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    Archieve > Adventure > Dragon Slayer Quest BUG

    This should be fixed now. Thanks for your report.
  2. twostars

    Offline Merchant

    I don't mean to be rude, but having people vote if they want stuff for free and thinking this is in no way biased towards "yes" isn't overly helpful. Don't worry though, we will be doing something with offline merchants, so look forward to that. Closing this though.
  3. twostars

    Many Topics & UTC

    Where did you get the info from that says it drops <selfname> +8? It's actually +0, so is that in some post that needs correcting? Where is that from? As for the rest of the thread, don't worry, we're not ignoring it.
  4. twostars

    Sign Up Bugg

    This is fixed now. Sorry about that!
  5. twostars

    Sign Up Bugg

    Taking a look. Thanks.
  6. twostars

    Why limits?

    It's an old game. At some point they were forced to bump up experience to 64 bit though.
  7. twostars

    Why limits?

    With the exception of the signed/unsigned issue, probably. They'd just be exceptionally more time-consuming than they're worth. All of them could be changed pretty reliably/easily with the client source project, so... not really worth messing with the official client to do so. The 999,999,999 limitation on merchants is probably the only feasible one there, since it shouldn't be too difficult to track down and there'd only be one or 2 instances of it (as opposed to generic logic imposed all over the place).
  8. twostars

    Why limits?

    I think the reason for this was to preempt abuse by not allowing side characters to be recreated to pool chests in the one account. Not sure if this is still applicable offhand, but that's likely the reason behind that. This is a limitation mgame impose pretty arbitrarily to things, presumably to limit the number of valuable items being moved at a time. This is actually just a limitation of the game. The reasoning for this is because they store it as a signed 32-bit integer, which has a range of -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. They cap it strictly at 2.1bil. Realistically speaking there's no reason for it to ever go below 0, so it should be unsigned which would move its range from 0 to 4,294,967,295... but it's mgame, so what can you do. (Edit:) Oops, misread. They cap it at 999,999,999. It's an arbitrary limitation, with the intent on keeping things below 2.1bil (as above). Again, mgame logic.
  9. twostars

    KC purchase problem

    I see you've just successfully made a transaction now. Know what was causing it?
  10. twostars

    KC purchase problem

    The credit card payments are all declined with the reason from the bank being 'DO NOT HONOR'. Recommendations for dealing with that are waiting 30 minutes after the last attempt and making sure your CVV/CVC code is correct. I see your attempts via PayPal on their end, but don't actually see them on ours. I'm not sure if this is a bug on our behalf or not (maybe you changed payment methods after the transaction was declined and we don't allow for that on our end?), but regardless of that those haven't cleared either -- unless I'm mistaken their current status is simply pending. I'll keep an eye on them and see if anything happens. If I'm right and they do clear (what's the payment status on your side in PayPal?), I'll have to manually process them for now until we fix that.
  11. twostars

    KC purchase problem

    Yes, sorry, timezones suck. Looking into it right now.
  12. twostars

    KC purchase problem

    Please send myself or Aesteris a PM with your account name and any other relevant info (a screenshot of the error would be helpful). Thanks.
  13. twostars

    poblem for join in the game !

    Install/update your video card drivers and make sure to install DirectX if you haven't already (it should install automatically with the setup).
  14. twostars

    About the offline merchant

    For the sake of others, I'll just add what I replied in the shoutbox: We're considering having free short term emblems, maybe as a reward for something. But the full (read: long) term ones will likely only be from the Power-Up Store. Don't really have many details on that so take from that what you will. Note that whatever we do end up doing, the aim is to gate it a little to avoid abuse while still making it easily obtainable just by normally playing the game. So that's just where we're coming from there. We'll figure something out. Don't worry.
  15. twostars

    About the offline merchant

    Yeah, I mentioned earlier in the shoutbox we'll be extending it as we still need further testing & tweaks. Server is restarting to apply some fixes and tweaks right now, you'll receive new vouchers on login.
  16. twostars

    Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO

    Yeah, we definitely need to be doing more Facebook promotions.
  17. twostars

    Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO

    I just want to preface this by saying we'll consider it. With that having said, I think it would be something that's nice to have but not something that would actually help with advertisement (at least, right now). The reason for that is we're not really reaching out to a particular audience by doing so. We're still advertising through regular channels (forums, Facebook), which is where they'd come across this video and not YouTube itself. Essentially just complementing the advert in the same way we include images (just... moving images!). Additionally, the videos I've seen of private Knight Online servers are pretty much all cringey as all hell. I really don't see this as actually helping people consider playing the server. It would be nice to have, if it were established and showcasing activity & events and such (as in, multiple videos over time), and if we actually had someone who could make this happen (I don't think any of the current staff are comfortable with doing this). But for the sole purpose of advertising the server right now, I personally feel like it wouldn't contribute all that much. Edit: Just to be clear, they're just my own personal thoughts. We'll talk about it.
  18. Hey everyone! While you have the [Offline Merchant Emblem] equipped, you can setup a selling OR buying merchant (implemented since the launch of the expansion) merchant stall and logout, and your merchant will continue selling its items ingame. You will be able to log into another account while your items are still being sold (note: it must be a different account, you cannot log into side characters). Once all items are sold (or the emblem expires, or you log back into your account), your merchant will be logged out. NOTE: As is with normal merchanting, you are responsible for making sure you don't go above 21GB - any noah gain above this will be lost and will not be reimbursed. You can purchase an [Offline Merchant Emblem Voucher] from the Power-Up Store. This voucher can be exchanged at [Familiar Tamer] Kate in Moradon. To use it, you must first equip the emblem. While the [Offline Merchant Emblem] is equipped, you can /MERCHANT and setup your stall as usual. Then you can exit the game. Other players will continue to see and use your merchant stall in-game after you're logged out. You will only see the "offline merchant" symbol above your head when you're actually offline (and merchanting), so you know anybody with this symbol above their head is actually offline.
  19. twostars

    Yeniceri Armor Cospre Bug.

    Should be fixed now. Please let me know if the issue persists. Thanks!
  20. twostars

    Bind/ Unbind İtem problem, false password.

    You need to click the link in the e-mail to confirm the update. Like so:
  21. twostars

    accidentally deleted item

    It's restored now. You should find it in your mail when you next login.
  22. twostars

    web site rank bugged

    Fixed. Looks like rankings haven't been updating since the migration. Thanks for the report.
  23. twostars

    Apex Points are not added to my account

    It looks like they've resent the notification. Can you confirm you got the Apex Points?
  24. twostars

    Apex Points are not added to my account

    Okay, there was a problem with notifications that arose after the migration on Monday. Anything that wasn't immediately cleared didn't get updated. I've corrected this issue, and Gate2shop's notifications should be automatically resent soon (I'll see if I can force it, but I don't think I can). Will keep you posted.
  25. twostars

    Apex Points are not added to my account

    I see both transactions on our side as 'pending' still. Aesteris will update you when he's available what Gate2shop's side says, if it hasn't cleared by then.