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  1. Dragon

    Buy exepcional Myrtil set 11

    As the titlle say pm me here or ingame johntravolta thx
  2. Dragon

    nation transfer

    we really need this easyer allways 5 party orc agains 1 human cant get pk ....
  3. As the tiitle say our apex will die surelly if no add some news in close future, couse usko open 22 january 2 new servers. We need keep ppl here badly its the really good time for admins to do some changes here. We cant pk only 30 m on ultima ...
  4. I just see when event is end there is no even 50% od ppl Who played on event time. We just need New reward sistem here this old one is fully useless apex chest krowaz chest drop items which u cant sell. We just need more farm slots, New slots and other reward sistem. Thx
  5. I agree I agree with u fully. Server will not die but we will surelly lose population if we lose 30 % its much for us couse we have 150 players here not 1000 or more like usko... thx on ur time letss make apexko great ❤️
  6. Dragon

    Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?

    +1 server is again Dead only in Ultima time little pk we need something similiar snowmans but with biger range beetwen spots to reduce mage gain all np from pk. Thx @twostars @Aesteris
  7. Dragon

    Xmas Event finish but farm ?

    They said They LL add something New lets see what is going on...
  8. Dragon


    Hey guys, Its just few h after event is gone and server is fully dead pk merchant everything... We hope to see some news from @Aesteris soon. New items in Apexis and etaroth chest would be good some new farm ways would be good to see also in cz maybe some moobs drop holy armor lot of players got holy armors +5rev and more till event... lets make apexko great again thx leave ur suggestion guys
  9. Dragon

    NT Systems.

  10. Pls do something abaout this he always join bdw and destroy pk and fun fully check him morning bdw 09.00 always afk nick AmphiTrite1903 thx
  11. Dragon

    Make Ultima strong again

    Always same tuke Cry lets make tuke happy brook Cry lets make brook happy... Both of u are rlly blind if u cant see this days here is 100% more ppl in cz moradon so event did great thing... Stop being child and cry every day delete this delete this... thx @twostars this is gret way to get population, My opinion it can stay more surely do not need finish it
  12. Dragon

    Let's finish the event.

    Yep run some similiar events if u end this and cz always Full...
  13. I just want thx to stuff members for this event. This day while event is active we have lot of new player in game. When u end event I hope u find some new ways to keep players in game they surely need more activity like this where they can get items easy. Holy armors and dk is best thing there couse new guys can get in run with old players who already have +11 krowaz sets.. thx for interest have a nice time.
  14. Dragon

    Let's finish the event.

    why u are crying abaout event, this event bring lot of new players in game they can easy get good items from crismas chests... adamat +7 wiri +7 holy armors etc... I hope u leave it more surely we have more players here this days. Always same ppl crying abaout something new Brook chayni tuke melody etc players who play here 3 years and have 50k kc in store... relax guys let new players come dont cry on everything new here... have a nice day
  15. Dragon

    Dark knight

    Hi guys, I suggest to increase drop rate for utc weapons materials and add dark knight items in game. No one buy krowaz weapons this days u need shout days and cant sell it after days of shout. We need New items here badly. UTC once Weekly (3 times if u can join but hardly) only item easy to sell this Day is moonlight fragments and jamadar. Comounity should add utc 3 days per week and open dark knight weapons to farm too. Lets hear ur oppinons guys. Thx have a nice time.
  16. Dragon

    Red blue pots

    Should make red and blue pots storable I have Full inventory need destroy them...
  17. Dragon

    shiny boss

    shini is to strong cant kill him now. And he dissapear before 5 min this time on 2.30 and no drop any chests... should fix this ?:?=
  18. Dragon

    shiny boss

    its good just shiny cant die ever need make that shini can die this way no drops if u dont like drop there is ppl who want get chests,,,
  19. Dragon

    shiny and snowmans bugged

    we fully hit snowmans and always 1 not giving drop .. shini again dissapear on 3min... pls fix this
  20. Dragon

    shiny boss

    yes but it cant die that is not good
  21. Dragon

    snowman bugged

    no drop from few snowmans we hit few times and no chest to drop..... pls fix
  22. Dragon

    Christmas Event

    Event is good just should be more snow man that more ppl can get reward this time per 2 on 60 ppl rlly bad...
  23. dark knight bow not stuning enemy when skill works, pls fix it this reduce rogue strength. thx
  24. Dragon


    hi there have suggestion abaout utc... I think trophy of fame drop to bad items u should add items like ee helenid ha 11 plus utc +0 items with better chance. Mobs should drop more fragments and lower crap items which they drop much. thx leave ur comment
  25. Duration is the problem if its root np but i think stun not last even a 1 sec if That is the problem duration of stun is 0 it not last even 1 sec. I think should fix something abaout it if stun is 50% when skill work should be stun like mage when stun or light arrow not stun which not even stun couse it last 0,5sec. Thx