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  1. The reward (or lack thereof) isn't a bug so much as that instance proceeding with far too few active players in it is really, but you were disqualified for another reason on top of that: too few overall kills.
  2. The Under the Castle event will not be run this week. We'll be working on sprucing it up. Thanks for your patience & understanding.
  3. Update: This maintenance has been completed and the server is back online. Thanks for your patience. Dear Apexians, We'll be taking the server down for extended maintenance on 27/04/2021 from roughly 04:00 to 14:00 GMT+2 (server time). During this maintenance, we will be migrating our server over to a considerably faster, very much needed new dedicated server. The website and forums are likely to go down for a while during this time as well. Please be aware that this timeframe is just a cautious estimation; we have been preparing for this migration over the last several days, so should all go as planned, it is possible we'll be reopening the server much sooner than that (fingers crossed!). We'll do our best to keep you guys in the loop on Discord in the meantime (forums may be inaccessible during this time). Thanks for your patience & understanding. ~ The Apex Gaming team
  4. Changelog The [Chaos stone] daily quest [Chaotic Thoughts] now requires level 83. Drains will no longer count towards damage quest dailies. We feel that between the required damages being relatively small, and the quest progress lasting for an entire 24 hours, drains are completely unnecessary here. Players auto-leveled to 80 (with redistributed stats) will now also correctly unequip any now ineligible items on login. Ronark Land will now be closed during the Under the Castle event. Fixed a bug with the doors in Under the Castle not facing correctly, causing them to (technically) be open in some cases.
  5. twostars

    DC Problemi

    This is fixed in 2.322. You can update with the launcher. Thanks.
  6. I did check him. I think you have emblems disabled, or it's simply not showing at that angle. I could clearly see the Genie emblem myself ingame, but logs do confirm he is/was indeed genieing.
  7. Thanks for the report, but he's using genie + a keyboard macro, which is legal for PvE. Closed.
  8. This is fixed for the next restart (it should only apply to deaths by monsters, not players -- it was no longer applying to deaths by monsters).
  9. This has been fixed for the next restart.
  10. Respawn issue was fixed in a prior patch, sprint (and other buffs falling off "randomly") are fixed for the next restart. Thanks for the reports.
  11. This was temporarily reverted because of unrelated issues, but it'll be back in the next restart. Closing this.
  12. Your inventory was full/overweight, so it was mailed to you instead. You should see it in your inbox.
  13. Reinstall. This tends to happen when things aren't updated correctly. You should always use the launcher to update the client.
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