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  1. Pure research. This kind of information was requested by Aesteris from me last summer so I figured I could finish my work like this. This way the public opinion can be viewed by everybody as well. Just requires a lot of people to actually go through the polls lol.
  2. Really huh? I heard of it too but it seemed like it was just a rumor.
  3. I'm so full of people not parasiting monsters because of that visual bug.. sigh.
  4. Soo.. MP bonus doesn't add damage in pk either, only the stats do. Yet it almost adds 30% damage against monsters so ye dunno..
  5. Defining the rates is not the point of this topic just to get some kind idea as in what people want from this server. It also might be valuable information for future servers made by other people.
  6. What tools exactly lol? I think it needs confirmation because I've witnessed so much debate about it over the years. Next thing you tell me looting coins decreases drop rate and parasite heals bosses/npcs?
  7. Which is why I suggest that there's a quest to open these skills. Anybody can open the skills at any time without them being limited by money and farming bosses. It's working like this in USKO atm but I don't think it's at it's finished stage. It could still be better.
  8. Absolute power description says it adds 30% damage and the damage bonus is minimal. Also mage damage range is massive which is why it's so hard to tell whether it's working or not. I might log a mage this weekend just to test it myself by using the same skill over and over and checking the maximum damages. If there is even a small increase then it works but it definitely is no game changer. How did you test arrow defence btw? I recall it being completely useless.
  9. Questions regarding possible expansions and game progress. Just a reminder that limits might help players catch up and gives people time to take breaks from xping and farming.
  10. Alright, that's the way it's supposed to be
  11. Are the votes public btw? I meant it to be that way but I'm not sure if it worked right.
  12. Well that is true. Either way it's more like determining whether people prefer simplistic leveling over a more variable way of leveling up. I would personally prefer killing different mobs for either kill count or item drops rather than doing Booroo/DS/DK for 8 hours straight
  13. Well it's one of the oldest debates of KO and I personally see no difference in damage output when I use it. Of course it is entirely possible that the damage bonus is so minimal that I just didn't notice it but in that case the damage bonus is bugged and doesn't match the skill description.
  14. Questions regarding clans and capes.
  15. Questions regarding Genie and Premium.
  16. Questions regarding quests and events.
  17. Questions regarding items and upgrading.
  18. Polling things up a bit so the results can be viewed public. Continuing my work from last summer.
  19. I think the system should be reworked so that you can get the skills by farming monsters or just by doing a quest (much like personal). It indeed discourages people if they have to struggle with master and 70 skills. It also opens up another way of becoming overpowered by doanating.
  20. A lot of backlash? What are you talking about? Pretty much what people have been seeking for years has been a 15xx hard farm server and this server has the required materials for it. You can poll it if you want although I've done the required research a while back. Ofc people won't be content on just one expansion, which is why adding items after a while will keep the server interesting. Although, I'm quite sure that the server will keep us busy with all kinds of events and active PK.
  21. Ahm. Absolute power doesn't affect your damage in PK. Just like the bugged arrow defence never works.
  22. +1 to this. No slacking off people!
  23. Bronze, Silver, Gold and possibly Platinum FTW. Personally I liked the system with only the three original ones. But I understand why people paid for plat prem.
  24. We could always poll this. I'm quite sure that people will be against people having double nps per kill though.
  25. It's the ridiculous NP bonus it offers. As far as I can remember in EUKO you gained like 120 NPs per kill by using war premium. I don't know exactly how big of a difference it makes compared to free players but I remember there being a huge difference between DISC premium and EXP premium. Back in the day you only gained 64 nps with premium and 50 nps without premium, and the np bonus in party pk was even less significant. This way the free players also had a chance to compete for symbols/ranks.
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