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    Beer reacted to Foxtrot in About the recent ban and some more   
    Hi Frank, thank you for sharing your opinion on this mather.
    ​I just want to clear out that this ban was only for about 6 users in total.
    Chris should have been banned way before this, he already got many second changes and this was his last chance which he clearly messed up. Chris has shown us over and over again that he can not play this game in a fair way. If he does not bug abuse, he will either use Multi client or anything else to give him an advantage on other players. To be honest, i don`t think anyone else got more second chances than Chris did so defending him like this shows me that you guys either have no idea who Chris is and what he did before or you just like people that cheat...
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    Beer got a reaction from Bart in BloodLine Recruiting!   
    Aragon > All
    End of story
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    Beer reacted to DrMart3ns in ApexKO Movie Contest   
    I'm sorry if there are few mistake in the videos (made it so quickly).. and tbh the perfect vid just got deleted by sonyvegas :/
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    Beer reacted to Devo in New Patch review   
    Hmm when i saw the patch notes i already thought the ED changes would cause problems.
    But havent been to a ED to check it out yet, But seeing you say it, guess i was right .
    Take out the Krowaz drop in ED.Less mobs in FT.
    Is there a way to add the Krowaz drops to the mobs spawning in FT?
    At a low rate but stil a rate. I think this would greatly reduce afkers. When they know they can get drops from killing easy mobs.
    05:00 --> sleeping or waking up for work, school etc.
    09:00 --> working / school
    12:00 --> still working / school
    17:00 DELETED (Could almost never make this due to dinner preps. But would have loved for this to be switched to 20:00)
    23:00 --> The one i go too most.
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    Beer reacted to MeeP in change Krowaz rent armors   
    But why farm weapon or armor then? Feels more like a PK server than a farm server. The idea of farm is to get some advantage. No advantage = No farm. As you saw the server is full during events, but after the events it dies off very fast, since its not like these people need to stay online and farm or anything.
    There should be support for farming beside BUS. What I mean is that if only 2 guys in the server are trying to make e.g some kind of Chaos weapon then they have nobody to farm the stones with. Already there is DF+6 and old uniques from rentals. OK boost it for the boss event. But why krowaz and why for wars if we have DF+6 and uniques for peanuts? 
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    Beer got a reaction from k22k in Magician's perspective - ApexKO movie contest entry   
    Great video man. Keep it up
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    Beer reacted to ZeroHDaOne in Helping newcomers   
    We all want new people to feel more welcome and to possible stay on the server for at least some time.
    My idea was to simple let them have unlocked skills which in the end will make lifes easier for them and get them up and ready for some PK faster.
    Even if undergeared they will be able to compete to a certain extent.
    I know many of you might dislike this for the obvious reasons because right now getting skill items isn't hard at all,but i just think it wouldn't HARM anyone if they would be free.
    Adding some drops to those monsters or possible editing Chaos Stone to make it more attractive once again would be good as well.
    P.s Lets not turn this topic into a troll topic because right now most of you are complaining about PK,if that's the case we need to get new people pimped as much as possible to enter Colony Zone.
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    Beer reacted to SPANKME in Making DC Pre "Usefull"   
    DC Prem actually works on drop -rates. Go to cardinals in luffer/emc or bloodseekers in RL to check it out.
    I used to have war prem but switched into DC and the rates are really good with it.
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    Beer reacted to HenkaN in Events/Quest   
    Maybe not as good items as from pus...
    More farm quests in moradon, or edit existing and make like 500pot as reward? Noob scrolls as reward? Noobier 3-day wings weekly quests?
    Shits like that
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    Beer reacted to BadAss in Events/Quest   
    A few of us were talking the other night about events or quests that could make the game more exciting or bring people to the game. We thought making quest (mildly difficult) that gave pus items like maybe 7 day golden mattock, 7 day wings, trina, etc. where the player would have complete some quest like kills in CZ to increase pk, or mob quest. Anything really that would give new people and dedicated people a chance to pick up useful items on like a weekly basis.
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    Beer reacted to Alpha in Random monster invasions   
    I've been having some ideas on how to keep people more active and interested into the game.
    Events would be made during completely random times.
    They would be announced 10 minutes before the start as in: "Monster invasion is starting in 10 minutes. Location: Moradon"
    The monsters being spawned will only be killed with R hit(Damage).
    Those monsters would be Snowmans until we update Moradon back to its normal state.
    Feel free to give in suggestions on what else we could do or how we could improve this kind of event.
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    Beer reacted to Aesteris in Improving Events   
    Most of what you guys suggested seems rather excessive in my opinion. In light of the chest / gem / fragment problem in the previous server I doubt increasing the rewards as some of you suggested is going to do much other than a bunch of AFK characters leeching say a blue chest in Chaos.
    I think the rewards need to be revised, yes. 1 Red Chest, a Certificate of Victory, and an EXP scroll for BDW seems rather meh. Chaos seems the least rewarding, but also the hardest one to tackle (bear in mind you can't kick players there as you're not in a party). Forgotten Temple is rather meh too with just 1 Blue chest at the end of all your endeavors, for FT I like the suggestion made by Manhattan the most (e.g. a good reason for everyone to be active, as that's the main problem with it anyway).
    It needs more thinking on my end, both about what we can do to make it worth your while, as well as keep an eye on ensuring it won't become AFK event paradise either.
    P.S. I'm looking into the 'new' Forgotten Temple on the official servers, it sounds a bit better than what we currently have (and less AFKable)
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    Beer reacted to DrMart3ns in DrugStore trailer   
    your comment made my day too aswell lmao   wait for it we're still workin hard on it since we just started with 5 peoples =))
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    Beer reacted to Alpha in Improving Events   
    We're already looking at options but those have to be viable so in the end the game doesn't just spin around joining those events.
    But there will be changes towards improving them,there should be a clear answer in about 2 days.
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    Beer reacted to Karambit in A bit Fun :P   
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    Beer reacted to Lavie in Untrustworthy Player DHC   
    Think alot of people are mistaking the OPs intention when creating the post. Thread title says it all. 
    If you play the market by deceitfully acquiring cheap shit off of people who think you are trustworthy then that's up too you, i personally think it says alot about a persons character if they're willing to be dishonest to make what is quite literally a few bucks.
    The Apexko community is the worst bunch of people (for the most part ofc there are some super genuine dudes) I've ever seen in terms of flat out bullshitting to make a couple dollars. Maybe alot of you guys need to go and get jobs instead of 'hustling' on a private server.
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    Beer reacted to Aesteris in Suggestion - Regarding Wars   
    I kinda liked the 'free time' available on Saturday - allowed for PK to pick up nicely. That said, if we end up reducing the total war time (e.g. 30 minutes + 30 minutes, or 1 hour + 30 minutes), perhaps it's not a bad idea to move the first war (on Monday) to Saturday
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    Beer reacted to Maltuz in Fly of the wings of love!   
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    Beer reacted to babakiller in I think that look and say anythings.   
    Vote yes if you thikn something needs to change for the better. Vote no if you think nothing should change and you're having tons of fun!
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    Beer reacted to babakiller in I think that look and say anythings.   
    afk people in moradon are not active players..
    Don't call me a lier if you can't argue anything I'm saying, thanks.
    The server is dieing, or in a dead state not because there's 0 people. It's about new people. You always claim you help newcomers so hard and that they stay. Where are they now? They play 2-3 days max and then they leave.
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    Beer reacted to MrHolyShiit in I think that look and say anythings.   
    I strongly approve with the rest of the colleagues for a server reset with different features/style, something people would like to play for a long term such as long quests for armors/uniqs/weps, new events, most importantly GM events, basically a mix of stuff that the players will have to do constantly without getting bored and at the same time having PK balanced, that way many people will start coming back, imo.
    Aesteris, no offense but you're like a constant pregnant woman afk for 9 months repeatedly, whenever ure around you're always by humans side, it's like they're your clannies or smthin. And on top of that, when you ban a karus user for 1 single mistake on ONE CHAR, you banned all his accounts instead, why's that? The punishment should be applied to the character who cheated and got frapsed. So try to be more fair and realistic... like our well known admin in other server nikos32, he's fair with all, whether you're a donator or not, you will be treated good not like a slave here, either pay money or you'll be treated like shit.
    Peace from your loving friend,
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    Beer reacted to Karambit in I think that look and say anythings.   
    U guys just reopened an old topic where Old players already discussed this things, maybe some of you guys are new and dont know that but just let me say that the reason why the most ppl quit apexko was not cos of usko opened or stuff like this, server was already getting dead and ppl got pissed of that time from apexko and alot of them left a already dieng server together to play on uskos new server to be maybe together there cos there was no point to stay here. but the reason why that all happend is today the same one, the gms dont even logged to game to to some things, i dont even remember 1 GM event and imagine if the gms not logg what happend to events like ft, ed or BDW. ppl just joined and took space to be afk there (that happend on every event and most of times orcs logged his noob chars to be afk there and get the reward with their main chars) or if ppl got regulary problems no one was there to fix it. if the GM activity wont change u can change the whole game but that wont change anything. Remember that there is still a jewish guy who bought the most items in the server out and if server is getting full he will start to sell his items again for $$$ and server will getting fucked again, the little thigs was deciding and it was a long proces and the server slowly died, CZ was not like today but it was similar.

    iam for a Server Restart BUT its pointles if gms again dont have time to logg or to help out.
    PS: thanks alpha, he try to help us out without any permisions and do his best but he got his limits.
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    Beer reacted to babakiller in I think that look and say anythings.   
    You're good at writitng long texts pscroll, too bad they're not true. You blame us for not being in cz? It's easy, there's either no humans or far more than orcs. When we are 2-3 people, there's always 5+ humans. There's very little chance we can ever win like that, so there's no point to try. Yes, we do kill exp parties, but thats only because we can't get any pvp otherwise, we're just as bored as many others on this server.
    You say a day at ew will get newcomers gear enough, well I don't think so. If they really do farm all day long, they'd be very lucky to get a full set of +7 shells and a weapon. Guess what? You're still ridicilously underpowered to the vast majority on the server that either has +8 shells or df+7 and a full set of +1/+2 uniques!
    I agree that a wipe of np would be a good thing, but it's too little imo. It would only make up for the accounts that arent used anymore (which are plenty). At this time there's as much people leaving as joining every day. In other words, the population isn't growing. Why is that? Not because orcs don't farm ew 24/7. It's because there's so little people, it's considered a dead server. There's lots of time there's just nothing to do, while on active server, you can always get some action somewhere.
    What do new people see? Nobody to play with an 0 fun to be had. Whats the point of farming ew if there's nobody to play with or against?
    If there is a restart, there will be alot new players, and more players means more newcomers who can also stay. It is ofcourse a matter of time before the server returns to the state it is in now, Unless something changes. What I've seen is that a server (no matter which game) needs active gm's. In the past couple of weeks I've been suprised to see a gm actually online.
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    Beer reacted to poly in I think that look and say anythings.   
    nice pk clan? against to atrosses? )))))))) all pvp servers need renovation.think if usko go on with only a server,none play after 1-2 year.But they make alot of server all the time.Maybe aesteris can make new one.Apex 2 maybe.you can go on in apex1 with ur nice pk clan,and new players come to apex2 ofc.cmon aesteris "all new users search NEW farm server.not an old one"
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    Beer reacted to Snake in Suggestion for money and CZ   
    game is ded