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    Dragon got a reaction from fuckyou in Buy exepcional Myrtil set 11   
    As the titlle say pm me here or ingame johntravolta thx 
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    Dragon reacted to Steve in Offline Merchant   
    Maybe make offline merchant a common drop, I think seeing a ton more people in Moradon merchanting will help the server greatly.
    for example:
    My buddy and I didnt wanna invest our lives into usko.
    We started looking into a few private servers, being formly from the SNOXD Community, immediately seeing a few familiar faces around the forums we were looking for a good population.
    I joined into moradon,(im assuming at start of christmas event) and saw more people in moradon on ApexKO than on USKO. 
    Hence how and why we have been sticking around here.
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    Dragon reacted to fuckyou in usko open new server we need news here   
    it's about mages. 30x melee cannot kill it but 4-5 mage kill it in a sec.
    ApexKO has loyal players indeed. But we need new faces in server. I think they should make something new to keep most of old players in server. and 3-4 months later they can try fetch new users to this server. But now if they try fetch new users, it can be failed.
    Official servers are not risk  for ApexKO. There're tons of new online games. I go other games in last two weeks. Because this server's boring me in thesedays. In first day of snowman it was funny. Nobody knew what'll happen next. And new scrolls new armors it made server attractive. Then we saw some of kids use smoke screen/guard summon and mages was abusing that event which happend around monu. And there was/are no balance in server also NT system've been disabled. We play ApexKO on no-balance for long time. GMs do not care about it. And ıt kills the game for me and most of players as hell.

    We become impatient while waiting ur new big patch that u work on!!
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    Dragon got a reaction from BroOk in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    +1 server is again Dead only in Ultima time little pk we need something similiar snowmans but with biger range beetwen spots to reduce mage gain all np from pk. Thx @twostars @Aesteris
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    Dragon reacted to twostars in usko open new server we need news here   
    If you truly think that ApexKO will die because USKO is releasing more servers, I don't know what to say.
    I don't know if you realise this, but we've been around since 2015 (at least, officially released -- prior to that we were around in late 2014). We're still here.
    I mean, I realise that PK activity is low at certain times of the day, and that likely we'll see more of a hit as players push the initial rush of the launch, but that's nothing new and happens all the time with private and official servers alike.
    The hype passes, then things go back to normal, rinse and repeat.
    So I understand and appreciate your concern, but it's unnecessary. We will still be here regardless of what happens, you do not have to worry about us dying any time soon.
    As far as updates go, we're hoping we'll start seeing the start of these in the beginning of February, but don't take that as a definite ETA. It'll be done when it's done.
    Regardless, releasing these right away specifically *while* players are distracted with the launch of official servers is counter-intuitive, so it won't be done immediately. But it's not too far away
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    Dragon got a reaction from BroOk in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    +1 server is again Dead only in Ultima time little pk we need something similiar snowmans but with biger range beetwen spots to reduce mage gain all np from pk. Thx @twostars @Aesteris
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    Dragon got a reaction from BroOk in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    +1 server is again Dead only in Ultima time little pk we need something similiar snowmans but with biger range beetwen spots to reduce mage gain all np from pk. Thx @twostars @Aesteris
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    Dragon reacted to Rougean in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    A few different spawns inside bowl and not just around monument, should be fine. This will keep pk intense, while not letting us mages nova on the entire enemy nation at once. 
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    Dragon reacted to fuckyou in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    it is very wrong to choose a single area to force the nations fight in there. It helps to only mages. You try get rewards from event and mages come and spam novas blindly then you go town immediately. Is that really fun? I don't think so.
    Snowman/Ultima/Felankor. Even a blind person can play mage in a team. Becase you don't need a skill to spam novas to that single and small area.
    Let the players fight on all CZ map. There's still no NEW mage team in the server. Why do you still care only mages in this game?
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    Dragon reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    I would say run a event similar to snowman with kind of similar rewards.
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    Dragon reacted to BroOk in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    the question should be ? will the pk be returned for us ? or left again for weeks months year unable to complete kill players again ?
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    Dragon reacted to red123 in News   
    Holy+3 in Apex chests would be nice. And Krowaz chests drop krowaz items +7 maybe? This krowaz+3 upgrading is so time consuming and annoying.
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    Dragon got a reaction from red123 in News   
    Hey guys, Its just few h after event is gone and server is fully dead pk merchant everything...
    We hope to see some news from @Aesteris  soon. New items in Apexis and etaroth chest would be good some new farm ways would be good to see also in cz
    maybe some moobs drop holy armor lot of players got holy armors +5rev and more till event... lets make apexko great again 
    thx leave ur suggestion guys
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    Dragon reacted to red123 in NT Systems.   
    NT should be free so we can NT 24/7 non stop to balance it
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    Dragon reacted to ThOms in NT Systems.   
    got your points, but mine is: we were in boss war event and we were like 4-5 party orc against humans Rome clan.
    they left after 30mins or something like that, and than pk was over. same thing happen on Boss event in cz.
    Orc's were only runing and waiting for few humans, and when humans went out of their bass, they got gang banged by 60 orc's+.
    What's the points? it's just killing the event.
    If one clan could nt, the situation would changes. PK could grow up again and everyone enjoy back, if humans are coming backs and unbalance the situation than you NT back.
    It's sound crazy but at least cz/event doesn't stop.
    Look, for me i can't play during weeks, only on week-ends and still depend on free times.
    But if i log in during weekends for Pk or events and the only thing i see is : cz not much actions and event unbalanced (giving randoms numbers) 80 vs 20 it's just make me feel like leave the game and go play somethings else and come back later with hope stuff changed.
    So imagine for new players. it's giving bad reputation.
    Also it's not everyday and everytimes it's unbalanced, it's on certains periods/days/hours. but if we can improve better PK why would we not work on it?
    I think you can give an try. select few serious clans. give them the privilege of NT for balance stuff and see how it's going.
    Make a test for 1-2weeks  and if it's work than cool if not than what are you loosing? nothing.
    If someone abuse it than you remove from the list.
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    Dragon reacted to dominiccc in Make Ultima strong again   
    TukeFin loves the PK. He always with full party and chase randoms in CZ till catch them. Gg PKer. What can a tuke do in ApexKO? He already has best gear and he wants kill some low geared farmers in cz. Understandable.
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    Dragon got a reaction from BroOk in Let's finish the event.   
    why u are crying abaout event, this event bring lot of new players in game they can easy get good items from crismas chests... adamat +7 wiri +7 holy armors etc...
    I hope u leave it more surely we have more players here this days.
    Always same ppl crying abaout something new Brook chayni tuke melody etc players who play here 3 years and have 50k kc in store...
    relax guys let new players come dont cry on everything new here...
    have a nice day
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    Dragon reacted to twostars in shiny boss   
    I tweaked scaling a little bit more, so we'll see how it goes next run.
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    Dragon got a reaction from red123 in 4gladiator use some hack   
    He is priest archer cant stop his heal never cant stop dbuf skill too pls check this guy. 
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    Dragon reacted to twostars in [Maintenance update] Server is back online!   
    Hey guys,
    The maintenance is finally over and the server's back online on a new dedicated server with our new provider.
    Without the disk I/O issues, a lot of the lag we were experience should be completely gone now, and the shift back should also reduce the ping for many players.
    By way of apology, players who login in the next 2 weeks (once per account) will receive:
     - 1 x Cospre set [5 days] (includes armor, helmet, Pathos Gloves x 2, Hellfire wings)
     - 7 days of Switching premium
    Note that these will be sent to the first character that logs in, however once logged in you can exchange the vouchers and then transfer them to one of your alts on the same account.
    Additionally, as we know that UTC is something that everyone looks forward to, we've rescheduled UTC for Bifrost time (only for today). This is in an hour from this post.
    Once again, thanks to everyone for sticking it out with us. It's been a rough ride.
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    Dragon got a reaction from Sick in Let's make ApexKO Great Again!!   
    + for this
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    Dragon reacted to Heung in where to farm items   
    A guide for newcomers which gives information about current farming spots is coming soon. Stay tuned!
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    Dragon reacted to GOLDCOINFORGM in FT   
    Update reeward to utc voucher(1day). 3 randomly amongst active players that dealt dmg and FT will be most wanted event again.
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    Dragon reacted to Xiao in FT   
    Another suggestion is to update its rewards
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    Dragon reacted to BulletClub in Meat dumplings.   
    I think it would be cool to make meat dumplings worth something. Like you can trade a certain amount to npc for a certain accessory at +3 armor or weapon at +8. I.believe this could be a great thing for a few reasons.
    1. It's a a sacrifice. You use them to gain extra NP. So if you trade them in you get less NP but you get a nice item. Then you must build them up again.. which leads to next point. 
    2.  Promotes Pk. They increase pk if you do this. People want more np. The way to get more NP is meat dumplings. The only way to get meat dumplings is PK.
    3. It's another way to gear your character. It will add a different element to obtaining your items. 
    Your suggestions welcome. Thanks