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  1. I just want to make a list of things that due the current estate of the game are obsolete/useless/waste of time for players. -Mining/Fishing : Perhaps you might get a bitfrost fragment or red/blue chest but that's about it. Getting a golden mattock for only 4000 duration (from quest) isn't worth your time. -Monster stone: Final boss drop old accesories which are pretty much useless by any means. -Any armor below Rosetta/Starter gear : Shells, chitins and other drops are not worth your time or upgrading them to sell. Nobody is going to buy them. Only defense armors from Monster Supression II might worth something but with only 1 drop per run it's a big waste of time. -Any weapon below started gear: You might got excited because you got heppa shards +8 as a drop. I tried to sell those but didn't work. Nobody is buying those. Upgrading to +11 might take a while and still are not as good as new weapons, so what's the point? -Draki dungeon: I've been doing this dungeon over and over and the best item I got is Dragon scale +6 which you can already get if you kill titans (they drop +7) plus some badges (you need 30 to exchange for something I don't even know what for). -Eslant bosses: When I came back I was amazed nobody was hunting those so I've been killing them over and over for several days (all of them). Drop rate is bad and nobody is buying those uniques, they can't even match the ones from starter gear. What else can we add.
  2. I play INT priest too with dual leonard and started gear. I'm farming/upgrading trying to get my definite gear but I do get what Brook is saying. Even tho I usually play support in most events (FT, ED, BDW, etc) I would like to see a slight buff on int damage.
  3. Nice to see you here mate! More people from old Ares
  4. Hello mates, it has been a long time since I've been here. Life got in the middle and MMOs require certain type of compromise that I couldn't fulfill but in the last 3 days I've been checking the new updates and giving info out to people interested in the server. So, from what I understand now the server is full-pk server with no-farm required, which is good for all those who hated the farm server (I was one of those who actually loved the farm system and actually put a lot of time and effort making my gear, which now is in my inn due to obvious reasons). I see that you can rent +2 jeweldry, +8 armor and +9 weapons. That certainly helps newcomers who just want to enter to CZ. Also, I noticed that high level mobs (not mares tho) drop +6 - +8 high class weapons and trial armors in case someone wants to farm. I spent a good chunk of my time soloing balogs and booros. (Just me or balogs' damage got insanely high? I could solo them before without healing that much) and collecting stuff and checking anvil rates. I couldn't make any Mean leonar +7 but at least I had some fun. Anyway, despite of my 3 days experience back in server I noticed that most of the time it was kinda empty. Not many people in many areas or people just to chat while I was doing something else. Even with rentals and stuff not many people in CZ map all the time which made me think that maybe the problem isn't in the server itself but in the gameplay. I'll explain further: when I decided to leave server, pk was pretty much a combination of Isi fight in the bowl and farming raids. You couldn't farm in peace because you were attacked all the time. I guess that pretty much scared away a lot of people, I bet. But more or less those were the dynamics. When I came the other day, most fight was in the bowl but most people didn't stay for long. So I guess this map/pk style is kinda obsolete after so much time so my suggestion would it be, what can we do to improve PK? I mean, now this is a pk server so the pk needs to be the focus but just running to bowl, kill 2-3 people, they quit or go somewhere else, repeat isn't that fun anymore. For people doing the same over 2-3 months for sure isn't that fun. Also, there isn't much challenge to gangbang 1 guy running with a 2 priest party. I think PK needs a tweak or two. Something original. Something that brings back people that the only challenge they find nowadays is to start all over again and pk with shitty gear in other servers. I'm not talking about the classes or skills, I'm talking about the map objectives or pk objectives in CZ. Events are one thing, but CZ is pretty much the "PK zone" and I think it needs to be revamped in some way. Regards for such great effort to keep this server alive. -Ben
  5. I enjoyed the video! Always liked mage videos
  6. You need to disable the safe zone inside ft and make some mobs to do dot damage on players.
  7. So right now everybody is just rushing to the end of the instance and killing the boss. I suggest to give the mobs inside monster stone a better set of drops: Scraps/nest/shells +3/chitins +5/high class weps +3/bus/bes What do u guys think?
  8. Forgotten temple: Reward: 3 blue chests + EXP + 1 apexis chest. BDW: Reward: 5 red chests (loser) 5 green chests (winner) + EXP + 1 hour np increase scroll. Chaos: Reward: 3 Apexis chest (for participate), winner can get silver bar + chests + EXP + voucher for better wings, actual chaos wings kinda suck.
  9. If you change bus drop rate you have to change NPC value.
  10. I don't understand what's the problem on people making money. The big money and big items do not come from bus farming.
  11. Ronnen

    Ronnen's B/S

    Selling: Priest Shell Pauldron +8 - 400m Priest Shell Pads +8 - 400m Priest shell gauntlets +8 - 400m Holy Animor 7 - 500m Buying: ROL + 0 x 1 Secret Silver earring +0
  12. Other private servers have bua drop 100% and no one died. I understand some ppl make coin from bus but that's what i said, they make coin because they use vm to farm 24/7 and make a profit. They are not making items or helping ppl to gear up. It's kinda selfish attitude. There are +9 in the server already and you only can do it through reverse system in which bus are not involved. I dont see whats the problem in people acquiring and upgrading +8s. That means more ppl will pk and judging by the scheme of the server, that's the whole purpose. Weapons and armors is only a small part of gearing a character, in my opinion it should be easy. I know many of us know how, but others are just casuals that may not know the whole thing, so it would be better if u give them more help.
  13. Hello, it has been a while without a rant but here I am, ranting all over the place. I understand that the next move for ApexKO is to bring more new players. It's nice to have a cool package to go with and EXP for 5 days without problems but still, Apexko is a farm-server and if you're really into farming you know how difficult is to make certain things due basically to the lack of farming spots or the crappy drop rate. The best way to keep track of what's being farmed and how is to check Moradon-market. You'll be surprised that there's a over-population of certain items while others are almost impossible to get unless, ofc, you do them yourself. I've been talking with new players for a while and the major rant comes with KS spots and raid spots. That means, you're a bunch of noobies and you get ksed by a bigger party or better geared player, for instance case: Cardinals EMC/Luff or DK/BloodSeekers/Hobs in CZ. The BUS drop rate for a private server should be 100%. Ppl need to upgrade their stuff, the stuff they farm. This shouldn't take 2-3 days. To get a good amount if should take 4-5 hours. Even if you don't have 4-5 hours to spare you could buy from moradon, from someone who actually do the farming. This ends in the result of more ppl farming, more ppl upgrading, more variety on merchandise in Moradon. I understand some people think bus drop rate is okay, and yes, they are the ones using the spots all day long with alt-chars. There's nothing else but cardinals/blood seeker/beasts. There should be more spots for this. Second, increase drop rate on all the mobs. Mostly shells/chitins/high class weapons. It's still looks like shells are the top-to-get stuff, this stuff should be easier to obtain, hence, more ppl fighting in CZ. Make shells estandar if you're gonna introduce krowaz or spread the dragon/mythril/trial/ron stuff. Why if all high class items are safe with bus at +3 why we keep wasting 3 bus on upgrading something? Drops should be +3 already. More gear to all, more action in CZ. There's a huge load of mobs that do not drop anything useful. All mobs should drop useful stuff. What mob drops upgradable middle class weps +3? no one. Only rares. 2nd tier high class should be dropped at +3, +4, +5. In difficult mobs, like balogs or booro high class weps should be dropped +3. And so and so. If you want to make this server last longer there should be some changes made to the drop rate table. I said this on Apex 1 (many times actually) and it was never taken into account and we all know how that ended. Easier farm = more ppl doing pvp. More people doing pvp = less douches quitting cuz "wah wah no pvp". Events should give more than 1 reward. FT for 1 single blue chest? We're way over that knowing already the kind of "surprise" blue chest gives. It should give at least 3 blue chests. Same with BDW. Gives 5 red chest at least. I don't know, anything that increases population on events. People play stuff for the pvp and also for the rewards, the rewards are still locked in this "lvl 70 cap scheme". Just check moradon now and see what kind of merchandise ppl is offering. We need to improve and make farm easier, people do not want to spend their entire KO session on just farming to get a couple +7's. They want to gear up right away to be able to pk and participate of pk events. How many ppl attend wars or CSW? You know why? Because they are not well geared enough. It's time to make farm easier.
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