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    Kallop reacted to twostars in Recruiting Americans.....   
    More like 'MURICA.
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    Kallop got a reaction from SkyHunter in Premium types feedback.   
    Bronze, Silver, Gold and possibly Platinum FTW. Personally I liked the system with only the three original ones. But I understand why people paid for plat prem.
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    Kallop got a reaction from mo3head in Premium types feedback.   
    Exactly. They were used to mainly boost your exp gain and to let you log in whenever you want. There are tons of other benefits that come with the premiums anyway so people who actually want them will buy them. For example you save money, loose less XP for death, gain more XP from monsters, return to your BDW/Chaos instance even if you dc..
    Why does it seem like you actually expect people to want to spend money on this game? It should be optional and free players should also be able to compete. I have clannies who will spend money here 100% but I haven't spent a dollar on this game ever since I quit USKO and stopped buying premium to log in.
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    Kallop reacted to SkyHunter in Premium types feedback.   
    If i'm being completely honest here, I would absolutely fucking love it if we went back to that entire bronze - > plat premium. No stupid exp or DC or war, just bronze -> plat, nothing stupidly OP or anything like that. 
    And at that level you get like a trina for gold and plat premium i think. So not terribly OP, and not fucking stupidly worthless either. 
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    Kallop reacted to Aesteris in Questions about PUS   
    We don't have any concrete plans for the PUS for now, however I would imagine it would be USKO like (minus dragon boxes, ibex potions, and anything else deemed too powerful)
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