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    Well Needed Suggestions

    As stated, it doesn't matter which skill is used to interrupt. The only thing that influences the rate is the skill being interrupted; it has its own individual rate that isn't impacted by anything else. In the case of group complete healing, it's a flat 20% rate (officially, as well). The behaviour you're describing is very normal and intended gameplay.
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    [INVALID] EXP bug

    That's correct.
  3. twostars

    [INVALID] EXP bug

    When rebirthed, the amount of EXP quests give is already reduced (below what it shows, because for some reason officially they've never deemed it necessary). So when you say you're receiving the same amount after rebirthing (with premium) as before you rebirthed (without premium), it's working correctly.
  4. The question was answered. Everything else is wildly off-topic. Closed.
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    NP Increase Scroll Bug

    There was one case where the server handled 'cancellation' requests that may not necessarily actually be legitimate player-induced cancellation requests. I don't know what triggers this, if anything, but as of the last restart it'll simply ignore (and log) these requests. This is the safer option for now until I determine what that's all about, though it may or may not break whatever was using it. Hopefully logs will help identify how to reproduce it (if it even ever does trigger at some point).
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    Divide armour BUG

    This report is incorrect; it seems to be a one-off. A similar issue was reported with another debuff, so something is causing the client to SOMETIMES not correctly remove debuffs. Question is what.
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    Divide armour BUG

    We thought Kurians were underperforming so we buffed Divide Armour. Seems like it's working as intended. ... but in all seriousness, will check it out.
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    NP Increase Scroll Bug

    When did this occur and on which character? As stated in razor's thread, I made sure to add logs to cover these cases but it had yet to be reported again. Edit: The last one you used expired at the correct time. Edit 2: As did the first one you used yesterday. I think the one you're referring to was one that was removed by a client request (i.e. when you click it off). That was at 8:43PM server time yesterday. This happened to your other buffs at about the same time, e.g. Armor Enchant scroll & Weapon Enchant scroll. I'm not sure why the client would do that.
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    It's being restarted for updates. Thanks for your patience.
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    Well Needed Suggestions

    The way cancellations work is that its rate is dependent on the skill it's interrupting. Each skill has its own cancellation rate (which in turn allows you to stop certain skills from being interrupted, etc). The damaging ability used to interrupt it is fairly irrelevant, unless it can hit repeatedly (e.g. arrow shower).
  11. twostars

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Which skills are we talking about in particular (that the priest is trying to cast), since the rate depends on the specific skill? Edit: It's certainly not 100%, even testing with the skills with the highest cancellation rate. I don't really think anything's changed with these, but I suspect they could also benefit from some form of diminishing returns.
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    Patch notes (11/10/2018)

    Changelog [LIVE] Cubed targets will no longer take damage from monsters or pets (including mage guard summons). Fixed a bug causing the buff icon for mage guard summons to not be removed. The Karus Sundries NPC in the Alseid's Prairie war zone will now give National Points on death, and will no longer respawn every 30 seconds. Pet owners (e.g. mage guard summons) will now be credited for their pet's player kills. Note that monster/NPC kills already credited their owner correctly. Visibility statuses will no longer cause death notices to be hidden from other players. This applies to targets being stealthed while dying, as well as those viewing the notice being blinded at the time of receiving it, etc. [UPDATE] This has been tweaked further to verify if the death notice issue still persists. Death notices will no longer potentially be sent twice when the victim was killed by someone in their party (e.g. when cursed). Player will now correctly see the deaths of monsters/NPCs/players while dead. This would previously cause them to visually bug out for the player that died/respawned. [UPDATE] Attempt to fix the bug with scrolls being cancelled early.
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    Well Needed Suggestions

    They don't though. If you're talking about skills like 'solid', I tested this and they had comparatively lesser rates. But to be sure, you can test these on live, give me a timeframe and the name of the character being stunned/slowed and I can go dig up the logs for them to verify. It's really quick to test; you don't even need to actually trigger the stun/slow. Just cast it once and I'll see the calculated rate for that skill + current related stats.
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    Well Needed Suggestions

    This should be fixed in the next restart. I'll look into it. Last patch should have fixed it, unless you haven't attempted it since. Blink has always failed in that manner. It's a client thing. As for Instantly Magic, I'm unable to see anything wrong with it. It would help if someone were to clarify what the problem they were experiencing actually is. Cast animation time issues have always been a thing that happened 'randomly' regardless. This isn't new. As much as I'd love to fix it, it comes down to just not being able to consistently reproduce it. So at the end of the day, this is just one of those bugs that will take a while to make themselves apparent -- but as with the others, I have no doubt this will happen eventually. If we can reproduce it, we can fix it. So it's just a matter of figuring out how we can get this to happen frequently enough to debug. No need. As I've repeatedly said in numerous places, we've purchased another server and we're waiting for them to provision it. Unfortunately, they're slow as hell, so all any of us can do is wait. Once we get the server we can immediately start shifting. We're not really in the habit of changing things solely because people complain about them. If we were, we would most certainly not have any players at all right now, trust *me* on this. Rates are already very low. From what I've seen so far, changing the rates wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference, short of disabling stuns/slows altogether (i.e. making them 0%). Rather, it appears people experience frustration when dealing with multiple consecutive stuns -- which isn't actually a problem of rates, but of RNG. The logs I've seen tend to show that it's working correctly: player with high resist will go a while missing pretty much everything, then occasionally be hit by 1 or 2 -- if it's 2+ in a reasonably short span, regardless of the fact every other stun over the last few (if not longer) minutes has missed, players will complain that the rates are 100%, which is entirely BS, but it does goes to show that they have no idea what they're actually complaining about. And again, I completely get it -- being incapacitated with nothing you can do about it is frustrating. Having it happen a few times in a short span even moreso. It doesn't, however, mean that the 'rate is 100% and should be reduced'. Which is why I'm thinking adding diminishing returns is the better approach here; whether it be a stacking rate modifier, or a stacking debuff duration modifier. Effectively this targets the real problem - the rate won't really change, but players won't be chain stunned in short windows (whether this should apply to slows in the same way I'm not sure, since slows you *can* do something about). Either way, I have no intention of doing things JUST because people complain about them. We've had issues in the past with certain excessively vocal minorities trying to do this kind've thing, and we're not about it at all, so at the end of the day all decisions are our own, regardless of (apparent) community support. Which isn't to say we ignore it -- on the contrary, the feedback is very much appreciated and we always take it into consideration. We just usually take a while to get things done, especially with whatever new fun issues of the week there are to deal with, so things end up getting dealt with reasonably slowly. Something I hope will change but either way, you guys know that we always get there eventually. We always do.
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    Blink Bug and TP Bug

    I believe Blink does that when it encounters unusual terrain and can't predict its next location reliably, but then again there's cases where the terrain's been reasonably flat. Not sure what causes it, but it's definitely an official client bug. Skill cast speeds being slow/fast is essentially the biggest problem we have right now, second only to the lag issues at our current provider. It's been a thing since as long as we can remember and we've still been unable to consistently reproduce it enough to debug it, but as with all of our other long-standing bugs I'm positive it will eventually be fixed. All it takes is for us to be able to reasonably consistently reproduce it. If we can do that, I can monitor why it's breaking and fix it.
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    Well Needed Suggestions

    The posts you're referring to are usually just like your one, which only serve to antagonise, not help. They're not productive in any way. Ordinarily I would have deleted this post as well so consider this a warning. Then there are others still have come up before and have been responded to in some fashion; I'm not going to respond to every single one of them. As far as 'ignoring' the rest of the points made, all I can really personally say is that we do have plans to deal with most of that stuff once the server stabilises. Beyond that I felt there wasn't a whole lot I can really contribute to the thread, so it didn't feel worth responding to it all. I will try though. Events in general we have plans for, Ultima (and drains) I responded to in another thread regarding possibly putting a cooldown on the drained mob to prevent further drains for all players for a time. Stun/slow rates are something talked about all over the place and we're specifically analysing this week (to see the exact situations people are complaining about). As far as those go, honestly they look fine - the couple of complaints that have given us a timeframe to see what they were referring to don't really show anything abnormal, typically like 2 consecutive stun hits amongst many, many, misses, with reasonably low rates (moreso when using resistances). It's a little early to say for sure, but I find it likely people mostly just have issues with the occasional consecutive stuns, which is where I feel implementing some form of short diminishing returns would help. As a whole, stun/slow rates look fine so far though - nothing really has an obnoxious rate or is being able to be spammed to force enough attempts to cause a problem. There was, however, an issue reported with the slow debuff getting stuck in the client. While I doubt this was the case for others (not the case for the couple of checked reports at least), it doesn't really help things either. So I'll be looking into what caused that to not be removed correctly in the client. " I can also say that level 18 solid skill has a stupid slow rate too. It practically works 100% of the time." On that note: this statement is purely anecdotal. There's nothing wrong with the skill. I'd be interested in seeing your resistances, but even without any resistances the rate should be somewhere around 30%. RNG is RNG though, so naturally there's nothing stopping it from hitting multiple times in a row if it truly wants to. We do have plans for Kurians in particular to be reworked. As far as mage damage (and resistances) goes, from memory that always matched official data but I'll verify resistances are still affecting damage correctly. I am aware players have been abusing some things with archers that we've yet to perfectly fix, so I will be looking at trying to perfect that logic when I get the chance. Nation Transfers are a fickle thing. Restrict it too much, things get unbalanced and GMs get called upon to try to correct. Reduce it to allow people to self-correct and people will abuse it. Perhaps some sort've penalisation system for clans that do this would be a better approach, though that is also fairly difficult to enforce. Not much I can really say here; regardless of what we do, there will always be problems. With regards to blue pots, I thought we used them; I recall adding support in their scripts, so I'm not sure what the go is there. Aesteris probably knows what's up with that. This is something that keeps being stated but I also haven't been able to fault it either. It should be the same. I think I'll have to add extra logs for these too, so I can see if anything looks off.
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    player defeat player bug

    I'm hopeful the next patch will fix this.
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    Thanks for the report. I'll get right on banning us.
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    player defeat player bug

    The reason I asked was because I was curious if they were being inadvertently ignored with the ignore list, since it appears to happen 'randomly'. Having a name allows me to check that. Also, 'see nothing at all just moradon chat or something 0 kills even if u die or kill someone' -- what? What I know of this bug: - It doesn't occur all the time. - It's been observed in CZ. - NP is correctly awarded, hence all associated death behaviour is being run & the notice is being sent to the client. - It's not possible to simply 'lose' packets (and if this were to happen, you would simply disconnect because of the way packet encryption works), which means that the client has to be receiving the death notice but not showing it. - I cannot reproduce it at all, which means I'm missing some very important detail. Hence asking about the ignore list. Interaction with the ignore list is the only thing that really makes sense in this context.
  20. twostars

    Ultima Time Mayhem Crazyness (Drainer Issue)

    The problem with disabling them entirely is that it then gives the skill no purpose, so I don't think this is an ideal solution to this problem. Rather, I'm considering doing something like enforcing what it says on the tooltip ('can only use once every 60 seconds') on a per-mob basis (i.e. one drain allowed on this monster from anyone every [for example] minute), rather than on a player basis, allowing the use of drains but greatly limiting their use. That still gives drains value (it is still a lot of HP they're chunking them for) but prevents players from going overboard with it. Not sure if we will do that, but it's an idea.
  21. twostars

    player defeat player bug

    Did this happen on IAmJohnWick or another character?
  22. twostars

    NPC Sundries is bugged in Lunar War

    This has been fixed for the next restart.
  23. twostars

    Staff Skill

    If you can give me a timeframe and a character name from any incident you believe to be abnormal starting from yesterday and I can investigate.
  24. twostars

    something wrong with server

    This was likely items expiring, something which was fixed a few of days ago.