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    Are you banned from something? Assuming your character name is Rofen, your game account doesn't appear to be banned or muted, so I'm unclear on what the problem is. :/
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    If this is related to the damage bug, then bans were only temporary while we investigated the characters experiencing it. It's all sorted now and those temp bans were lifted.
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    Clan Assistant Bug

    Should be fixed. Thanks for your patience.
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    Lag? Disconnections??

    Hey guys, Once again, been a while since our last major status update. Since, we've updated the client, implemented the Castellan dungeon and rewritten the King system. I'm not going to reiterate what I've said there, but the remainder for the most part still needs to be done. More on that in a bit. We're also now trialling our new Turkish GM Eos as we've been lacking a staff member who can support our Turkish playerbase. Please give him a warm welcome. But the lag though~ Firstly though, I want to talk about the lag and disconnections that have started happening recently. This has been an issue for some for a while longer, but was made noticeable when we started being more strict about how much players were allowed to lag before we kick them (otherwise we end up with issues such as players appearing to be cheating because they're lagging behind). This lag has been a recurring issue we've experienced with our provider, HyperFilter. Each time they've gone away and eventually dealt with it (after back and forthing with them trying to stress that it is indeed an issue). It's something we're aware of and we're always dealing with, although it may not seem like it. At this point, we think they're rather overrated and terrible value for money, so we've decided to switch providers. This switch also means upgrading hardware, because it's been 4 years since we started with HyperFilter -- 4 years technology wise is a huge gap. At this point, the newer hardware is cheaper than what we're currently paying for our much older hardware (RIP. We should really consider upgrading more regularly). Additionally, their DDoS mitigation scales much better than HyperFilter's ever did, meaning in future, if need be we have the option at our disposal. Location wise, it will still be hosted in Amsterdam. Regular latency should be much the same; HyperFilter's own latency issues aside, players all over the world in general haven't been too severely impacted by its location (obviously there are exceptions, but in general it's been a great choice). In addition to this, we're excited to try out a beta service our new provider offers which attempts to reduce latency for game services in a manner similar to how services like WTFast work (just from their end). We're very hopeful this will further help players with latency issues, although we have no other real info on this right now (we're still looking into getting it hooked up to give it a try). We've been setting these up all week, and will most likely be fully switching things over on Monday. As there's a lot of data to migrate we'll probably have a 12 hour downtime, though the exact time will still be figured out. Alongside the move, we're looking at addressing some other longstanding issues players have experienced. We'll be dropping CloudFlare. As great as CloudFlare is at caching content, players have consistently had issues connecting to certain nodes causing page timeouts that we can't do anything about. If you've PM'd me about this -- this is why I (probably) haven't responded. Once we drop CloudFlare, these timeouts should disappear and the site should be consistently usable again. Unfortunately this also means screwing with our SSL certificate; we'll have a new one, so browsers may briefly have issues with this change. Fingers crossed for the best though. We've also updated caching. This has caused some odd issues with the website, particularly with identifying recent emails. On a similar note, we're no longer serving our own emails; this is now being offloaded to SendGrid. For those that don't receive their emails or take a while to receive them, this should help out a lot. This change has already been made to the forums, so emails should be working much better here right now. Finally, we've made some general backend updates to the website, and the webserver happens to have a lot more resources to work with now. This speeds things up noticeably. The general functionality & design of the website remains the same. When we switch things over to the new provider, these changes should all be pretty noticeable. Regarding the game itself, we've also decided to update the compiler considerably. This wouldn't normally be worth mentioning if we didn't rely on several language features that have been changed/improved. One specific example is our random number generation. There's been a lot of concerns with this (particularly in regards to it giving recurring results), but it's very hard to find fault in RNG; rate tests have given us reasonably accurate results, so my general response to this is always "RNG is RNG". I also want to trial a different approach for this; this will probably be done before we migrate, just to see if there's any noticeable difference in recurring results. Additionally, in the compiler we were using, it's been reported that it does not know how to optimise 'lambdas' well. As our code relies a lot on lambdas (really, a lot), we should see a lot of our code that's run a lot (e.g. sending data to players in nearby regions) get sped up. Exciting for us, anyway. Fingers crossed for these performance improvements come Monday! That's great and all... but I heard there was going to be a new expansion? And where's my UTC?? Yes. There's a new expansion in the works, and UTC is part of it. It really isn't too far away. Actually, we hoped to release the expansion at the same time as the move, but since I insisted on updating software (and updating/fixing everything that uses it) and generally improving the infrastructure, the migration ate up a lot more time than we anticipated. Whoops. I don't have a date for it, but considering we originally hoped it'd be released this weekend, it shouldn't be too far away. So once that's released, what's next? We still want to continue making progress with our client source project. The plan is to get back to focusing on that after the UTC expansion is sorted, as that is our long-term goal. Additionally, as in the last major status update, we still want to contract a developer/designer for a new website. As-is, the website is clunky and doesn't offer everything we'd like it to. It also doesn't make a great first impression, and unfortunately that's rather important in attracting new players (aesthetics was never our strong suit D:). Until next time!
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    Words filtering, WTF?

    Ask mgame; it's their doing. "AFK" gets censored because of "fk". It's really lazy.
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    Closing as this was dealt with via PM.
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    Closing as this was dealt with via PM.
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    Account ID PASSWORD

    This has been dealt with.
  9. Update (12/11/2017): Deletions now cost 1bil coins (10GBs). This isn't reflected in the guide, but the NPC will prompt for this so be aware. As of patch 2.129, you are now able to delete your character once again (mgame removed the option with their UTC UIs). To do so, talk to the [Character Deletion] NPC in Moradon. They can be found standing next to the inn hostesses at 868,643 and 762,642. As the NPC tells you, you should first: 1. Remove the character from their clan and 2. Remove any items and coins that they may have. Note that if your character is the King, it cannot be deleted. Additionally, you are not allowed to delete banned characters. Once you've done that, you can press "Delete a character" to proceed. Select the character you wish to delete from the list and press "Confirm". Note that you cannot select the character you're currently logged in as. Input your seal password here. If you've forgotten it, you can have it resent to your e-mail address via the website. You will be given a [Cypher Ring], similar to the one given when sealing a character. Unlike the regular [Cypher Ring], it can be deleted but not traded. You'll also note that it has an expiration time on it (7 days from the time you received it); once this time expires, the character will be permanently deleted. If you delete this ring, you can still buy it back from [Grand Merchant Kaishan] in Moradon. You can do so until the expiry time listed on the ring at no cost. The character will only be permanently deleted once it expires. Note that unlike other items, the [Cypher Ring] will not be pushed out of the repurchase list as you delete / sell items. It will remain in the repurchase list until it expires. If you change your mind and wish to restore this character before the 7 days has elapsed, you can do so using the [Cypher Ring] via the character unsealing feature available at any inn hostess.
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    Can you provide character names for this so I can take a look? We're aware of a DC issue, which is something we hope to have fixed in the next patch, but the lag leading up to it is something new (unless it was simply not mentioned).
  11. Players going AFK in events are a huge issue right now. They tend to sabotage the events for everyone involved, and as such it's our highest priority to address this. There's a few ways we've considered going about this issue. I want to put forth some of the things we've discussed, and open up some discussion on how you guys feel about them. Some input / feedback on these would be great. As a knee-jerk response, our initial thought went straight to detecting and kicking (or not rewarding) those not participating. The downside with this, however, is that there's never going to be a perfect way to detect them -- and the events are still sabotaged for as long as people still continue to attempt it. It may deter people from doing it if they're gaining nothing from it, but as said, if it does happen, the events are still ruined. Regardless, Aesteris was working on something like that for the time being. Our next line of thought went straight to deterring people from doing it in the first place, which meant introducing some sort of requirements for events, or penalties for doing it (e.g. not being allowed back in an event for x time). Introducing requirements tends to prevent legitimate players from abusing it, and doesn't really solve the problem for those who *really* want to be lazy and abuse it. Penalties may also affect legitimate players. Following on from this, we considered how other games tend to it -- often, it's simply by allowing players to vote kick them out. Usually they're able to provide an accompanying reason, which we probably won't be able to implement neatly, but we *can* implement the vote kicking via simply attempting to kick a player from the event party. I'm very much in favour of this approach. This would get rid of the player (although it also has the potential for abuse), which leaves the problem of the event being ruined by lacking players. Other MMORPGs tend to have a group finder system which will actively look for people who've queued up and bring them into the in-progress instance. This would also help players who may have been rejected, or those who just missed the event signup period, by allowing them to participate in these events -- and the instance would no longer be 'ruined'. The problem comes with implementation. Players who have signed up and been rejected can easily be included in this queue, but everyone else will need to queue up somehow. These types of games have a proper system for it (i.e. a proper UI and such), which is likely something we won't be able to really implement. So the question is then how do we make this signup (to queue people up to in-progress instances) convenient for players? I don't think always having event signup UIs will really work, because there will probably be events that start up at similar times. On the other hand, having to go to an NPC to sign up may also be extremely inconvenient. We could also add a command to queue them up for events, but that might be too obscure and people may not know it exists. I'd very much appreciate any feedback (or further suggestions), and thanks very much for your patience while we're dealing with the issue.
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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    The only video in any of those threads is dated from well before extra security measures went in, and even that isn't what I asked for. Prior to us tightening things up, lag was much more of a factor than it is now. It's easily demonstrated in the video linked, and reproduced by us just fine without any actual cheating involved. We aren't going to ban people just because people think they're cheating.
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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    All I'm trying to say is unless you can back that up, all you're doing is spreading misinformation. This particular concern's been pointed out a few times, but only under the assumption that them "abusing" it actually makes a difference -- it doesn't make any difference. None, whatsoever. They travel the same distance either way, so there's no concern as to its use (i.e. it's pointless to use but can still be used, so people use it thinking they can benefit from it -- which they don't -- which then leads people to think that people are benefiting from it... and then tell us it's "definitely not fixed". Ugh.). It has indeed been fixed, so unless you can back up your statement with proof (which you've said that you won't), please don't spread misinformation.
  14. I'm all for friendly banter, but this is taking it way too far. Invading people's privacy and abusing their family members is so far over the line that I never thought this would be something I'd ever have to deal with in a private server environment. Enjoy your ban. Hopefully by the time it eventually expires you'll have had some personal reflection and, hopefully, will consider - at the very least - apologising to them. Really. It's just a game, guys. Chill the hell out.
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    WHAT IS THIS ??????

    Record a video showing the speed difference and we'll take you seriously with this.
  16. In order to quickly help you, we ask that you be mindful of a few things. This may seem obvious, but this is a constant issue with support requests. We do not read minds (I know -- right?!). This is not a skill we possess (yet). Until we learn how to read minds, we ask that you provide any and all information you can with the assumption that we have no idea what you're talking about and that we know anything about you or your character(s). If we have any reason whatsoever to ask you for further information, this is time wasted trying to help you (and remember: we may not always be on when you are, so requests may be delayed a bit because of timezones!) and your request has taken much longer than it needs to be dealt with. Simply provide this information upfront and we'll be able to help you without too much fuss. Account sharing We do not support this. We never have. Account sharing more often than not causes headaches for everyone involved. If you're scammed or your account info is changed, and account sharing is involved, we're extremely sorry but as much as we'd like to we absolutely cannot intervene. It simply confuses things to the point where verifying what actually happened becomes impossible a great majority of the time. We offer numerous account security options for you to use to prevent such abuse, which are not compatible with account sharing (for obvious reasons). Regardless of how well you think you know your friends. please don't risk it. The same sad story has played out far too many times (shared with thought-to-be completely trustworthy friends that they've known for many years, then that trust has been abused and the account's been scammed). Don't let that be you, please. It's really not worth it, all because you think it will never happen to you (this is what everyone else thought, too). So again: if account sharing is involved, we're very sorry that this happened to you, but we cannot help with your request. Account-related enquiries As this is a public forum, all details provided are accessible to everyone. As such, if you need help with an account-related topic (e.g. resetting your e-mail address, OTP, etc), please PM either Aesteris or myself. In this PM, please be sure to include all relevant information. This should at the very least include your account ID (the name you login with) and if possible, your seal password (8 digit code) and/or VIP storage password (4 digit code). It should also include the request itself (obviously), with as much detail as possible (just assume we know nothing about you or what you're talking about). For enquiries involving other information, please be sure to include that relevant info as well. For example: If you've lost access to your e-mail address and wish to reset it, you should be sure to include your current e-mail address and the e-mail address you wish to change it to. So an example PM might look like: As you can see, this PM provides everything we possibly need to verify your account and fulfil your request without us having to prompt for any follow-up information. In-game related enquiries In these cases, unless you consider the matter private (in which case, please PM Vivaldi, Aesteris or myself [preferably include all of us] in place of a post here), it's perfectly acceptable to post here. In this post (or PM), you should be sure to include your character name. We will not need your account ID for this unless your request involves your account (in which case see the above Account-related enquiries section instead). Additionally, it should also include the request itself (obviously), with as much detail as possible (just assume we know nothing about you or what you're talking about). An example post/PM might look like: Note that the above mentions exactly what was deleted and when. These details are especially important when dealing with item requests.
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    Archers bugged?

    This patch is applied now. Please let me know if the issue still occurs.
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    Minor Effect

    This is fixed in the next patch. Turns out it was broken on USKO too -- at least, the version we were using. They changed effect behaviour which broke a ton of effects and then fixed it in a later patch to only apply to some effects. The next patch updates our client to USKO 2.174, which fixes this.
  19. twostars

    Archers bugged?

    It seems USKO broke a few effect-related things, like Minor Healing's effect (since the effects seem to reset now on cast). They fixed it in a later patch, so in the next patch we'll sync with that and see if this particular issue still persists.
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    Please PM me your account ID and desired new e-mail address.
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    Minor Effect

    Merged with the other thread. Also, since this is behaving differently to USKO we'll look into it. It's not intended, whatever's causing it.
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    Help me

    The situation is very different. If there's clear evidence of a scam then we can take action, but in this case it isn't even close. You have to remember that when dealing with these cases, we have to be aware of the possibility that the reporter is the one attempting to scam the other player via abusing our willingness to provide restorations in scam cases. With all the different PCs accessing the "scammed" account, and the fact that the majority of them also had access to the account that the items went to... it could mean any number of things. Account sharing makes it next to impossible to determine what happened. And yes, I fully realise that in the past there's been a few cases I've handled that were a little less than clear-cut -- back then, I just put my faith in them and hoped I wasn't making a terrible decision. Unfortunately, they've almost always gone terribly, as the situation is almost never what it appears. Which is exactly why I cannot intervene (I have to learn from my mistakes, after all). We have plenty of things to prevent this situation from happening: 1. We have 2-factor authentication (OTP). This is free and easy to setup. When registering, it even directs you straight to setup. 2. Item sealing. Unlike official, this is free. 3. Account region control (although in this particular situation, it wouldn't have helped much). They chose to avoid using our security measures, shared their account, and ultimately paid the price. I say this a lot -- sadly, after the fact -- but account sharing almost always ends badly. It sucks. I don't enjoy not being able to help, but speaking from (unfortunately, a lot of) experience, unless the case is clear-cut, it's most likely going to just cause problems.
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    Help me

    We cannot help when account sharing is involved. When there's 4-5 different PCs accessing your account (within the last month alone), and 3 of those are tied to the account your items went to, it's not straightforward enough to do anything about. I can't help you. This is why we actively discourage account sharing.
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    Fire/ice/light armor 75 mage skill

    This is fixed in the next patch (mage armor proc'ing on mobs).