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  1. couse it will give begginers chance to kill lot of ppl archer can get close to sins and warriors with bows and heal skils would be really good couse priests can have fun with heal damage.... U can try some demo and u will see more ppl here surelly.....
  2. U should just add dark knight voucher 1 day or 3 days on Ultima or bifrost chest...
  3. utc is freaking hard ppl not join event u need make it easyer rlly... thx
  4. As the titlle say u should give better items in apexis chest now pvp chest give way better.. Should improve +6 krowaz from apexis at all
  5. U can make Raptor 21 with 200k nps Surely but u cant make Azagai or Buju from even 400k...
  6. Why it make sense to mage have 10 rev faun fulitol etc... He already explained Iron bow 21 161ap Azagai 11 165 Buju 226 Raptor 235 Its not fair at all but as u say....
  7. U get abaut 100 potions pack not Only 1 potion dude...
  8. I agree archers need hepas ib true, good ideas at all.
  9. They do not need add krowaz 9 rev surely to begginers... They need add more ways to easyer obtain items lot of events etc... U want all here for free thats no sence... Just add events for pk make chaos mobs drop dark and utc materials, make dark knight items buyable...
  10. make them drop +6 krowaz items pls etaroth noone kill in cz already ... +6 would be good to see drop from krowaz and apexis chests...
  11. events we need events dude snowmans was best thing to see it,,, somethin similiar would get lot of players and increase pk ....
  12. Dragon

    pvp chest

    I do not get chest for lot of kill in cz is this a bug or ??
  13. Server is even more dead after last patch... we rlly need see some bigger changes here im mad killing atros riotes almost whole day... I will leave too if u do not change something here merchant is dead cz dead everything dead... need give ppl some events like snowman ,that was good time for pk fully otherway this will getting just worse and worse thx ... make apexko great again
  14. Cant trade it vv???
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