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  1. A lot of backlash? What are you talking about? Pretty much what people have been seeking for years has been a 15xx hard farm server and this server has the required materials for it. You can poll it if you want although I've done the required research a while back. Ofc people won't be content on just one expansion, which is why adding items after a while will keep the server interesting. Although, I'm quite sure that the server will keep us busy with all kinds of events and active PK.
  2. Ahm. Absolute power doesn't affect your damage in PK. Just like the bugged arrow defence never works.
  3. +1 to this. No slacking off people!
  4. Bronze, Silver, Gold and possibly Platinum FTW. Personally I liked the system with only the three original ones. But I understand why people paid for plat prem.
  5. We could always poll this. I'm quite sure that people will be against people having double nps per kill though.
  6. It's the ridiculous NP bonus it offers. As far as I can remember in EUKO you gained like 120 NPs per kill by using war premium. I don't know exactly how big of a difference it makes compared to free players but I remember there being a huge difference between DISC premium and EXP premium. Back in the day you only gained 64 nps with premium and 50 nps without premium, and the np bonus in party pk was even less significant. This way the free players also had a chance to compete for symbols/ranks.
  7. I have to wonder how long you have played private servers. Most servers that I play offer no such advantage to donors and they still manage to round up income to host their servers. People will donate for trinas, tears, shadow pieces, scrolls, valks etc. Not having a super overpowered premium that ruins PvP won't harm them that much. It more like forces people who like to compete to spend money in order to reach high ranks. I honestly don't give a rat's shit about EXP premium but the WAR premium shouldn't even exist in the game.
  8. I used to use it but due to it's super bugged state it's completely useless. It's a good feature, might as well make it work right?
  9. Quest guide doesn't show every quest available to you at your level/level range although it gives you a ridiculous amount of quests, some which I doubt even exist. It could be simplified to show you the important ones. No idea how to make it truly work though. I suppose if it worked as an in-game guide like what you SHOULD do in order to level up quick and gear up rather than a guide for every possible quest in-game it could be useful. Then again you might wanna find out if there are any useful quests for you to do elsewhere by using the level search feature. Oh well, at it's current state it's pretty much useless.
  10. That sounds pretty leet I guess. I'll just leave this here in case you don't actually fix all the quests or remove some of them from the game. You could perhaps completely rewrite the chain-quest line and have your own NPCs instead of the USKO ones But thee main focus of this topic is making the game easier for newcomers and making quest finding easier.
  11. Exactly. They were used to mainly boost your exp gain and to let you log in whenever you want. There are tons of other benefits that come with the premiums anyway so people who actually want them will buy them. For example you save money, loose less XP for death, gain more XP from monsters, return to your BDW/Chaos instance even if you dc.. Why does it seem like you actually expect people to want to spend money on this game? It should be optional and free players should also be able to compete. I have clannies who will spend money here 100% but I haven't spent a dollar on this game ever since I quit USKO and stopped buying premium to log in.
  12. The Alpha should enter a PvP stage in the near future since, I'd like to say, most of the bugs have been fixed or reported already. They already promised to send out a new batch of alpha keys in the near future. I assume they're going to wait for the PvP stage before sending out any more invitations.
  13. That is true. I'll just leave this here to get some opinions. The main part is the insane amount of quests that you have available but have no real reason to exist. Also I forgot to report the obvious flaws in the in-game quest guide which makes finding quests seem incredibly complicated. If it just showed the important/most useful ones then it might make it easier for newcomers.
  14. I suppose I could update this list a bit once I get a mouse. I'm well aware that many of these NPCs are used for chain quests, but I'm also sure that they're not all necessary. Unless there's a very good chain quest in the making by the time the server will launch I see no purpose for so many NPCs. Many of the quests could be handed out by a few NPCs located in town. Now, going to watch Nanatsu No Taizai.
  15. NPCs without a real purpose: [Moradon] - iruta - VIP Manager [Luferson Castle] - Twilight Knight Linguist - Knight Clerk - Margaret - Novice Weapon Rental (Possibly in other zones as well,) [Ronark Land] - Magic Association Bros - Adviser of Magic Association Haligun [Eslant] - Senior Researcher Gaz - Magic Association Leader malraseu - Magic Association Cesar (He actually gives a quest, but why not just have 1-2 quest NPCs in town instead?) I understand many of these are for chain-quests which might not yet be functional, but I think that the game would look better if there were less npcs just standing around. Also, there are like 60 quests in Luferson / El Morad Castle but you only need a few to level up until you reach level 60 and can go to Eslant where better quests await. It would be smart, in my opinion, to narrow down the path that people have to take in order to level up. I mean, I entered Eslant and at level 70 I found almost 20 quests from Luferson that I never did, and I leveled up by doing quests. The leveling process could be even as simple as this: - Level 50 - Quest: Kill 50 Ash Knights - Level 51 - Collect 20 dickbutts - Level 52 - Kill 50 DTS .... ... Basically you could narrow down the possible quests to do by only leaving a few quests per level (Not counting item quests.) instead of having a million smaller quests per level. At least in Eslant you have a shitload of quests to do which seems a bit complicated. Possibly, at higher level, one NPC could give you one big quest per level which gives you most of the EXP you need and then another NPC could give you smaller quests (either soloable or repeatable or both) that help you gain the last few %s.
  16. Exactly, EXP premium makes sense but WAR premium makes no sense at all. It makes user/monthly rankings pointless when you gain double NPs per kill compared to a non premium user.
  17. I am aware of the costs of hosting a server so I understand that there must be something you can buy to fund the server. But SexyKO made sick profit just by selling cospre items (which are 70% just about cosmetics) and some scrolls like Hera/Menissiah transformation scrolls. Premium can be a big seller in a farm server like this but it should be toned down.
  18. No. USKO is a bad example and their PUS is far from ideal competetive KO. That huge np gain bonus is stupid because it gives too much of an advantage to other P2P players. EXP Premium I some what understand but it shouldn't be too overpowered either. Almost all kinds of pay2win situations should be eliminated in my opinion.
  19. If you want a stable economy I suggest you will not add gold bars or silver bars to drop from anywhere. Except possibly from boss events where GMs can some what determine how many gold bars will be brought in to game. You could make the drop rate of dms really high yes, but that would bring down the value of these items. What you could do though, is to give them some other rare rewards that cannot be obtained by simply killing monsters. (KC vouchers, PUS items, maybe a quest with some reward for killing like 100 dms.) AOF and AOC could be used to farm BUS IMO. They're higher level monsters, so they would be good for those players who actually leveled up. (less goldfarmers with low level characters) This would reward higher level players and give people some incentive to grind xp rather than just stay, say lvl 59. Lower level monsters could also drop BUS but with a lower drop rate. Or again a quest could be created where the reward for killing monsters is a X amount of BUS.
  20. Kallop

    First :)

    So stoked about this server. Incredibly talented people working on this marvelous project made together with the help of community.
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