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    Ally and Clan Bug Fixed Please

    Closing this as it was fixed.
  2. twostars

    Ally and Clan Bug Fixed Please

    Can't join an alliance or the royal clan's cape won't be assigned to them? The latter will be fixed after the next restart.
  3. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    I mean... hell yeah they are! Yeah, we've known of the issue for a while but only vaguely in terms of the cape simply 'reverting at random', which we could never reproduce. Hate that it took this long to get on top of it, but better late than never, right? Thanks. I think that's where the mix-up is then; here, accredited clans are assumed they'll get/use their own capes & colours. Rather, it should just be the alliance's base cape regardless & their own colouring (the latter of which should already be fine, by the looks of it). I've tweaked that for the next restart. Thanks.
  4. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    Mind giving me a quick rundown of how capes in general work on USKO at the moment? I feel like the issue here's something subtle (like possibly accidentally overriding accredited clans' capes because they're assigned basic capes?), because as far as I can tell this is how it's implemented already. But it's been a while since we implemented this stuff, so I don't quite recall how that particular system is intended to work. It'd be much appreciated, thanks. Edit: Also, how's priest cancelling feeling at the moment? I believe the main reason for this being so high was fixed already, so I'm not sure if that particular issue still applies.
  5. twostars

    Bugs after patch

    We can't reproduce the stealth issue. Is there anything more to that?
  6. twostars

    Bugs after patch

    This isn't a new issue; this is actually a design flaw that's existed since these skills did. The reason this happened is because Forgotten Temple, like Moradon, is a neutral zone. A warrior of the opposite nation in your party used Battle Cry, and at the moment (and officially) it works such that Cry Echo requires a specific skill ID (which differs depending on nation & class) for you to use it. Since they're from a different nation... neither the client [aka mgame] nor the server [aka us] consider you to have it active. This is entirely a design flaw with their skills. I'll look into hackily fixing that behaviour. Edit: Fixed this, pending the next restart. Will look into the stealth issue.
  7. twostars

    Melee passion

    The problem here was actually just a bug caused by us when fixing the range to match the client. The AoE radius ended up being somewhat larger than it was configured for (and is official). This is fixed now, sorry for all the trouble. :-)
  8. This doesn't always happen. Something seems to trip it setting the main chat as focused edit control, I think.The question is what.
  9. Alright, for this stuff, DirectInput applies. DirectInput, unlike regular windows messages, has separate scancodes for enter & numpad enter. In the old client source at least, I'm seeing some UIs handle both and others just handle the regular enter key. I'm assuming this inconsistent behaviour is causing some things to not be handled correctly. There is, however, a huge amount that would need to check for it so it's probably better it's handled a little more generically.Probably most viable to go all the way up the chain and just say it's always the regular enter key in place of num pad enter. I don't see any reason for any UI logic to require num pad's enter specifically. This was fixed.
  10. twostars

    "Tab" doesn't work in the letter menu

    This works fine now. I assume mgame fixed it at some point.
  11. This is odd. I was inclined to say it's just the UI losing focus, but behaviour seems to vary depending on how you go about, for instance, changing zones (or well, areas in a zone). I noticed that when I'm using num pad enter to "OK" the zone change:1. No matter how many times I press num pad enter again, it won't re-enter the UI. 2. If I press regular enter a *couple* of times (once to regain focus?), it will fix itself. When I use enter OR the mouse to "OK" the zone change:1. Num pad enter works fine. 2. Regular enter works fine also. I need to look into how their logic works for that.
  12. twostars

    Melee passion

    This is mentioned a lot in this thread, so I'd like to clarify what our intentions are here. Essentially, we want to keep things behaving as closely to USKO as possible, unless there's a good reason why they shouldn't. There's a great number of things we've strayed from accurate behaviour for which have only improved things. USKO is a buggy mess. Obviously ApexKO has its issues (which we're cutting down on every day), but for the most part I that feel the server's in a much better state than official. So basically, like USKO, but better. That's the plan. Anyway, with regards to the actual issue at hand, you've all provided some useful insight and your own perspectives on it -- whether you agree that it should be changed or not. And we appreciate that. That's what this thread is for; getting the community's insight on the issues that affect you. The general consensus really is that it should be changed, and well, as Aesteris mentioned earlier, this is something we agree with, so we'll be making changes to it and determining what works and what doesn't. To those arguing against it: as Manhattan mentioned, it's really not that big of a deal to revert if things go sideways. We obviously don't intend to make the class unplayable, or anything of the sort. So we appreciate you sticking around while we work on tweaking it. Again, we appreciate all of your feedback (good and bad) & support. Thanks.
  13. twostars

    0 Fade time when coming out of stealth again.

    This should be fixed on the next restart.
  14. twostars

    X Chat sometimes resets to normal chat.

    Is this still an issue?
  15. twostars

    Party Bug

    This is no longer an issue. The name takes a couple of seconds to return; so it's entirely a client thing that mgame have fixed somewhere along the line.
  16. twostars

    Melee passion

    My personal opinion on AoE skills in general is that they shouldn't deal as much damage (per person) as your single-target option (which I believe is the case here); their usefulness relies on hitting multiple targets. It shouldn't be as viable for single-target as it is for multiple targets; you want to be able to say well I'm using skill X because it's more beneficial in this specific situation. Not "this skill is good for literally every situation so I should use it always"; there's no fun in that. I'm personally not overly familiar with warriors' toolkit and the general damages of their skills (it's not really my thing), but if that's what's happening here things could use a little tuning. Not to the point of nerfing the class, but just ensuring damages better reflect how they're used so you have options, while generally being penalised for poor situational use. Regarding the change to this skill: fixing the range was vital to the use of this skill. There's no question of that; we won't be reverting that, because it was broken before (to the point of not really being able to use it). So I fully stand by fixing it so the skill's usable -- and its new range (the official range) really isn't that large, either. It really just comes down to the skill's damage output, which had not been touched. In general, we dislike straying from official behaviour unless there's a very good reason, so skill accuracy (which this is; it's accurate as it is right now) is something we prefer not to compromise on. However, this thread is aimed at debating whether or not it is indeed in need of adjusting for such a reason (and what that reason really boils down to). It's been suggested in the shoutbox that it doesn't really work here because player HP is different to official because we're lacking whatever current armour they're using now. Whether or not this is correct, I'm not personally sure of, but I figured it was worth mentioning.
  17. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    Regarding the alliance issue, is this still a thing? When have you last experienced it?
  18. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    Thanks for that. I hate my luck; still couldn't reproduce it without alt+tabbing, but using that knowledge I was able to forcibly reproduce very similar crashes locally & committed some changes that should (and do, locally) address this. I can't be sure that it resolves these specific crashes you're experiencing without actually being able to consistently reproduce it myself, so the best we can do is see how it goes after the next restart. Thanks again for the input on it. It really helps. Edit: May make some test changes to the client to see if I can prevent it from happening on the live server, since I can at least *occasionally* reproduce it there (via alt+tabbing, although it's probably just coincidence at this point). Hopefully that should give me an idea of whether or not the server changes will be of any help regarding the issue experienced in this thread. Edit 2: Alright, since it's fairly RNG (but it usually takes 5 or so attempts for me to trigger it), I gave it up to 10 attempts with my test client patch (server solution is a lot better, but for testing purposes!) on live. Couldn't reproduce it. Disabled it again, same session -- hadn't even logged out. Triggered it on the very next attempt (woo RNG!). Triggered it again about as consistently as normal after that. So with that in mind I'm reasonably confident that it'll be resolved on the next restart (hopefully without introducing any unexpected side-effects...).
  19. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    Alright, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks. This - in all likelihood - means it's an official bug with the client. Probably related to not being able to recreate a context on window loss while loading and still trying to use the old context. Ugh.
  20. twostars

    Flying skills can't hit Center Artifact in CSW

    Not necessarily true, at least now. They're just really inconsistent.
  21. twostars

    Invisible Bug

    Has this issue been observed recently?
  22. twostars

    0 Fade time when coming out of stealth again.

    Marking this as "works as intended", however I may toy around with trying to bring back the aforementioned behaviour by fully removing them after waiting for the duration of the fade effect. May get a little messy though, and I don't particularly want to bring in any new unexpected bugs with this system but we'll see.
  23. twostars

    NP Symbols overlapping

    Not that any of this is official behaviour to begin with, since mgame require a server restart for this, but the issue is as fixed as it can be within the constraints of what we can actually do with the client.Symbols should update visually for *other* players (although if they're nearby when rankings reset, they may need to leave/re-enter their region -- or just /town) to see the updated symbols. Sadly, nothing we can do about updating the symbol on the player's own head -- that'll still require relogging. It may be something we can come back to in the future, but I somewhat doubt it. For the most part, with these fixes in place this issue becomes pretty much resolved.
  24. twostars

    Labyrinth at Bifrost

    2nd half of this, I believe, has been fixed for a very long time. As for the purple effect, I'm not entirely sure if we got around to logging that.. I don't remember so, anyway.
  25. twostars

    Chaos Event

    Ah. Excellent, that's one less thing to deal with. Thanks!