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  1. poly

    Ice/Light Arrows need some love

    it has very high succeed rates after the last patch.(i was on warrior with light resis potion on and i got 2 times stunned and 1 time iced from an archer/gc farmer in a chase~1min). So you can't say that ice/stun skills don't simply work after this patch. But i am pretty sure nobody will like this changes. =.=
  2. poly

    utc npc

    i joined 2 times utc in this day and i couldn't see the last room at all (btw you get only nothing from trophy boxes). This event is really unnecessary. There are not enough count of priests in the server so you can't attack mobs (if you don't have a team, just leave from here quietly). Just die 1-2 times and quit. if you get a moonlight fragment from 3 rooms then you are in the lucky day. i knew that utc will be retarded in the apexko so i never voted this expansion.Also UTC and Ultima respawn times overlap so players are confused. Please do something! @twostars @Aesteris
  3. poly


    Chill down chill down.. ty.. Now we can talk about this. Why don't ya try pk in another side? i see that humans generally kill it and if you think same with me, then go orc side and you're gonna see a lot of ultima farmer there. And begin raping farmers one by one alone or with your team. Make farming ultima is difficult to them. There're not utterly bot players around they're just serving to you and your pk love. There are not only pk lovers in the server. I see many players around anvil even they have full+full chars. You already detected that farmers are going one side to kill ultima. Then you go another side to make the world hell for them. The last night, new mage teams was raping whole humans (who are trying to kill Felankor) by novas. The solution might be adding better drops(for everyone) from Felankor which has higher hp/def/resis. So killing felankor and ultima takes long time.And players can try their best to kill felankor and survive against enemies who likes to do pk.
  4. poly

    Buy Bombastick Wiri +11

    He's recording and playing without loss of fps.And you don't like 720p. I don't know how computers do you guys have.I can't even see UTC mobs and i can't use skills properly because loss of fps on my laptop. You guys should've +11 computers as well. ~.~
  5. poly

    PUS & Gift system has a bug

    Hey, i use gift system through PUS. But when i sent a gift by this, char must relog once (not appear in letter w/o it) to get gifts in letters. Why it doesn't work like a letter system w/o relogging char? This is bothering me as hell. This happens for a long time in ApexKO. Hope you fix this soon. @twostars @Aesteris
  6. You must be lucky one. I got min 1.3k damage from a fire mage on my archer while i was hitting it 700-900(on my screen.probably he gets ~700) damages by 70. They force to ppl buy gear by kc/$ if you want to beat a mage. You can check this topic.You will see that only geared guys are okey about damages. 1-2 mage teams log game at night or war hours and kill all by AOE & staff and quit. That's all. They don't need to make gear up. The others farm 7/24 and can't kill even a flight/fire mage solo. @Aesteris thinks everything is okey with offical but he doesn't care that offical servers has duration pot and red pot to make other classes balanced against mages. A sin was killing a fire mage (inside a team) easily in the past (btw it's not problem TP dead mage to fight again).But now if you see mage team around, only press ok.
  7. I don't even give a fuck about you.You must be another kid who likes to do drama in forums. Thanks for your reply. Hope a moderator take care about you @FunnyBitch. Btw very meaningful nick is this.I could not give a better nick than this for you boy. @Aesteris
  8. Then they set this damages with duration pot and red pot so they balanced classes? That's possible, isn't it? I couldn't try to kill a fire mage by an assassian.Because it hits about 1.3 to 1.5k damages constantly by staff only.Is there any ridiculus thing than this in KO? An assasian doesn't try to kill a fire mage.Oh my bloody god. Trash all classes and make this server only mage. mAgexKO is better for this situation. EDIT: BTW, it isn't about their damages.It's about their HP and DEF, There mustn't be a mage who has very high DEF,HP and Damages.These things couldn't be stay together. Sins has very high damages to kill enemy fast.But it also has low def. Warrior has very high def and hp but it hasn't high damages like an assassian. If mages has very good damages, they shouldn't have high def and hp. Boost their damages so they kill players with AOE. But they must be die easier than any other classes. THERE MUST BE A BALANCE IN THIS GAME!!!!!!
  9. poly


    Pressing ok is easier in UTC now. Thank you!
  10. poly


    There's no fishing/mining in ApexKO.Genie is free but they try to transfer all farm things to bowl.So it doesn't matter that genie free or not. I calculated that we need a year to make full gear in ApexKO by farming gold coin. Newbies're gonna spend their a year to make an equal gear with old players/babashoppers so they can do pk against geared guys equally. xD
  11. poly


    Hope, @Aesteris know that these changes make old/geared chars more powerfull and also it makes newbie or low geared chars #WalkingNPs in CZ. There's no way to farm uniques "easily" by Monster Stones. FT event isn't active at all. Making a full gear mustn't take a few years. -Please, make FT events more active. -Add an AFK farm spot in this game.(So, players can spend their free time with PK.) -Increase HP of Felankor,Ultima. (So, players can stand in PK much more.) There must be an AFK farm spot in this game. When i have free times to play ko, i must farm gold coins in bowl or pk with beginner gear? How long can a person tolerate trying to make gears up by constantly dying? Why the your main target is killing only farmers in bowl? Any childhood trauma?
  12. poly

    Solar Tattoo

    #discountfortattoos ty
  13. TheGoodLife is an old clan here not even an actual mage team. You cannot keep the server always up with doing players' special requests. This is Apex KO not Mage Online and so you do nature of this game to pull players in server. If they like to play this game then they know that how classes work in this game. "We need mage teams in game and then let's boosts mage damages up. Now we need melees then gogo boosts warrior's damages..." Or just set the original strengths to characters. You say that this is a private server.-So you provide a server is accelerated&facilitated. If you provide a stable service to players, they will already come to here. You like to play a mage but i don't. So this unbalance forces server to choose one of us. Why not this ApexKO embrace both of us and others? DON'T BOOST ANY CLASS!
  14. Even a geared rogue can't take down a fire mage w/o a db inside spammers. In official servers, mages need MP sets to hit harder so they lose their hp/ac to do it and then rogues can kill 1-2 paper from spammers.But in ApexKO, mages hit harder by tank/def gear w/o lose any member in party. And they do not even care about their TP skill in events. Because they do hit harder than most warriors/rogues by their staff skills (BTW, they're in very defensive mode.) This is not fair at all. :/(
  15. The game must be fun not only mages are. I said that mages must kill whole nation by novas, NP, but rogues mustn't need a db priest to kill a f*ckin fire mage inside spammers.