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  1. Give me your character's name and the approximate (server) time you were "spam stunned/slowed" and then I'll be able to see exactly what you're talking about. Compared to USKO, we actually have more measures in place to reduce repeat stuns/slows (i.e. diminishing returns).
  2. Let's just say... the issue's been addressed. 🙂
  3. Does ApexKO.dll exist in the folder? It's either deleted or access is blocked to it, either way you still need to be allowing the client's folder in your antivirus and/or Windows Firewall.
  4. What Sierra said, but I just want to clarify that this is normal behaviour. The launcher downloads a ZIP file (you probably have WinRAR installed, so it's showing with the WinRAR icon), after it's finished it'll extract and delete it (which is where it 'goes' -- it's deleted). Trying to open it while it's still downloading will indeed say it's corrupt because it's not finished downloading yet. If you continue to have issues, you can manually download & extract the patches from here: http://download.apexko.com/upgrade/
  5. Changelog Fixed inconsistent letter limit being enforced in mail. Your last 50 unread and last 50 read letters will now always be used. Fixed some long-standing visual issues with cospre equip interactions. You should now always visually be identical on other players' screens. When relogging in Delos, flags will now correctly display the current holding clan's symbol. Updated a couple of cape change errors to be more informative/relevant. Fixed bug allowing parties to be created in some event instances they're not supposed to (e.g. Chaos Dungeon).
  6. twostars

    please help me

    I'd run a virus scan and then reinstall the client. It's likely the client's been tampered with.
  7. These logs are presently in place, so if you could let me know when it happens again I'll be able to check them out.
  8. The above's not exactly true, I have extra logging elsewhere for these types of cases. This shouldn't be possible, but logs imply that you were in a party, because it attempted to initiate round robin loot and there was nobody applicable to give it to. For that to happen you had to still be attached to a party. It should be cleaning up on zone change, but are you perhaps in a party before you join? For this to happen consistently it has to be something special you're doing to trigger this behaviour. Edit: This doesn't just happen to Draki's, this does happen elsewhere. It's especially odd in Draki's though since it shouldn't be attempting this at all though. Edit 2: I'm adding some additional info to the logs to help narrow this down, so future logs should be slightly more informative than that.
  9. So, you think you're exposing us or something by trying to spam this? For posterity, I've approved this one just to make a point - your NP was wiped because you were abusing a bug. You weren't the only one with your NP wiped. I'm sure I didn't get everyone, but I did wipe several of you that were doing it after you were warned. If you think this is unfair, maybe you should reconsider abusing bugs in the first place. And no, I don't care that you reported it -- you were caught, by me personally while I was initially investigating the bug, abusing it. Reporting it and then purposefully continuing to abuse it doesn't make you immune to punishment, sorry. Since you're still very much worked up over this and continuing to attempt to threaten us in any manner you can think of, I've given you a timeout for now. I'd advise you to use this time to consider if you actually want to continue to play here, or if you should just leave, because kicking up a fuss isn't going to get you anywhere.
  10. I've just added server-side collision for this building, so it won't be abusable in future. If there's any other hotspots for such behaviour, please let me know & I'll go manually add those too. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Yeah no, this is bug abuse, regardless of whether or not it's possible with or without 3rd party tools. Don't be doing this.
  12. Issue's been fixed. Thanks for your patience & understanding.
  13. twostars


    Don't bug abuse and you won't have your NP wiped for it. The 'bug' in question was fixed. Closed.
  14. If you haven't already, please make sure you allow popups in Internet Explorer.
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