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  1. twostars

    Warrior's M23 skill

    We allowed for this buff in these cases and removed the epicenter damage reduction from these types of skills, so this should definitely be fixed.
  2. So the prompt just isn't closed on player movement automatically with the main shop UI, but you CAN still just press confirm or cancel to close it. Edited the title.
  3. twostars

    NP Increase Scroll Bug

    This was fixed. It occurred when spam clicking off multiple scrolls -- if you clicked multiple times on the same scroll, it would try to cancel another scroll instead (the next in the internal map).
  4. twostars

    NP Scroll mysteriously disappeared again?

    This has been fixed. It occurred when spam clicking off scrolls; if you tried to click off the same scroll multiple times it would request to cancel another skill.
  5. twostars


    Full screenshots with stats and such works just as well (before/after).
  6. twostars

    Patch notes (06/12/2018)

    Changelog Weekly quests should now expire correctly when logging in after the scheduled reset time. Improved database & website (forums, panel, store, etc.) performance. This consequently affects game access; throughout certain times players were unable to login while the system was backlogged with (slow) requests. This should no longer occur. Please let us know if anything doesn't work correctly with any of the websites. While we're looking at these issues, next up on my list is to swap the forums over to using an SSL certificate. The reason we don't currently is purely because of complications with the shoutbox, which is only used for staff updates now so it should be less of a concern what happens with it.
  7. twostars

    Full Client

    The panel should be back online now. Thanks for your patience.
  8. twostars

    About the time of CSW

    The time on the schedule page will always be correct as it's the actual scheduled time of the event localised to your own time. So always trust that over anything else.
  9. twostars

    Archer weapon enchant

    This is actually how it works officially & is dependent on the bow.
  10. twostars

    Genie Atack Skill

    Right, this. Genie uses a separate targeting system to the player's regular targeting system, which breaks validation. I need to figure out what they're using exactly so I can fix these cases.
  11. twostars

    Cospre sets

    They've been bumped up to 7 days and are now storable. Closed.
  12. twostars

    Patch notes (19/11/2018)

    Changelog Increased the range & damage of Guard Towers in CZ & RLB. Increased the duration of compensation items to 7 days (from 5) and allowed them all to be stored.
  13. twostars

    Juraid bug

    Please let me know if this issue persists.
  14. twostars

    Cospre sets

    Character name?
  15. twostars

    Cospre sets

    You should all have them. I'll run another batch later to catch the rest who haven't yet expired.