping lvl 70 or i Hope so.…. no1 here Say staff is doing bad work and if u read topic u myb Will undertand there's a beta going on to fix bugs/ and collect suggest from comunity to how improve server So why dont u give ur point about why PK on beta its good and balance for every class/player? And not Just for those party mages enjoying their game vs other mages?? I Just give my tip as player : Novas DMG can stay like that but then give meles also fair DMG. Mages can dear to PK with 1 Priest cuz High DMG so not even need heal cuz First Nova and u win .. do u think a mele party can pk with 1 Priest ?? Against the same party? Plus i dont undertand why Always PK have to be all about 8 player ? I.e. if u are 8 u win ?? So win pvp it's about how Many people run with me ? And what about those thousend players who want to PK as small party ? Duo or trio ??true which class can make small anoying party for big teams? Mmmm mages ? No ofc….. what about assasin class? Aight sins Always weak... Too much DD on server … Easy tank 5 sin under para and malice as hp Priest why? When on 70 supposed to die by 2 spikes under parasite... Balance DMG that's all.
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