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  1. If you don't want +8 opened now, then just wait another week once everybody has reached level 80 and open it then. I honestly don't see the point of gating upgrade progression though. I think the server could've started with +9/+1 open, but that's just me I guess.
  2. I did mention on Discord that they should remove exceptionals from EW and lower the drop rate. Exceptionals should only drop from Balrog, which is also farmable by mages, but much harder. EW should drop regular high class, with a lower rate. In general high class drop rates should be lowered from easy to solo monsters, but it probably isn't enough, since a lot of high class come from fragments and gems as well. I think the biggest issue are the daily/weekly shell quests, which shouldn't have existed in the first place. If they wanted to have those quests in place, then they should've rewarded players with chitins instead. But now is too late to remove that feature, so the damage has already been done.
  3. I'd say everybody has pretty fair expectations that there will be no Krowaz weapons or armors any time soon. +8 is much smaller of a difference than people think. It is statistically smaller than +1 uniques. The major upgrade is a +8 weapon, which is not necessary, no matter what class you play. +7 weapons will absolutely be good enough to achieve whatever you want to achieve, as long as you're playing a decent solo class or you have a couple friends to play with. There is a sin clan, that has players wearing +5 chitins, but they PK every day and do fine. The difference between a +6 set, with +7 weapons and a guy with +7 set +8 weapon is so tiny in PK and only matters in 1v1 situations. The main problem +8 is supposed to solve is the lack of incentive for any organized farming. Solo farming is the best way to farm anything in the server currently. Grouping up is just not smart, unless you're doing bifrost. If you wanna gear yourself, then the best thing to do is Haungas, Haunga Warriors, Abyss, Treants, Ancients, Blood Seekers, Beasts and other monsters that drop BUS or stuff to NPC. So the server is currently extremely solo player friendly in that sense. Opening +8 would mean that organized groups have something to work towards, since high class items and shells will become more sought after. I don't think it will completely fix the issue of grouping up and lack of incentive to do anything together, but it's a good start.
  4. I feel like my takeaway from this is again, that people really misunderstand how small of a difference +7 and +8 have. And that opening +8 would also help those people with less gear farm, because the market would be revitalized once more.
  5. Fair enough, I just want it to be polled, since I believe plenty of players are under the assumption that +8 will be opened next Friday. I also want to know whether most players would want it to be opened or not.
  6. I feel like this should be polled, since I've seen a lot of people expect it to happen, but as far as I'm aware, it hasn't been announced. Either way, I think +8 should be open for all items since especially melee players are getting quite bored not being able to progress their gear and the market has stagnated for a lot of people. It's not that difficult to catch up anyway and most melee players already have decent gear. Either way, I just want it to be polled.
  7. Seeing how unpopular lunar wars are, I hope some of these improvements are considered. At least increase the amount of nps gained to give people some incentive.
  8. Never actually use it, but I guess it would be fair if Gate was easy to cancel.
  9. I wish I could dislike this post twice.
  10. Mages have made the server active funny enough. Rather than kill the server, I think they've contributed the most by making it active. I've complained about the level cap since week 1. I think the main reason mages feel oppressive is because 1 nova is enough to kill a party, which means that the top mage teams will just run over the enemy nation, since they can wipe 2-3 parties in one moment. When 80 cap comes out, mages will have to use 2 novas to kill a single party, which means that their effectiveness will drop by almost 50%. I don't think mages are oppressively overpowered though, but even I recognize how one-shotty the PK is and I'd rather have more strategical approaches to PK. But like already mentioned, 80 cap should be here soon, so it should fix most problems. During the beta we definitely faced more issues against melees in 80 cap, since they will kill you just as quickly as now, but you cannot kill them before they kill at least 2-3 mages.
  11. Was going to copy this post from G4L to post here, but I see you were faster than me. I personally disagree with changing BUS drop rate, because it balances itself out in the end regardless of the drop rate. The main problem with farming and upgrading is that the risk of losing money is too great, while the rewards aren't outstanding either. After writing an essay about the issues, I kind of realized that they're mostly symptoms caused by other problems. 1. Daily quests for shells should've been weekly quests or removed entirely until better armors were released. Nobody farms shells currently, which means that a lot of the activity players should've had, never existed in the first place. The dailies make sense if everybody is using super shells or something, but for now it seems too rewarding and is cannibalizing farm activity from organized groups. 2. Lack of information about upcoming changes, or a roadmap of sorts. Basically I know dozens of people who are stockpiling coins and Apex points, because they don't want to buy anything until 80 cap is released, or they were waiting for juraid. None of the gear upgrades would change how we PK, so it's irrelevant to spend money on items. 3. Farming coins is simply more lucrative for solo players and even groups, rather than participating in events and actively farming for items. Bifrost lasts only an hour, so it should be rewarding for people to participate in. Honestly the BUS droprate from bifrost monsters could be increased, to give people even more reason to participate. The frag drop rate is being addressed, so I won't comment on that for the time being. 4. Hate to beat a dead horse, but the level cap is probably the biggest issue. Due to how PvP balance is skewed towards one-shots, there's very little reason to buying better gear. This also affects every single other aspect of the game. Farming is less valuable, people don't find reason buying items etc etc. Edit: 5. Disable coin looting from Auto-loot entirely. It will fix every single issue with afk genie farming currently. If you want to genie for XP or for loot, go ahead. Farming coins with genie is currently the best way to farm, because farming for items and upgrading has a risk, while earning raw coins has no downside. You will pay your genie costs with coins as well.
  12. Recruitment closed until further notice. We will recruit more members if some of our recruits don't show up or cannot play, but for now we have more than enough members.
  13. Just to make sure all our members are aware, we will join Undez in official. For individual members this will change almost nothing, since you will still "answer" to me and if you joined us as mages you will still play with us as you would've before. If you have any questions, then you can pm me here, G4L or Discord.
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