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  1. i support andrew, legends is a faggot (PERIOD) andrew is faggot too
  2. Pscroll

    2vs2 tbl?

    Who's Xitam?
  3. HOLYSHIT almost 5 months away and this is still an issue, damit
  4. Pscroll

    LostHeaven vs DYNASTY + Kurian

    isnt skyhunter kingpussy's lover here on forums?
  5. Pscroll


    not reading all of this, ill just say hi xD
  6. Pscroll

    willkensoon Ws Movie Player ALLaNoN

    I made a video long ago kinda vsuing you in the middle of a huge battle, u ran xD
  7. Pscroll

    Aziz - Video of a VS with M :D

    Lol why all these sins need pedals xD
  8. Back in December blackaq quit with all his clan. Bbthankx
  9. Pscroll

    Leonards / BP

    Tuke always cry when the bad boys take his candy
  10. Pscroll

    Fed up with these kurians !!

    vs me xwuin
  11. Pscroll


    spankme u got some persecution complex budy
  12. Pscroll

    Fed up with these kurians !!

    i rape blackaq anytime
  13. Pscroll

    On top of newest patch

    well, i can see how that bus problem could be tacked by just increasing by A LOT the farm spots, and not making it 100% drop bus.
  14. Pscroll

    [VS Event] Both Nations

  15. Pscroll

    some hardcore pvp

    Just a question, here, did i ever raid you Tobin? never. and the point is not really ONLY the raids, which are i suppose legal and even fun at some point, HOWEVER, What would you call, 5 sins, on stealth, killing one single player that goes back to it's farming spot, at least 10 times, before leaving cz? honestly, what would you call this? because that's what this is all about, rogues, hiding at farm spots, killing ONE player, over and over again, i haven't seen that being done by many ppl on the human side, i've been wrong before, but i haven't seen any but sins, from your clan, wrecked, and that other clan JustPlay or somethin, those are the facts, u wanna prove me wrong? do it, i've already done my part.