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  1. Hi, i wanted to return to this server but i can't access my otp anymore because i switched my phone. Anyway i still have access to my mail and the password of the account. Would be nice if you could disable otp for at least one login so i can setup my new phone Best regards LinuxUser
  2. linuxuser

    Login not working

    Hi all, i registered yesterday for the open alpha. Sadly i'm not able to log into the game, after entering my login credentials the client just puts a message that i could check if i'm allowed to join the alpha/beta and should check my account settings for some code. Well, i tried to check my account settings but there is no point where i could check a code or register explite for the alpha. I also enabled otp. Could somebody please take a look at my account, so that i could go hunting bugs? Best regards, LinuxUser