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  1. "We personally believe it's too soon, as there are not that many players walking around in full (+7) gear, and it may be a deterrent for new players to join." Check first entry of aesteris. You can understand why poll is like this at the same time. I dont trust this poll. Their opinion was there in the first time. If they were objective , they would have not made a comment before the poll. They just made a poll (they can edit every single point of this forum) to support their opinion and show that to the community. Look at comments of active players and check the in game situations. You
  2. +1 btw this is "hard farm server" right? It is going to be a "pk server" day by day. What is the point then ? I have had same items for at least 15 days. And i will have same items like 1 month later too. Is it not crazy ? Why should i farm ? to sell gbs for dollars? I just want to pk. And make my char better. So if this is hard farm server for real let me buy better items!!!! Catchers can catch up if they farm hard like i did. Or they can spend money and buy apex points. Because it is suppose to be fucking hard farm server ! Go +3,+10 free. Dont limited every fucking thing. That wont he
  3. Yep, u are right. They got used to take very easy kills. nova 7 kills, meteor 6 kills, 45 3 kills. And nova s cooldown is finished. Lets do it from the start again... 80 level cap will be fun to watch them again.
  4. I hope so but i dont think so. Too many users were gone. Yeah maybe a wave of new players will join to the server for the level 80 but it is gonna be very smaller besides the people who quited. And i am pretty sure that the design of pk and farming is gonna be still unbalance. Because the point of view of the administration(owners) is still same. (You can check damage differences on csw on moradon arenas and ronarkland, u can also check the damages of nova and meteor with 62 without 62 on different maps. They are not as balance as original. Nova damages is too high indeed. Most of the time wi
  5. Ty for new patch. a few melee teams are now mages. Other were gone already. Mages i hope u will have more fun. 80 hala gelmedi. Yeni patch için teşekkürler. Şaka gibi. Kalan melee teamler mage oldu. Diğerleri bıraktı. Magelere bol eğlence diliyorum.
  6. lan char orda kasıyor hala . gitsin yetkili baksın loguna da, her şeyine. orda char kardeşim. sen yoksun ama ? Bir anda oto ban falan çıkınca kayboldunuz burdaki kutu vermeyen arkadaşlar. Kxpunuza güncelleme mi gelmedi ? Bu video çekip yazan arkadaşın kxper oldugunu gösteren 15 videodan fazlası gm lere atılmıştır. Burdaki amaç bok at izi kalsındır. Fakat gereksiz ve amaçsız. Çünkü eldeki bow crossbow, skill atışı o şekilde. Herkes genie altı makro açıp deneyebilir. Oyunu bilen bilir zaten. Herkese iyi oyunlar.
  7. onlar mage teamde oynuyorlar server sahiplerinin charları var, kendilerine dokunmuştur dostum.
  8. Hey, What is your clan-nation ? Please write under this topic. So all clans can make their decisions well. Selam, Klanlarınızın ırk tercihlerini bu konu altına yazarsanız server dengesi açısından herkes seçimini daha rahat yapar. KARUS RadHaus
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