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  1. Xitam

    server lagg

    Still in the waiting room for farm sewer. I ded many týmes
  2. Xitam

    server lagg

    better make a farm sewer :3 aga
  3. Xitam

    SELL: CHAOS BAAL +10 REV 42K KC!!!!!

    I think he meant hot gayboyfriend c:
  4. Xitam

    Well, Admins gonna watch server die ?

    you still play here? Damn. silly you As for myself and I guess many others, this server isn't as much fun as it used to be. Maybe if the farming was improved then yeah, I guess I and maybe a few would return.
  5. Xitam

    Is not it time to bring something new?

    Yeah, farm server pls.
  6. Xitam

    He is swearing at God ..

    yes ban black bb
  7. Around. What bout you? yes, you's right.
  8. oh damn. I had to include myself here. pls dont pay attention to this post.
  9. Xitam

    Soapy Soapy