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  1. Dragon

    Dark knight

    Still no answer from admins... All the time that was problem minimum support from admins
  2. Dragon

    Dark knight

    Hi guys, I suggest to increase drop rate for utc weapons materials and add dark knight items in game. No one buy krowaz weapons this days u need shout days and cant sell it after days of shout. We need New items here badly. UTC once Weekly (3 times if u can join but hardly) only item easy to sell this Day is moonlight fragments and jamadar. Comounity should add utc 3 days per week and open dark knight weapons to farm too. Lets hear ur oppinons guys. Thx have a nice time.
  3. Dragon

    Sell x2 moonlight +7

    As the titlle say pm me here or ingame johntravolta thx
  4. Dragon

    Sell rogue items

  5. Dragon

    Sell rogue items

    Sell Dual rol 3 Sss dex Dual Se 3 Judi 3 Myrtil set 11 Bomba wf 11 Looking to sell all items together if possible send me offer here or ingame johntravolta Nick thx
  6. He is priest archer cant stop his heal never cant stop dbuf skill too pls check this guy.
  7. Dragon

    Archer weapon enchant

    Archer is not so good class doesnt have chance against war or sin. That would be fair if work on right hand bows like it was before.
  8. Dragon

    Archer weapon enchant

    U changed that it works on bow not only on crossbow before, but now u back it again that doesnt work?
  9. Dragon

    Archer weapon enchant

    Weapon enchant scroll not working on archer. I Know u were fixed it sometimes ago now it do not work again increase 5 ap but should increase about 100ap. Thx for the intresst.
  10. Dragon

    Bus drop

    Whats wrong with Blood seekers The drop was much better before now so hard get bus. Did u change drop rate for it?
  11. Dragon

    Bdw ft juraid

    This events noone join. Why would u join if u get tear which expire that is really bad, why dont u back it normal no expire for tear. We need some better reward for ed and ft too. Pls look for soloution. Thx
  12. Dragon

    UTC miss

  13. Dragon

    UTC miss

    And the third one is for how much till now?
  14. Dragon

    UTC miss

    Hi guys, AS we miss all 3 utc in friday maybe twostar can add it to sunday for this week. Thx have a nice time.
  15. Dragon

    CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO

    Gz perfect