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    Pscroll got a reaction from blackaq in LostHeaven vs DYNASTY + Kurian   
    isnt skyhunter kingpussy's lover here on forums?
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    Pscroll got a reaction from Danyphunx in Krowaz   
    spankme u got some persecution complex budy
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    Pscroll got a reaction from slionemc in WreckingCrew Kurian Apexko PK   

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    Pscroll got a reaction from Smooth in It's time to support the people behind the server   
    There will be a shit ton of flame on the gms, admins and staff behind ApexKo, for a huge mistake for listening to these people on closing the wars, changing stuff that is already balanced in the game and that.
    What i think is that this is the time to show real support for the apexko staff and not just blame them for whatever happens in the game.
    These orcs could have won the war if they wanted to, but they didn't, so they complained about the war and got the gms to close it, like humasn have done in the past, however, we learn't something new here.
    War was reopened, and this same orcs, won.
    There is some huge lack of understanding of human behaviour, ppl will always cry, and not because of that things need to be changed.
    let the game develop itself too, let it grow, and don't fuck up with it, and i don't mean the staff, i mean all they pople cry over certain changes in the game, as if they owned anything in it.
    all in all, i think this most likely looks like a boycott, by ppl with money invested in the game, who, will most likely sell their gear for cash/make profit, and quit, it's the same people that is all heated about rankings, nps, and virtual positions, about winning all the time.
    I hope the rest of us don't give up and continue cuz these people are not all the server.
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    Pscroll got a reaction from soapman06 in Attempt to Kill a Kurian!   
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    Pscroll got a reaction from Lycaons in Rogue dmg seems quite absurd.   
    lol u keep sucking black's dick
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    Pscroll got a reaction from PawnU in Attempt to Kill a Kurian!   
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    Pscroll got a reaction from soapman06 in Attempt to Kill a Kurian!   
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    Pscroll got a reaction from Int91 in restoration   
    Hi Poly, i don't think nobody is afraid of certain balance in the game, or fairness for that matter, but you have to put forward some solution to it, which is a population problem, not the balance one.
    I will tell you we are active, because we just happen to hang around, doing stuff we enjoy doing together, and people happen to stick with the group in most cases, the new ppl get helped as much as it's possible, we don't gift items, we share them, then they are given back to clan bank, we organize our loots so its the most fair for everyone as possible. That is our experience with the activeness of the human side.
    Now, two or three weeks ago, certain people from our side, did NT to orcs, and there was this very little time when humans were outnumbered, cuz, some ppl nted, and some old orc accounts came to life again, for a brief period of time.
    we were always the same, we are the same people doing daily shit to hang around spend some time together, but the orcs, they only log to pk, after that, whatever new orc is there, is left there, without any company or help.
    So you may wonder why ( apart from the lack of new content in the game, which is a real problem too) there is so few orcs on your side, the answer is there, the people on that side, need to reconsider the way they interact with each other, with new people, and stop pretending to convince more humans to nt to orcs, cuz as i have explained, there are plenty of orcs out there to outnumber us, they are greedy and selfe centred, that is the problem.
    I hope you don't see this as a mere critique of your side of the problem, but as a suggestion on what could be improved by yourself.
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    Pscroll got a reaction from MeeP in Macro Mages at Eslant and CZ   
    Hello, this is a team of mages doing their macro parties in eslant, this guy is so careless about it, he even just macroed at eslant untill lvl 80, no lvl jump lol.
    However, he and his macro mages are now killing idk what in CZ, i'm afraid they will abuse the game somehow.
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    Pscroll got a reaction from Int91 in TripyMelody / IMochaI should be banned for this.   
    I spend money on kc, that goes to the developers of the game that keep the game running.
    why would i spend money on your items, when all you do is profit for yourself?
    however, stuff is easy to achieve here, people really don't need your items, characters or anything, with 20$ u get what you need to start on your own, you are actually scamming people and specially new players.
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    Pscroll got a reaction from Int91 in TripyMelody / IMochaI should be banned for this.   
    So this is what leechers do, people who left the game when it was stuck in its low population problem, are coming back to leech some more off the people's entretainment, without even providing a better experience for them, only selling items and giving nothing in return.
    I believe, it should be a bannable offence to do these things, I do know that prohibition doesn't work most of the time, however i don't see how to get rid of these people that will just ruin the game whenever it gets better.