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  1. Changelog Fixed a bug causing warp backs on incline detection to reset quest progress. Previewing item/accessory upgrades should no longer require a fee, and will no longer consume this fee in the case of accessories. Additionally, in the case of accessories, they can no longer potentially fail (and hence bug out the item when you switch back to your inventory).
  2. Changelog Fix an issue causing some skills to fail intermittently when used by war commanders. Improve server-side incline checks to fix erroneous detection when climbing some erratic terrain. Fix an issue causing warp backs to sometimes (visually) glitch players through objects.
  3. Based on PMs from affected players, it appears all relevant issues as a result of the patch have been resolved now. Closing this thread.
  4. This issue's been resolved. Players cannot abuse sliding anymore.
  5. Changelog Fixed a bug caused by the previous patch which could cause wildly incorrect (visual) movement of players in low activity areas. This should also fix the walk/run animation of other players being frequently reset.
  6. What's your character name? Aside from increased network activity, nothing directly changed for your own movement - it's mostly aimed at the visual changes of other players. When you say you're lagging, is the client completely freezing (so you can't click or anything), or is it only warping you back (but things are still moving etc)? If it's completely freezing, it may simply be too much traffic for your client to handle at a given time... something I was hoping would be better addressed this time around.
  7. I found an issue that can cause a random visual bug if there's only one movement in an area. This is more than likely the behaviour you were seeing. Once I've gone over a couple things I'll restart to fix that later.
  8. Okay, let me clarify. When I said it shouldn't be possible now, I meant not to the extreme of abuse potential. Yes, because of lag you may still not receive a player's movement change in a given window until it's too late and redirected, but that window is a lot smaller. The only time that would be an extreme issue is if you're lagging, in which case, regardless of how this is implemented, there's no winning for anyone involved. That's just something you have to deal with. So, the question is what were they seeing intermittently? I guarantee the changes are a lot shorter than they used to be, so there's no way it's sliding in its original, extremely abusive form. So what then - a very brief video would be helpful. Or, if you're still ingame right now I'd very much appreciate it if you could demonstrate this to me so I can see what they're talking about directly I'm at the Moradon arena, but invisible, so y'know.
  9. Is your problem that their animation seems to keep resetting? From watching random players, that's the only issue I've been able to observe; their actual speed looks fine, as does their movement in general. This may differ with higher latency, though my own is at 363ms, so I should imagine that's a fair enough test.
  10. Name of the characters that cannot login? Edit: Apparently you couldn't login because your client wasn't fully updated, but since you're logged in now on the characters it was rejecting you on it's probably safe to say you realised that and fixed your issue. 🙂
  11. I appreciate the link, but I'm fully aware of how sliding works, and it shouldn't be possible right now. Actually, it seems more like the guy abusing it in the video doesn't know how it works, or he wouldn't be trying to bait it in the wrong direction. But I digress. Right now I'm interested in knocking out any kinks caused by edge cases that may be present - people randomly appearing to speedhack now as a result of the patch, for example.
  12. Which people? I'm ingame and I'm seeing things correctly. What's your ping at ingame? (type +ms ingame)
  13. Changelog The zone user list (by chat) should no longer bug out when logging in / entering a zone. Improve movement responsiveness similarly to how it used to be, with other tweaks with the intent on mitigating "sliding".
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