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    Hey guys,
    It's that spooky time of year, so by bringing back community favourites and introducing content that the community has been requesting, we hope you too will enjoy this year's new and improved Halloween Event!

    When you enter Ronark Land, you'll find [Jack O Lantern] welcoming you in your base.

    He'll offer you various quests which you may undertake, ranging from things like
    hunting Pumpkin Lanterns to finding and Trick or Treating with the [Costumed Citizens] around Ronark Land.

    Each of these quests (and many of the new residents of Ronark Land) will award you with [Toffee Apples].

    You can exchange these at [Jack O Lantern] for a variety of items.
    You can use these to buy items such as the long-awaited [Duration Extender]
    or [HP scroll (60%)] (Undying scroll).
    Or perhaps use these to purchase a [Halloween Chest] where you have a chance to
    obtain Darkness weapons, Lunar Tattoos, or an assortment of other goodies similar to last year's chest.
    Note that the [Halloween Chest] can drop the other purchasable goodies
    (Red/Blue potions, HP scroll [60%], Duration Extender, etc).

    When you find a [Costumed Citizen], be sure to stop and say hello.
    They may just "Treat" you to some [Toffee Apples].
    Be careful though, some may "Trick" you!
    Be sure to dress up for the occasion (wear a Halloween mask!)
    and they'll be sure to give you more.
    Group up with friends so that everyone can share the rewards!
    Throughout the Halloween event, invaders will periodically break through into our world
    and try to take over the Ronark Land bowl.
    Put a stop to them and earn a ton of [Toffee Apples] in the process!

    Ronark Land has also been overrun with Pumpkin Lanterns.

    In their travels, it seems they've picked up a lot of [Toffee Apples]
    that you'll be able to make your own once you deal with this frightful
    gardening concern.

    While the Halloween event is active, you'll also receive [Enemy Corpses]
    when killing players in Ronark Land.
    These can be turned in to [Jack O Lantern] so that he can help their
    souls to cross over -- and give you a daily reward for doing so.

    Just because the world is being invaded with those from another world
    doesn't mean we should be slacking when it comes to dealing with our world's threats.
    Complete the Juraid Mountain, Border Defense War, Chaos Dungeon, Forgotten Temple
    and Under the Castle events during the Halloween event for tokens that
    [Jack O Lantern] will exchange for more [Toffee Apples].
    This year's Halloween event will run for a few weeks (to compensate for being a *little* bit late), so there's plenty of time (and activities!) to obtain the loot you want - even for those playing more casually, the quick & easy daily quests will net you at LEAST a guaranteed [Halloween Chest] a day. You'll be farming even more than that while actually doing these quest activities.
    Also note that if you forget to pick up one of [Jack O Lantern's] quests, it'll be picked up automatically when you make progress towards it. So nobody misses out!
    We hope you have as much fun with this event as we had putting it together for you guys.
    Have a happy (and SAFE!) Halloween.
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    krowaz warrior helmet+11 rev 
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    i can make a clan if you wana join <3  
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    +1 Zaikooo, The ideea with deleting the items its wrong, bcz the other ppl from party work hard to get those items! Just ban them and thats all, they are here only to be sure the server ending!!! With Krump as i know they got some little things from cb, but start to kick ppl from clan(they fked up one of the biggest clan on server), and yesterday with Addicted they scammed the cb again. Now the question for Aesteris is, What do you think ban 3,4ppl or lose like 20+ppl or more in the next weeks!!!!
         AND PLEASE GUYS DONT ADD AZIZ & YOUGOTPWNDBYMYASS TO YOUR CLAN!!! They are here only to ruin the server
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    I think both NoLimit & Devo are right on this one, CZ needs some spice. But i think changing NP's into straight items is bad way to do it.
    Since the krowaz -patch came, i noticed that its only possible for 2 teams to farm havoc, hellfire, cruel etc at the same time.
    Current method allows 16 people to farm them, that's quite low imo. Resolution for this would be farming the mobs around the bosses, nigamash or whatever it was called.
    That way many parties could enjoy farming krowaz in peace without getting ksed/raided by other parties. (these mobs should be nerfed tho, they keep 1-hitting people when touched).
    About CZ:
    Chaos-stone is plain boring now, it spawns 90% of useless bosses no-one bothers to even kill anymore.
    Replace barrk, barkirra, lobo, lupus, lycaon, shaula, lesath into -> harpy queen, troll king, talos, DF, DT, SQ. (ofc lower the drops quite drastically on these).
    I think that alone would get bowl interesting place to hang around again.
    Let me know what you think about it.
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