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  1. Send me msg here thx
  2. Hello gms pls do something to bring ppl back here u are fully unactive, we need some news here, New events New reward sistem New items at npcs Some New farm spots for ppl who Play when server is not active much Thx hope u do something...
  3. Hi guys i think come back to play is this server still playable? What is population this days? Looking buy Full archer or warrior pm me. Thx
  4. Most important give begginers better gear.. We still need New players here alot of new players...
  5. TO much if u ask me we still need New players here they cant ever buy it couse u need pk 6-12 months for 1m nps but nvm i would love to see it in game maybe add some vouchers like it was in halloween events for x3 days +11 weapons in some kind of pk chests...
  6. +1 add dark knight weapons in npc merchant for abaout 100k nps +7 seems fair or +8 500k... Change krowaz +8 useless
  7. I think problem is in resolution check it.
  8. Np Np gift me ill sell them easy ty gz
  9. U dont have kc for Leonards bb
  10. They already talked abaout it no new server.. Summer is here i already see some new users if u want Play come and join
  11. @Aesteris @twostars @Heung @Eos
  12. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    IF burn rof +2 would be fully mad np anvil loves me 😋
  13. Catch me if u can kurd die 20x in 30min 0 kills Lets quit Np ty
  14. Dragon

    Ugrade to +2

    Is there any item can make it Is there Any item can make it 100%?
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