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    I've done this before. It happens when you save the resolution in-game and you don't have permission to save there; the settings go somewhere else, so the Options editor doesn't realise what happened. Open up Windows Explorer, go to %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\ApexKO (assuming you installed ApexKO to the default path) and delete Option.ini. You should be able to load up the client now and configure the resolution as desired, and actually be able to click everything. Just don't select too large of a resolution again! As a side-note, running the client as Administrator always bypassed it for me since it had permission to read the settings correctly as-is.
  2. This was likely caused by cast time issues. If it's fast, even slightly, it'll fail. These have been fixed.
  3. Changelog Fixed cast animations 'randomly' speeding up/slowing down. Tweaked restrictions on clan Nation Transfers to address some balancing issues caused by intentional abuse of this system. Clans may now only transfer once every 10 days. In order to be eligible to transfer with a clan, you must have been a member of this clan for at least 10 days prior to the transfer. New members who aren't eligible to transfer with the clan will have no choice but be removed from the clan. 100% of their donated NP will be refunded. Clans less than 10 days old are no longer allowed to transfer at all. This should prevent players from transferring before a nation-specific event (e.g. wars) to cause them to be one-sided while also preventing creating/joining clans specifically with the express purpose of bypassing transfer expiry conditions.
  4. You could try the following: But I suspect the problem is you only have an older version of Internet Explorer installed. Update that and it should behave correctly.
  5. I'd say your username is fairly apt at explaining your problem.
  6. twostars

    CSW doors bug.

    This has been fixed as of the last restart (it never affected the entire gate, just a small part of it, but I finally got around to fixing it).
  7. This has been fixed in the last restart. Thanks.
  8. Apparently this stat is just completely ignored officially, despite it being implemented in the original version of the server. Later servers remove it entirely, but the stat's still set for the items. It's been disabled in the last restart.
  9. Wait what year is it, people are still complaining about stun/slow rates. Huh. Rates are more or less official, but with diminishing returns. Which means that despite you getting upset when you do get stunned/slowed, it's highly unlikely for it to happen in shorter windows (i.e. being chain stunned/slowed isn't really a thing). And if it is, then you absolutely need to get more gear with lightning/ice resistance. 99% of the time when people complain, I check out what they were using and their resistances are next to non-existent. Sorry, but that's what they're for... Without actually giving me a character name or anything tangible to go on other than your opinion, I can't really look into your specific case regarding those, so if you want me to actually look into it, you'll need to give me a little more to go on. I can go check out what exactly happened at that time, what you were stunned by, what your resistances were, etc. Regarding the small "slide", unfortunately it's necessary for now until we can reimplement the client entirely. It's just the way the game's designed. Removing it involves introducing more updates, which in turn causes more data to be sent <-> received and the client simply cannot cope with a high number of players/monsters in an area and will lag out. As it is, we're using a middle-ground which is still a lot better than official but still performs well with higher PK activity. Finally, all of our changes are made for a reason. Reverting everything back to how it was 2 years ago is silly, even moreso that you think that nobody would have a problem with this, when a lot of our changes were made with player feedback in mind in the first place.
  10. Changelog Fixed gate collision for the inner right wall in Delos and one of the Lunar war gates. Fixed collision for exiting nation camps in Lunar war. Removed the MP damage stat implementation as it's not actually implemented in official servers (however, some items do officially have the stat set - it just does nothing, officially). Stealthed players can no longer have their stealth broken by attacks received from players after they've been stealthed. This was a problem for high ping players where the player would stealth, however the attacker would yet to see them be stealthed (because lag) so their next attack would immediately break stealth. From now on we're making a point of always siding with whoever communicates with the server first, because as we've seen, it can cause things like this to get more than a little messy.
  11. The HP difference is a result of KRKO changing the passive from giving extra HP, to bumping up your stamina (i.e. the Kurian resource) to 250, up from 200.
  12. Changelog Players will no longer receive additional clan CONT bonuses when selling back to the [NP merchant]. Additionally, these sales will no longer count towards your total NP gained for achievements. Fixed some of the PK chest items expiring when they shouldn't (e.g. Duration Items, Offline merchant emblem voucher).
  13. This should be corrected now. Please send us a PM if you're still lacking anything. Thanks for your patience & understanding.
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