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  1. Actually I'm pretty sure it's because the post was edited to include the Turkish translation. For some reason it lets you modify counts there, so while the translation was being added, 3 people voted, and then it saved with the counts prior to the edit. The votes themselves are still there though. I need to update the forums, so when I do that I'll resync the counts while nobody's touching it.
  2. Thanks for the report. They've been banned for a week.
  3. twostars

    Gem of Life Bug

    This was fixed for the next restart.
  4. This was fixed in yesterday's patch. Thanks for the report.
  5. This was indeed fixed in the last maintenance, and we sent out in-game mail containing the rewards to all eligible players. Thanks for your patience.
  6. Changelog NPCs/monsters will no longer be immediately despawned if they don't drop loot or party members loot all of its items. This behaviour was tweaked for AI reloading & to fix some uncovered bugs during the process. While this behaviour is still applicable if *you* loot its last item, this caused some confusion when party members looted its final item (making it appear that they were bugging out), so this behaviour has been reverted (while still fixing the previously addressed bugs). Buying merchant behaviour has been amended in order to address
  7. It is definitely good to be vigilant, since there have been servers that have taken advantage of players being used to just ignoring these warnings, but in this case notice how they're generally all detected as some form of "generic malware" rather than anything specific - that's usually your first indication not to worry too much. It's a little unclear what they're detecting here, but I do know they consider either KnightOnline.exe or the string "Knight Online" as malicious now (one of the 2 - I don't remember), as well as a random clan error... add in basic protection to avoid people fr
  8. Imagine hacking in Trina rates instead of just having it matched via requirement like it is officially. Oo
  9. To be honest I'm a little confused by your case. You registered a new account with the provided e-mail address, then later attached it instead to the much older account you're talking about here. The e-mail wasn't originally sent to that e-mail address. The pending request here for the country location change was made on the 10th of July though... about a month ago, so it's been expired for quite some time. I've just removed that old request, so you should be able to attempt to login again and re-do the request now. I'm not entirely sure what happened here though.
  10. Try turning off antialiasing and see if it makes a difference.
  11. Show me the contents of your Option.ini file and upload your log.klg file
  12. This should be fixed now. Not sure if these 2 are related as timing bugs or if they're separate. Either Sprint (the active instance) is being removed too early, or it's a previous instance sticking around and expiring far too late, forcing the active instance to expire instead. The DoT is in much the same boat - either that damage is being dealt upfront, in which case the ticks are expiring too soon, or it's lagging behind and kicking them off at once. As I'm sure this is from the perspective of the player being hit by the DoT, it might be a little hard to determine which was actu
  13. Apparently it was desynced by 5m. It's been fixed now.
  14. twostars


    I think it's possibly being hit in the brief window before it resets timed nerf scaling. That'd make the most sense. Will remove that window for the next patch, and its timed nerf has been disabled in the meantime.
  15. These were implemented in today's patch.
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