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  1. The HP difference is a result of KRKO changing the passive from giving extra HP, to bumping up your stamina (i.e. the Kurian resource) to 250, up from 200.
  2. Changelog Players will no longer receive additional clan CONT bonuses when selling back to the [NP merchant]. Additionally, these sales will no longer count towards your total NP gained for achievements. Fixed some of the PK chest items expiring when they shouldn't (e.g. Duration Items, Offline merchant emblem voucher).
  3. I could've gone and fixed these so the sessions started back up, however it would've caused the server to be down even longer, so instead I refunded everyone fresh 30 day vouchers (even if they were the 1 hour vouchers). So just check your inventory for the 30 day voucher. =]
  4. This should be corrected now. Please send us a PM if you're still lacking anything. Thanks for your patience & understanding.
  5. Far too many topics about this already. There are a couple tweaks that will be out in this Friday's patch, but in general, as it's the current current official server implementation we have no intention of reverting this. Closed.
  6. If you have yet to see any explanation until now, you clearly haven't read a single thing we've said, have you? Kurians were updated to behave as they do in the current official version of the game, as has been requested for a long time. That's what changed. You guys wanted it, this is how it is. It's not JUST the 250 stamina that changes; the costs, requirements and how abilities function were tweaked too. Yes, I'm sure it would be nice to just get a base stamina pool increase, but I think we can all agree there's more to balancing than that. We've tweaked a few things for this Friday's patch, but in general this is how the class officially behaves now, and we have no intention of changing it. From what I've seen, complaints thus far come down to: 1. Survivability, which is silly; explore your kit more and I'm sure you can figure out how to make it work for you. 2. Not having OP DoTs anymore. Because that was fun, engaging and balanced gameplay, obviously. I'm not surprised they changed it officially. Yes, this means gear changes, but you guys have been wanting the new Kurian implementation for the longest time, so... this is it. Before abandoning it because it isn't the same, perhaps experiment and explore. So far we haven't observed anyone really using it to its full potential yet, just complaining that they think it's worthless now because *it's different*. But as with my other posts, I'm sure my explanation doesn't count because it's not what you want to hear, right? As with literally every other change we make, ever, it's not the end of the world that people make it out to be and you'll either get over it eventually or you'll leave. Either way is fine by us: if you don't like the changes, you don't have to stay. But this is how it behaves in the current official implementation, so... until they change it, this is how it is here as well.
  7. Do you remember what you were doing before you noticed this? Was it an event? I know the client sometimes disables the inventory's use, but not sure if what you're describing is the same thing. In that case, things like using Sundries resets it.
  8. twostars

    Oreads problem

    Sorry, but no changes will be made here. It was always intended to be a limited, short term source for obtaining an otherwise store-only item. It was never intended to be stockpiled like this. Thanks for your understanding.
  9. Look at it as a reason to explore your kit beyond what you're used to using, and just maybe you'll find better ways of playing your class than before. Just a friendly suggestion.
  10. I believe it showing 42 stages completed is a bug with its stat keeping, and not something that was specifically abused by anyone. I'll take a look at cleaning up this stuff soon.
  11. I'll grant that you dislike the changes, but it's clear you really have no idea what you're talking about. Claiming it's "not like official" when the changes were directly pulled *from* the current official version of the game? Topic closed.
  12. twostars

    Kurian Bug

    I know, official servers at this point are basically private servers, but I suggest you actually check out how it is officially (as of right now), because well, I don't really know how to tell you this, but you're just spewing nonsense. It's now implemented as it is in its current official implementation. Fun fact. USKO removed their Undying scrolls & red potions from their Power-Up Store, something we've only (very rarely) used for events here but have been heavily complained about in the past ("USKO has them!! how can the game work without them???"). So now the tables have turned and they're the ones copying us. Logic that one!
  13. twostars


    Server's been up for the majority of the month, so I'm assuming it's related to that somehow. It's been restarted now. Let me know if you still have connectivity problems. Thanks.
  14. twostars

    CSW doors bug.

    It's the right inner door (facing outside in) right? I remember that one not being quite as precise as I was going for and meant to go fix it. Shouldn't be issues with the others, and if I recall correctly it's only if you're entering on the very right side of the door it'll cause issues. Hit me up with a character name to check out to be sure.
  15. It's back online. Thanks for your patience.
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