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  1. iooi


  2. iooi


    He still camps ew spot
  3. iooi


    EXP yes, NPS no also decrease the NP (or make it 0 both ways) for player under 75-78 to make those NP whores who camp ew spot for noob players and runs away in bowl -,-
  4. iooi

    ED/BDW/CHAOS with 1 person

    ALso BIFROST! we duo most of time. - hard to break monu - can duo ego and gluttony but not rest. Make their exp like 3.5m each xD [frags drop shit anyways, so frags+shells/wepons would be lovely] ty
  5. iooi

    ED/BDW/CHAOS with 1 person

    ye win for bdw increase the exp for bdw (winner and loser both), so people participate
  6. iooi


    ANY GM/Admin on? Please say so in game. Thanks
  7. so true but again i see people succeed 3x+7 in a row. or sometimes 4. I tried more than 4 full inn. first few days got like 2 +6 from half inn or 1. today i got 5 from full inn but never made a 7 xD
  8. Also something needs to be done with those skills. It took me 5-6 days to open lvl 70 skill lol
  9. iooi

    CZ exp truce

    I am a newcomer. I don't have items, i am soloing most of the time but i am still staying. Yet when i try farming ew/dk i get raided and then forced to leave (i don't care about NP's cuz i buy it all time but again it disturbs the flow and you gotta run back. I am still staying and hoping for it to be better day by day.
  10. iooi

    Download links - Not working?

    I downloaded from google drive and got the same message. When i clicked on it, it started downloaded. It may the problem on your pc. I mean some browsers doe not let you click external link and some does not allow pop up (depends on how you or someone has configured the browser you are using). Try it on different browser and check if it works. Hope this helps!
  11. EXP: Yes, If the server is filled with people then the exp right now is not bad. But seeing lak of people for exp it is really really shitty. With shells 6 and ii 6 it is impossible to solo for quests like doom soldier, falcons etc. The number required in quests should be reduced to half of what it is. When we farm and exp we kill DK and EW in cz. Dk quest exp is so so so bad. I would suggest to make exp easier. Quests should be repetable for EW and DK in cz for infinite times. Increase the rate of weapons in ew please. Make the quest exp from these mobs high, I mean really high lol. BUS: As mention it is shitty. Make BUS drop 50% and not 100% as recommended by ronnen. The other 35-40% can be normal upgrade scroll. Also make it drop from Blood seeker and beast too. Begineers: What you have done so far is great. I would like to add few more (ofc we always want more yayyyy). 1 stack of 1k buff, 200ac, attack and sw. Also 700 hp and 960 mp 1000 stack (like you are providing 720 and 1920) both which cannot be traded or sold but can be stored. Also give them armors (Fp and chitins +6 rare and 2 weapons +6 rare [which cannot be traded or sold but can be stored.]) Some money would be greta as well. I won dered 30 mins when I started for 1st job change and I had no idea why I could not do it. Someone then gave me 1 gold coin and then I could see the 1st job change. AFK in moradon: You see for 2 hours give them more exp for afk in moradon (should be exponentially increased with lvl ofc – else ppl will just sit and be 70 in 3 days). This gets population in moradon and then people who begin in this server actually see population which will help them boost for exp Monster stone drop: I have farmed cardinals more than 3 hours and got 2 MS so far. May be my luck lol. Make it bit more and decrease their ap by 35%. BDW: So far I have not been able to go to bdw, it sucks Do something about it!
  12. iooi


    ur ign? seems like my internet
  13. iooi

    Level JUMP

    Well i soloed from 75 o 77 but now i am stuck lol xD
  14. iooi


    is anyone getting dc after few secs of login right now?
  15. iooi

    Level JUMP

    i got the same wrong message due to the incomplete statement in the website (well it is misleading). I already jumped 2 chars on 3 day premium (not to 6) bu i still vote for it to go 68