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  1. MAD

    Gönüller ApexKO server farklı :D

    Anadolu klanını keserek 10 numara iş çıkartmışsınız, elinize sağlık hak ediyolardı
  2. MAD

    Closed beta rush

    19 DECEMBER!
  3. MAD

    Clan Grades

    exactly as it should be!!! thanks for the sharing ^^
  4. MAD

    c.bow +11 ^^ ARGHH!!

    actually i hate chitin bow and i give this item someone
  5. MAD

    c.bow +11 ^^ ARGHH!!

    ONE SHOT, ONE KILL ~ MAD has succeded to upgrade Chitin Bow(+12).
  6. MAD

    How can I enable Seed Chat?

    for now impossible