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  1. Np Np gift me ill sell them easy ty gz
  2. U dont have kc for Leonards bb
  3. They already talked abaout it no new server.. Summer is here i already see some new users if u want Play come and join
  4. @Aesteris @twostars @Heung @Eos
  5. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    IF burn rof +2 would be fully mad np anvil loves me ­čśő
  6. Catch me if u can kurd die 20x in 30min 0 kills Lets quit Np ty
  7. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    Is there any item can make it Is there Any item can make it 100%?
  8. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    Hi there can anyone tell me what is succes rate %%% to upgade assecories to +2 Thx
  9. Hahah lol what a topic Are u joking me?? Delete blind rate?? OK delete crtical point rate delete blind rate for sins too np.. any archer cant even stand to sin if no blind if no ice and light archer die like a chicken.. We Play active 6-7-8 ppl in archers pt ofc it Will stun u when 5 light arrows hit u... Rlly boring with this topics IF they add dark knight bow u Will surely Cry delete curses from bows etc... Have s good time and not buy pus items pls rather buy some cocka +2-3 to reduce stuns bb
  10. Pls pls pls make them storable just using my space in inventory cant carry anything ... like most of the ppl here
  11. Dragon

    Sell buy

    Sell rogue holy pads +11rev Buy sos 0-1-2 Buy krowaz warrior +8 parts. Send me msg here or ingame johntravolta thx
  12. Give ppl dark knight vouchers in pk chests believe me nothing Will not improve server like that begginers with dark knight weapon can kill old players Add one more event to cz 2-3 times Daily something like snowmans but not only on bowl near monu mages pt kill all than make it all around the bowl Just go few months back and look when there was snow event population was rapidly grow up.. Now only good pk is in Ultima time other time of day u can only hope u will have some fun there... I Play in morning time abaout 10-11:00 till 14-15:00 in that time is really immposible find pk in cz..
  13. ++++ leave only lion scroll for ap tyyyyyyy Bb
  14. Dragon


    Items are easy now have some things to fix like bdw juraid chaos and some extra events like snowmans and it Will be great surely.. Example player Who joined before 20-30 days luc1f3rxd Got almost Full items for just pk in very short time... Ppl Who want restart here is same ppl Who did it on last apex before this one.. They just play few months sell items for usd and than cry drag kc drag gb drag items from game restart is Best etc... Im really sick of that... My suggestion is add dark knight weapon low drop rate in boxes in voucher mode and make it alive in craft mode, make chests can drop craft materials too. IF beginners have dark knight weapons from vouchers they would fully pk for sure want it again and again... Thx have a nice time
  15. Nice ideas problem is that admins not even come to read forum ideas long time... Example hercules run with dark knight spear 3 months... 5 topics for that noone care...
  16. Dragon


    Just wasting our time here with ur wishes... We dont need relaunch here for sure because that say 2 ppl... Just delete deff scrols hp scrols fully from game to decrease Defence and we Will have better pk for sure here...
  17. Dragon


    Gg admins... Thx for never answer @Aesteris @twostars
  18. Ban pls 10 days ty
  19. +++ change drops from chests pls
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