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    Patch notes (03/11/2018)

    Changelog Monthly ladder ranking rewards will, in future, last 5 days (up from the first 3 of the month). This now matches the (previously inaccurate) ingame item description. You will be able to redeem this voucher anytime up to the 5th last day of the month. This is not applicable to rewards from previous months; we always intended, advertised and explained the reward to last the first 3 days of the month. Selling merchants can no longer list for more than they can store. Note that any losses due to this will not be refunded. Fixed a bug with NPC/monster spawns breaking in high traffic areas (mostly Ronark Land). [Hotfix] Fixed Holy Animor(+13)'s effective stats being slightly higher than +14. The tooltip will be updated in a future client patch.
  2. twostars

    Halloween Event

    No problem. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  3. twostars

    Kurian's AP/Skill bugged?

    You said same AP and same items; it was the same weapon also, right? Which weapon was it?
  4. twostars

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    The Undying scrolls also give them the extra oomph with Devil Transformation as the absorb shield is based on their health pool, after all. So they're not actually left out.
  5. twostars

    Patch notes (01/11/2018)

    Changelog Implemented Bad Luck protection for Darkness Weapon vouchers from [Halloween Chests]. Every chest you exchange will increase your chances of obtaining a Darkness Weapon voucher until it's guaranteed, so it's not left completely to luck if you'll get one (it will just dictate when, not "if"). Increased the expiration time on several items obtained from [Halloween Chests] to 24 hours. Removed [Blessed Upgrade Scrolls] and [Reverse Item Strengthen Scrolls] from the [Halloween Chests] (slightly increasing some of the other drop rates to compensate). [Update] Darkness Mace's anti-heal effect now deals 1:1 damage to healing (up from half the healing amount).
  6. twostars

    Otp disable

    This was handled in a PM.
  7. twostars

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    No, see, you're comparing apples to oranges here: it's implemented how it was in earlier versions of USKO, with some assorted minor buffs & nerfs over time irrelevant to your concern here. You're saying that they have less stamina than official (which is true, in USKO now -- not at the time we implemented this), but at the same time ALL of its skills were designed for the stamina they do have now. It wasn't *just* a stamina pool increase, its skill requirements changed too, so yes, you have more stamina on official servers as of right now. But they also adjusted stamina requirements for skills, so it's really not as bad as you make it out to be. We do plan to update these to the current official implementation at some point, but bear in mind as it is right now on ApexKO, it was officially designed for these lower amounts. Higher pool, higher costs, etc. It isn't the be all and end all of the class. Rogues complain about something similar: not having the Duration Item (well, we do now for this event, anyway), so their burst with Critical Point skill doesn't remotely compare to official. Except here, they get a higher Critical Point rate in the shorter timeframe they have it available than official, to compensate. As you can see, comparing apples to oranges isn't really the best way of making an argument.
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    Patch notes (31/10/2018)

    Changelog For the next few days, you will obtain more [Toffee Apples] from killing Halloween invaders. They will also now despawn after inactivity, so kill them while you can! Rebirthing will no longer reset daily/weekly/monthly quests. Kurian's "Rush" ability no longer resets following spies. Typically, movement abilities/teleports reset them to ensure a fair playing field, but as this is used in combat (and primarily on enemy targets), there's no real reason for this to be considered the same as Blink, Descent, etc. Fixed a server crash.
  9. twostars

    Jack o lantern transformation scroll

    They were specifically allowed as of the last restart/patch. It'll look a bit funky with them throwing the arrows, but it is what it is. It was never designed to be used like that, which is why they didn't allow it.
  10. twostars

    Boss war bugged

    Boss war was fixed in the last restart. Thanks.
  11. twostars

    Event for all maybe

    Neither of these people got them from this year's event. They were lingering items from the previous event that weren't deleted. This was fixed already, and from today onwards all of the weapons obtained via these should have naturally expired. And even then it was like, 2 each. This is really off-topic at this point, but the event will last a while yet. There's still plenty of time to get yours. In the meantime, you can make use of all of the other useful items that were introduced: Undying scrolls, Duration Extenders, etc. It's not just the Darkness weapons!
  12. twostars

    Event for all maybe

    It's not about the damage. It's about how many targets you can tag. Everything drops the same amount of Toffee Apples REGARDLESS of damage, as long as you are in its threat table. If any party member has tagged it, you will be in its threat table. So if you want to tag more, join a party. Regarding the differing amounts themselves, the individual mobs drop a different amount: you get more for killing Giga Hammers (10) than Cuff Binders (3). This is likely what you were seeing. This has nothing to do with damage contribution. They're flat amounts given to everyone who tags it. I don't know what else you really want me to say or do about it. At the end of the day, both amounts are over what we originally designed it to reward, because we wanted people to have fun and not feel like they're grinding. We went overboard on that side of things, so realistically speaking even *not* tagging everything, you're still getting way more than we originally intended. For future events, there are many improvements we want to make. For example: finding a way of utilising the quest system for currencies, so there's no need for physical items wasting bag space. For these cases it may even be that we rework how rewards are given out. If a consistent amount is rewarded to everyone for participating in completing a wave, for example, rather than from each individual mob they've tagged. To address, these things require major technical reworkings which simply won't be possible right now. With *this* particular event, though, I think we've been overly generous enough -- it's fine for now, IMO. You may feel like you're getting less, but like I said -- the easiest solution is to just join a party. And even getting less, you're still receiving more than we intended on a daily basis, to (vastly over)compensate for any shortcomings and feelings of grinding for what should be a fun event. So I think it's fine this time.
  13. twostars

    Ultma Event About

    I don't think there's really a problem. People just need to realise that what they've been doing for months and months was extremely abusive, not healthy for the game whatsoever and not going to return. Once they realise that, they'll either move onto another server or get over it, suck it up and spend a little time killing them with other players/classes. As opposed to, y'know, full groups of rogues. As of right now, I don't see any problem with the bosses "not being able to be killed". It's more of a problem of "we can't abuse this anymore to snipe bosses with drains [so we'll complain about it and stop bothering]". Once those complaints die down, we can reevaluate, but for now that's all I'm seeing and we're not budging on our stance for that. So the best solution right now, IMO, is to just wait it out and let people realise we're not bringing that back. It may or may not be tweaked slightly (perhaps reducing its internal cooldown a little -- which won't won't really affect complaints), but at its essence this behaviour is not healthy for the game so it will not be returning. If, after that we do need to adjust scaling on them or something, we're more than happy to do that. But having people purposefully only login to spam drains to kill these bosses quickly and snipe the loot is just silly. No 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts' about it.
  14. twostars

    I have lost my Gab adam +8

    I don't need an exact date, just an estimation. Did it happen within the last 3 months? Did it happen at the start of the year? Surely you can answer that, at least? The only case I can see (with the +5 reverse piece) was back in late January, and it didn't really go down as you described. You mailed it, then mailed it to someone else (FrancescoTotti10) shortly after opening it. This was all done from the same PC. If that's what we're talking about, then no restoration is possible. Edit: Was looking into chat logs to try and establish a timeframe, as you said you talked to Sierra and some other GMs in-game. I'm assuming you didn't PM Sierra as there's no record of such, but I also can't find anything of relevance in general chat either. You never PM'd me on the forums, but I suppose I can see if you were misremembering and you PM'd Sierra on the forums or something instead. Edit 2: Nope. Nothing relevant there. Realistically speaking, unless you can be more specific in when you're talking about (as the only thing I can see this ENTIRE year, is from January -- and that is not being restored), it's likely nothing will be done at this point. Restoration cases should always go through an admin; myself or Aesteris, which didn't happen. Generalising it down to all letters sent from your account containing Gab's Adamants of all kinds, there is only 1 hit recently (in September) where you mailed a regular +7 to themageslayer. The next hit, is back in January, and it doesn't really match up with what you stated at all. So I suspect there's no issue here and thus no restoration is needed.
  15. twostars

    Event for all maybe

    If I'm not mistaken, that's how it's supposed to work right now. If you're reasonably close (i.e. not sitting in the base while they do all the work), all party members should be tagged for threat with anything they get in combat with, giving them all the same quest credit / toffee apples. OP specifically stated they weren't in a party. I don't really have any suggestions here other than to join a party? You don't have to kill stuff, just tag it, so damage/"solo'ing things" isn't really important.
  16. twostars

    I have lost my Gab adam +8

    If you're referring to the end of January this year, which is the only time I see this happening, then: 2018-01-30 21:26:09: You sent the item from Hoooligan to BigDango via letter. 2018-01-31 14:21:27: BigDango opened the letter & took the item. 2018-01-31 14:21:50: BigDango mailed the item to FrancescoTotti10. If not, then you'll have to be a little more clear on your timeframe, which I suspect was the reason this wasn't dealt with sooner.
  17. twostars

    Undy Sc failed!

    As of this restart they now more intuitively only target yourself, so this isn't an issue anymore.
  18. twostars

    Patch notes (30/10/2018)

    Changelog Tweaked the pacing of the Halloween invasions. These will now spawn more frequently spaced out over more waves so that it can flow better. The basic "Archery" skill (i.e. R attacks with a bow) can now be used on event monsters (e.g. Pumpkin Lanterns), but only at close range. This means archers will no longer need to unequip their bow in order to attack these event monsters, while keeping things relatively fair with the other classes (as they all require R attacks at melee range). Note that these will still do the same amount of damage to event monsters as R attacks (20). Boss events can now stack. This fixes an issue with existing boss events not being run correctly with the Halloween invasions active. This also fixes an issue with boss NP events being wrongfully saved for restarts. Pumpkin Lanterns in Ronark Land will now spawn more randomly to further help alleviate issues with clients freezing when loading them in. Resolved a rare server crash we've experienced for a while (usually months apart). Fixing it required tweaking certain access logic, so changes technically affected quite a large portion of the codebase. If we see any stability issues as a result of this, they should be resolved fairly quickly. Halloween Transformations now allow the use of bows. That said, the model would rather throw the arrow, but hey - it's functional enough. [HP Scroll 60%] (Undying scrolls) can no longer be used on party members. This unintuitive behaviour was responsible for many confused reports claiming the skill didn't work, because it was failing when unintentionally using it on a party member who had a HP scroll on already. We believe there's no real reason this scroll should work any different to the others that can only be used on yourself; all it does is it causes unnecessary confusion.
  19. twostars

    Undy Sc failed!

    The scroll has the interesting benefit of being able to be used on other party members, that's why it does that. Originally it would fail entirely when a party member who wasn't visible on-screen was targeted, but I fixed that at least. Not sure if I'll tweak it to behave like regular scrolls and just be usable on yourself. After all, this is the behaviour most people expect from these scrolls, and as with your case, it's not obvious what the problem is. For example, in your case, it's because they already had an applicable buff on them -- which you couldn't have known for sure without asking them. Not that you were intentionally trying to use it on them in the first place!
  20. twostars

    Jack o lantern transformation scroll

    It appears the client only explicitly allows archery-based skills from a handful of models, which I believe all have their own bow included in their model. Ignoring this for testing has the fun effect of the model throwing each arrow at their target. I suspect unless there's no other way of approaching this, I might just have to resort to this.
  21. twostars

    Jack o lantern transformation scroll

    I'll look into it.
  22. twostars

    ItzMDMA/LauraWells/ESPANYONLEEEEEE Big Problem!

    "But it looks like I'm going to have to report Emre on facebook with my whole family, including the familly of my father's girlfriend, to have no more trouble with this boy. This boy has bothered me so much, even though I have been ignoring him for months." Why would you not just do that from the start? As insane as all of this is, I find it very hard to sympathise with you when you yourself do the exact same thing to others. Closed.
  23. twostars

    Patch notes (26/10/2018)

    Changelog Implemented the 2018 Halloween event (click here for more information). Note: Halloween items from last year will be removed on login. The "Capture the Classified Document" quest will no longer send these to your mail when your inventory is full. Existing quest items will be removed. Monsters/NPCs that drop nothing will no longer bother to show a chest. Fixed a bug causing the server to deadlock. [HOTFIX] Pumpkin Lantern hunt quest is now auto-accepted when killing a Pumpkin Lantern. [HOTFIX] Undying Scrolls now last an hour, as stated.
  24. twostars

    Halloween Event 2018!

    Hey guys, It's that spooky time of year, so by bringing back community favourites and introducing content that the community has been requesting, we hope you too will enjoy this year's new and improved Halloween Event! When you enter Ronark Land, you'll find [Jack O Lantern] welcoming you in your base. He'll offer you various quests which you may undertake, ranging from things like hunting Pumpkin Lanterns to finding and Trick or Treating with the [Costumed Citizens] around Ronark Land. Each of these quests (and many of the new residents of Ronark Land) will award you with [Toffee Apples]. You can exchange these at [Jack O Lantern] for a variety of items. You can use these to buy items such as the long-awaited [Duration Extender] or [HP scroll (60%)] (Undying scroll). Or perhaps use these to purchase a [Halloween Chest] where you have a chance to obtain Darkness weapons, Lunar Tattoos, or an assortment of other goodies similar to last year's chest. Note that the [Halloween Chest] can drop the other purchasable goodies (Red/Blue potions, HP scroll [60%], Duration Extender, etc). When you find a [Costumed Citizen], be sure to stop and say hello. They may just "Treat" you to some [Toffee Apples]. Be careful though, some may "Trick" you! Be sure to dress up for the occasion (wear a Halloween mask!) and they'll be sure to give you more. Group up with friends so that everyone can share the rewards! Throughout the Halloween event, invaders will periodically break through into our world and try to take over the Ronark Land bowl. Put a stop to them and earn a ton of [Toffee Apples] in the process! Ronark Land has also been overrun with Pumpkin Lanterns. In their travels, it seems they've picked up a lot of [Toffee Apples] that you'll be able to make your own once you deal with this frightful gardening concern. While the Halloween event is active, you'll also receive [Enemy Corpses] when killing players in Ronark Land. These can be turned in to [Jack O Lantern] so that he can help their souls to cross over -- and give you a daily reward for doing so. Just because the world is being invaded with those from another world doesn't mean we should be slacking when it comes to dealing with our world's threats. Complete the Juraid Mountain, Border Defense War, Chaos Dungeon, Forgotten Temple and Under the Castle events during the Halloween event for tokens that [Jack O Lantern] will exchange for more [Toffee Apples]. This year's Halloween event will run for a few weeks (to compensate for being a *little* bit late), so there's plenty of time (and activities!) to obtain the loot you want - even for those playing more casually, the quick & easy daily quests will net you at LEAST a guaranteed [Halloween Chest] a day. You'll be farming even more than that while actually doing these quest activities. Also note that if you forget to pick up one of [Jack O Lantern's] quests, it'll be picked up automatically when you make progress towards it. So nobody misses out! We hope you have as much fun with this event as we had putting it together for you guys. Have a happy (and SAFE!) Halloween.
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    BattleCry human side

    Strictly speaking, this isn't true. It's always "this side" or "that side" or "this class" or "that class" that allegedly suffers from cast animation speed issues. The truth of the matter is, it happens to everyone with skills that cast equally. This issue is inconsistent as all hell and affects USKO, so while it's huge on our priority list (and we're very, very aware of it), until I get lucky and find a way of reproducing it more consistently to the point where I can debug it, or mgame fixes it themselves, it'll continue to be a thing. We have a good track record of resolving issues that have plagued the server for a while (which usually happens when we find some new info that helps us to consistently reproduce it), so I don't doubt it'll be resolved eventually. We don't really need yet another misleading thread on it though, so I'll close this one.