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  1. Most important give begginers better gear.. We still need New players here alot of new players...
  2. TO much if u ask me we still need New players here they cant ever buy it couse u need pk 6-12 months for 1m nps but nvm i would love to see it in game maybe add some vouchers like it was in halloween events for x3 days +11 weapons in some kind of pk chests...
  3. +1 add dark knight weapons in npc merchant for abaout 100k nps +7 seems fair or +8 500k... Change krowaz +8 useless
  4. I think problem is in resolution check it.
  5. Np Np gift me ill sell them easy ty gz
  6. U dont have kc for Leonards bb
  7. They already talked abaout it no new server.. Summer is here i already see some new users if u want Play come and join
  8. @Aesteris @twostars @Heung @Eos
  9. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    IF burn rof +2 would be fully mad np anvil loves me 😋
  10. Catch me if u can kurd die 20x in 30min 0 kills Lets quit Np ty
  11. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    Is there any item can make it Is there Any item can make it 100%?
  12. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    Hi there can anyone tell me what is succes rate %%% to upgade assecories to +2 Thx
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