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  1. twostars

    Disable OTP

    It's been disabled. Thanks for your patience.
  2. If you truly think that ApexKO will die because USKO is releasing more servers, I don't know what to say. I don't know if you realise this, but we've been around since 2015 (at least, officially released -- prior to that we were around in late 2014). We're still here. I mean, I realise that PK activity is low at certain times of the day, and that likely we'll see more of a hit as players push the initial rush of the launch, but that's nothing new and happens all the time with private and official servers alike. The hype passes, then things go back to normal, rinse and repeat. So I understand and appreciate your concern, but it's unnecessary. We will still be here regardless of what happens, you do not have to worry about us dying any time soon. As far as updates go, we're hoping we'll start seeing the start of these in the beginning of February, but don't take that as a definite ETA. It'll be done when it's done. Regardless, releasing these right away specifically *while* players are distracted with the launch of official servers is counter-intuitive, so it won't be done immediately. But it's not too far away
  3. twostars

    nation transfer

    Easier or harder, players will always jump ship to one side. We're looking into it but this isn't the way to go about it.
  4. twostars

    What about rest of Christmas Chest

    Event items are always removed when the event's over. The same thing happened with the Halloween event. I'm not sure why you'd have thought it would behave any different. Aesteris even included a warning for this in his post. Topic closed.
  5. twostars

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    Closed due to request.
  6. twostars

    What about rest of Christmas Chest

    This should be corrected now. Thanks for your patience.
  7. twostars

    Make Ultima strong again

    A certain server started running their Christmas event a week ago. So I mean, I don't think it's too much of a stretch for it to be running right now.
  8. twostars

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    Don't get me wrong; we do intend to update the class eventually to be similar to USKO's current iteration. However, as everyone who argues this point seems to conveniently forget, not only do they increase the stamina pool, but they also increase its various skill costs as well to compensate. Which makes the stamina change much of a moot point.
  9. twostars

    Killing Felankor for royal clan bug?

    And it wasn't the case that it was below the ground, etc?
  10. twostars

    Killing Felankor for royal clan bug?

    Who tried to loot it? Also, when you say it was empty, did it tell you that or did it open up and visually show as if it were empty? Edit: I've just given TukeFin the Royal Emblem that dropped.
  11. twostars

    Passowrd problem

    The login server doesn't appear to handle all special characters correctly, so if you have special characters in your username I'd suggest creating a new one without any special characters. I'm in the process of fixing this to handle these cases. Edit: Behaviour's pretty odd in that the client tends to strip certain diacritics. e.g. ğ to g. I'll just keep non-whitelisted special characters blocked for new accounts for now, until I can revisit this issue later.
  12. Not being able to play all the time is fine, but you shouldn't expect to remain competitive while not playing. Regardless, you're still just complaining about a ~90 day lead, so if y'all could quit overreacting to something you clearly don't understand, that'd be great. Closing this topic as it's getting out of hand. I've already explained the implications of this change, and how they mean nothing so long as you keep playing. Melody -- don't open another one. All you're doing is confusing people.
  13. Gear gap isn't the same thing, nor are either what we were focusing on. Rescaling the NP allows us to bring back NP events and introduce some newer stuff in future without it being a mess because of the broken NP. It was a useful side-effect of this approach, not the sole reason for it. I mean really, if this is what we're concerned with, I really don't understand why people are so selfish as to think they should be able to be ahead by 6 months without playing the game. How is that helpful to the server in any way? Considering you worked out the difference to drop down to 1.5 months, that's still such a huge period of them not playing. You guys do want people to play the server right? How do you propose that happens when you're wanting people to be so far ahead that they don't even need to play! I'm so confused by peoples' reasoning...
  14. Here's the problem. You're both looking at it from the perspective that you lost something. You didn't lose anything. Everything was rescaled. Your NP is the same proportionate to everyone else's. The NP you gained, you still have. It's just represented as a smaller number, but it still means close to the same thing. With that having said, with the difference in gains you can potentially catch up faster. This still doesn't mean you lost anything. You said it yourself -- where it previously took 5-6 months (of, in theory, the top player barely playing) to catch up, it'll now take ~1.5 months. That's still a huge entire 1.5 month gap... that doesn't change, so long as you keep playing. Nothing was lost. Nobody got screwed over. The only thing that changed is it's a little quicker to catch up when people stop playing. Keep playing and the gap won't be closed, so you'll still be an entire month and a half ahead.
  15. Tell me: what did anyone lose? The answer: nothing. Play and you keep your rank. Nothing effectively changed except these people who could previously go AFK for weeks and still be on top have to play now to hold their rank. And they still have their headstart, because all numbers are scaled. Call me crazy, but that doesn't seem like such a big deal.