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  1. Changelog The [Chaos stone] daily quest [Chaotic Thoughts] now requires level 83. Drains will no longer count towards damage quest dailies. We feel that between the required damages being relatively small, and the quest progress lasting for an entire 24 hours, drains are completely unnecessary here. Players auto-leveled to 80 (with redistributed stats) will now also correctly unequip any now ineligible items on login. Ronark Land will now be closed during the Under the Castle event. Fixed a bug with the doors in Under the Castle not facing correctly
  2. twostars

    DC Problemi

    This is fixed in 2.322. You can update with the launcher. Thanks.
  3. I did check him. I think you have emblems disabled, or it's simply not showing at that angle. I could clearly see the Genie emblem myself ingame, but logs do confirm he is/was indeed genieing.
  4. Thanks for the report, but he's using genie + a keyboard macro, which is legal for PvE. Closed.
  5. This is fixed for the next restart (it should only apply to deaths by monsters, not players -- it was no longer applying to deaths by monsters).
  6. This has been fixed for the next restart.
  7. Respawn issue was fixed in a prior patch, sprint (and other buffs falling off "randomly") are fixed for the next restart. Thanks for the reports.
  8. This was temporarily reverted because of unrelated issues, but it'll be back in the next restart. Closing this.
  9. Your inventory was full/overweight, so it was mailed to you instead. You should see it in your inbox.
  10. Reinstall. This tends to happen when things aren't updated correctly. You should always use the launcher to update the client.
  11. twostars


    So what's happening here is you're giving it too much to match on. It's not breaking so much as it just takes too long and, eventually disconnects you because the game has been frozen for so long. In the short term we could add a minimum limit but I also have to ask why you're searching for a single character to begin with. This should be fixed with yesterday's patch. You're saying the new spawns cover the chests, right? Corpses should despawn, leaving the chest so you must surely only be talking about new spawns. If so, I feel like I encounter the same issue in other games
  12. What is the error you are receiving and which character are you trying it on?
  13. Changelog Fixed various client crashes / corruption issues usually involving zone changes. Teleport skills can once again no longer be used while in war prisons. Fixed a bug preventing some bound items from being unusable until you relog. Fixed a bug causing players to be kicked out if they were to change zones shortly after logging in (with a long load time). Nation Transfers no longer require the player to be disconnected. They will now occur immediately. Nation Transfers will now also transfer the player's skillbar, instead of simply resetting it.
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