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  1. Beer

    BloodLine Recruiting!

    Aragon > All End of story ^^
  2. I agree with everything BESIDES the +1 ordeal. +0's should be more then enough for people and with the increased spawn times on isi and with better drops from CS it shouldn't be a problem for people to get better access as long as a little effort is put into it.
  3. I really don't think anything should be changed in regards to priest or mage. Mages have always been rather squishy and ya once their full duffed it doesn't matter who you are, your pretty much a dead man unless your priest save your ass. Ever since the Sin buff I haven't really noticed anything too crazy in terms of damage on me while playing either priest or mage so to me its fine. I personally think its too late to bring paper defenses now just because krowaz and rossetta are easy to come by and are really cheap for each of those classes but who knows.. Paper support mage might actually be the way to go even though I really doubt it would work better then what there is currently. Later Down the line GMs could consider looking into the Jamadar shields that USKO have. I believe they have the same stats as gabs but just instead of DD they have jamadar defense. Just an idea. ***Also regarding ICE MAGES you guys should really enable them to double cube just like in USKO. I know that people have asked you guys in the past to look into this but yet you have never actually done anything about it. Atm unless your a lightning mage there really is no reason for you to be anything else. Fire is nerfed and Ice is just broken ***
  4. Hello all and especially my love Karambit It has been too long since we have shared the same cape and I believe that it is time that we reunite and continue where we left off! I miss everything about you and it has been tough The way you walked through cz with me fighting side by side The way you would always come into Team speak saying my name and yelling "Nik???" The way you're rappy would glow at night while we farmed Dk The way you're kebabs would always sound so yummy as you ate them in TS Just the way you did everything Baby! I miss you Alot baby i want you back! So will you join clan Kanka?
  5. Great video man. Keep it up
  6. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

  7. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

  8. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

    Need +2!!!\ Bump
  9. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

  10. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

    added Trial Set +7 with +8 Trial gloves to the sell list!!! GO GO! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJd7TlZjFFs
  11. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

  12. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

    SMITE HAMMERS ++++++++++++++++
  13. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

    ride my tracktor and its yours!!
  14. Beer

    HeyYou's Tracktor Market!

    Selling Trial Gloves +8! Iron Impact +6rev! 183ap! Buying Priest Rossetta Armor +7 Boots Warrior Rossetta Armor +7 Lilme +2 Fovs +0/1/2 Warrior Pendants +0 Mino +1 Pm me with either your price or offers!
  15. Beer

    ApexKO Trailer

    love it!