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  1. This is projectiles in general - not just arrows/archers. As far as I can tell, since the crystal is an object it's checking this first - and failing here, because it doesn't actually associate it with the crystal. It just recognises it hit an object. I'm assuming their intention was to have projectiles ultimately hit objects like walls and fail here (but why do they still register it as an actual successful hit?), but they're doing this before the NPC detection. Not normally an issue... except in cases where the game object is also an NPC, like this. If it directly associated, I'd just attach it here and we'd call it a day, but since the collision detection doesn't actually tell us *what* it collided with, just *that* it collided and *where* the collision occurred, that's not really possible. Realistically this just needs to enforce last. Doing this manually will be... not fun, to put it mildly. Contextually for single target projectiles I could easily just have the server use the original ID on cast, but this doesn't work for multi-target projectiles (arrow shower, multishot). Hmm. I may just have to patch it to flip the order unless I can find a better way of doing it.
  2. Okay, I'm pretty sure what's happening here is you're moving on the exact frame it's supposed to finish casting. This triggers a fail, but then finishes casting... so you end up with this error instead of the usual "Casting failed." error. I've just patched the client to force it to process the cast *before* movement, so in the event you cast on the same frame, the cast will go through first before the movement can reset it. That'll be in the next client patch. Thanks for your report.
  3. It was still doing this after today's restart? How long ago was this?
  4. These special spawns now show up.
  5. The other cases I've looked into similar to this all indicate that you moved & reset it. I'm aware that it doesn't show"Casting failed" in these instances; I *think* this is happening right at the very end of the cast window (as opposed to any other time prior, where it'd show "Casting failed" instead). I don't know why it does this, though.
  6. Nobody ever said this. In fact, patch notes state this: You're only intended to be able to run the quests once. This is the only quest (that I'm aware of) that didn't behave this way, because it was setup after this patch and due to an oversight was not mapped correctly. It is indeed unfortunate that some managed to abuse this, but very clearly not intended behaviour given literally nothing else works like this and we've explicitly stated otherwise. Closed.
  7. twostars

    Random DC

    The disconnection situation should be considerably improved now. Please let me know if you happen to disconnect again so I can check you out.
  8. Koxp on the character you *did* log into, shockingly enough. I'm not unbanning you. Closed.
  9. Changelog Power-Up Store refund system has been activated. For more information on using it, please see here. The collection race UI can now be minimised: Events will now only permit 1 signup per IP. Event signup UIs will now persist across zone change when already signed up. Event signup UIs will now also show the current queue count initially. Fixed a bug causing the game to close event signup UIs when the Bifrost timer isn't active. The Bifrost timer will now also correctly be closed when it's no longer active. Genie can no longer be used in event instances. Fixed a bug causing players to not be teleported back from certain areas during Castle Siege War upon destroying the crystal. War commanders will now show correctly in the notice. All quests should now apply correct credit eligibility behaviour. This should address the "random quest credit" behaviour players continued to report. Ring of Courage now correctly displays on the website for Isiloon. Website drops have been updated. These will additionally update daily now, in case we ever happen to forget to rebuild this data. Implemented <selfname> change scrolls functionality, these will be added to the Power-Up Store. Implemented teleporter in Bifrost For a small fee, you'll be able to teleport directly to your favorite farm spot. Fixed an issue with the right side gate in Castle Siege War continuously warping players back. Implemented new variations to Collection Races Rewards on all collection races were tweaked to be random (and a lot of goodies were added) 2 new farm collection race events in Ronark Land - with an invasion teleport option for high paced PvP! 1 new EXP collection race event added in Ronark Land - this is for all those that are still leveling up and dare to risk it for the biscuit in Ronark Land! As per our update post here, we've: Implemented measures to prevent players from removing objects such as walls which create an unfair playing field. This means that these modifications are no longer tolerated - those using these packs will need to reinstall. This is only aimed at OBJECTS -- you are free to modify effects ("fx") as you wish. This part of such packs will not cause issues. NOTE: Due to these changes, we will be resetting the current Delos holders shortly prior to the next Castle Siege War. Reworked the Options editor to give us room to add new options. Added a few new options to give players the option to try to improve their FPS so the game can be playable on lower-end ("potato") PCs without requiring client modifications. We may add to this in future, but due to time constraints these are the allowed equivalent modifications for now:
  10. Sounds like Paymentwall is flagging the accounts. @Aesteris will be able to help you with this.
  11. The DCs in general are something we're aware of that we still need to resolve, but shutdowns that don't trigger a crash report are something else entirely. Log should tell me why it's doing that.
  12. If you're not getting a "Disconnected" message, send me your log.klg file immediately after (before starting the client up again).
  13. Which mobs in particular? Perhaps they have high poison resistance...
  14. This is fixed now, pending a restart.
  15. Yes but if that's true, quest credit isn't being applied correctly here (unless the "other guy" is someone in your party). Credit eligibility requirements depend on the quest but most of them should be requiring last hit (or in their party) for it to count. Which is why I asked if they were in a party, and which quest (to check to see what that was considered as).
  16. @Razordagawd needs to be more specific, which quests, were you in a party, etc. The original issue fixed here occurred in Eslant when never in a party, because threat was and officially is attributed to session IDs -- so they were picking up credit when things died that someone using that session ID previously had tagged. That isn't possible anymore (threat's attached to player IDs now, which remains valid across disconnections/relogs), so it would be helpful to know what the situation was here - at least which quests in particular you were seeing.
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