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  1. 2 hours ago, LostQueTamo said:

    For instance, yesterday's boss event when 2 or 3 sins gather up and try to get some drops they hardly get any drops due to the fact that they cannot use more than 1 drain. I will not insist on this subject but I am just telling you except for those 3 bosses this restriction is unfair for sins, just consider this please and thank you.

    So your entire argument is that you can't stack rogues anymore to kill bosses, which is the entire purpose of the restriction in the first place.
    Bring some other players and you'll be fine.

    Topic closed.

  2. 1 hour ago, LostQueTamo said:

    I am sorry but I do not agree with you on this. It cannot be described as unfairness when it comes to the drains. It is a skill which is crucial for sins and It shouldn't be restricted this way just because some people abuse it.

    You're arguing that it's crucial, and we're asking you when/why. I personally consider it more of a utility ability than a required part of your damage makeup. You get the most benefit out of this the more health the target has, making this ability invaluable (and dare I say, overpowered) on bosses in particular, but is it really that important outside of these cases? When and why?

  3. I suspect this particular issue was fixed by the last patch (boss 'disappearing' when allegedly pulling it, i.e. packets being received out of order so it ends up spawning it in at its new position before despawning it), but will check to be sure.

  4. 6 hours ago, Nath said:

    I do support this.
    I thought the new drain 'nerf' was restricted for those 3 bosses mentioned above (Ultima, Felankor, Isilion)

    You can't just take drain skill away from assassins, it's a very handy skill for many scenarios, even PK.
    The only reason many of us were asking this (again, just for Ultima, Felankor and Isilion) was because most of the players will log a side character just to drain, get the drop and quit CZ.

    That's the thing though: we don't take it away. We restrict it to a global 60 seconds per mob (i.e. its existing per-player cooldown).
    PK is irrelevant because this restriction does not apply there. It only applies to monsters/NPCs.

    The only reasonably plausible scenario I can come up with is regarding Juraid, with Deva Bird specifically - both sides competing for it, while only one side is allowed to get their drain off.
    But then, the victor there is still who got the last-hit, not most damage dealt so restricting drains there doesn't really make that much of a difference. In fact, it still makes it more fair as Deva Bird dies slower -- so the other side has more of a chance to get there.

  5. I see you're using Windows 7, but I'm not sure which version if Internet Explorer you're using; it may need to be updated to IE11.

    I suspect it's an issue with the certificate, which isn't normally something that happens unless you're using an outdated OS/browser. I know for a fact Windows 7 doesn't have any problems on its own, as I only personally just updated to Windows 10 (from 7) semi-recently. In my case, Internet Explorer was kept up-to-date however, so I'm thinking that's where the problem lies.

    So I'd try updating IE to 11. If it's already updated or there's no change, take a look here:


  6. Can you open up command prompt (Start or Windows key+R -> cmd.exe) and type this:

    nslookup store.apexko.com

    Copy or screenshot the result of this.

    Then try:

    nslookup store-bg.apexko.com

    Copy or screenshot the result of this.

    Paste both.

  7. Changelog

    • All region status updates will now be queued to ensure statuses are updated in the correct order.
      • This fixes unusual cases such as offline merchant stalls sometimes not visually being shown (because the stall setup was sent before the player was spawned in), and really any other variation of that type of problem.
    • Fixed a bug with offline merchants that caused the server to slow to a crawl after a while, causing the downtime earlier.
    • Updated the server-side attack delay calculation to match the current client.
      • This fixes R attacks "doing no damage" with some weapons still.
    • Blinking players are now included in party teleports.
    • Dead players are no longer included in party teleports.
    • Players can now continue to interact with NPCs after clicking on a player.

  8. This seems to be something we're not taking into account with attack delays. The delays calculated match up with earlier versions of the game, so there must be something they added which is still affecting this for some things.

    I'll track that down in the current client and see what the go is with that.

  9. Changelog

    • The Power-Up Store will no longer error with "Transaction canceled" the first time you try to recharge your Apex Points.
    • The client should no longer error with 'Script failed' when on the payment information page when recharging.