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  1. Before NT was turned back on was other way around and everyone Nted back to orc so Same problem just other nation is now to many ... Ive not pked in over a month and gained 10 spots on the Np board was 8 spots before NP merchant came in game .. NT needs to be controlled players cant do it them selves to hard for them so all nt to make easy nps pk not important to most drops is all that's cared for
  2. It fails no matter what until running move around. But if try cast before moving causes it to fail more than once have to hit cast 2 or 3 times before works
  3. Tryed a few things and use portu to pull some before killing and ones i Pulled 90% time 0 nps from them riote and atross
  4. mines same have to move before it works again 100% fail after tp
  5. Should Bring back the Delete char option... 2 k kc to remove an Unwated char to add a wanted one is a little harsh.. For selling a char its good the 1999 kc ring but delete unwanted ones Blaaaa
  6. Matchlock

    Lost nps

    the kik system should work sometimes it jumps to wrong person and they removed not right one happens in partys as well... Has nothing do do with everyone apart from beast so why are you even here comment on things nothing to do with you to start with BB now
  7. Matchlock

    Lost nps

    He was accedently kiked from clan was ment to be my char removed and was the one below his on clan list his was kicked and not mine
  8. Yes Saturday and Sundays are the busiest days where i live But when war is between midnight and 7 am makes it hard to attend
  9. theres 24 hours in a day why make wars for only for a select group ... theres other ppl who play that would like to join. The times were bad for me before now they even 1 hour later so ppl who live in places near me or similar time zones cant attend due to midnight to 2 am start or work school days.. Im in a +10 hour time zone.. We get plenty of ppl in cz and moping around due to boredom same things everyday with 0 wars 0 csw and so on How about a 3rd war in the missed time zones once a week.. 2 hours for the other 10 hour time zone wouldnt be to hard to accommodate for
  10. or just buy from the others who still selling for 800 k to 950 k
  11. get pots from Prem npc lighter weight
  12. they say ppl leave couse cant catch up so if can make rol +1 for 200 kc then +2 is like 1 k then +3 is 3k fixing things bring huge differance then no more complains... Everyone can get +3s and so on easy enouth its just the +11 pads weapon not so easy
  13. Ide bet loose so many ppl with new server first time was fine but again leaves ppl to think how often would a new server be made... Wait 6 to 12 months then when a few new ppl come in a week say its to hard make new server and forget everyone who has put in time effort and some even money.... Fix the economy in game like make +2 same as +1 and +3 100% and will bring lots of prices down . Apart from +11 weapons Jewely is the next highest things and most wanted in server...
  14. Dont think New server is answer Best is to fix the prices on things like KC from a +1 to +2 item is huge jump... Make jewely +2 100% as well will make kc alot cheeper and no huge bump in price for chance..... Everything else is always up and down depends on the class ppl want to play that month.... Forget new server fix the price war on items look at the bugs distance so on and once theres not such a huge jump in prices for items more stable ppl will stay becouse more affordable to catch up to the ones in full +9s
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