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  2. +++ change drops from chests pls
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  5. Hope you get your kc back or the items you traded for. Also think this character has scammed multiple people lately and admins should do some investigating and ban this guy. Ive sent pms to admins and hoping for a quick response so more people dont get scammed. Beware when trading guys..
  6. Support we dont need a scammers here.... Ban ban ban plssss
  7. or atleast get the krowaz set that i bought. ban the char and trade me an untradeable set? idk i'll wait for admins support.
  8. So no dollars were used so 4SunS did a mean trade and scammed Chayni. Chayni should get his items back.
  9. I hope you would get support.
  10. So i was buying krowaz set+11 from IThinkYouNeedHelp/4suns. he logged out on the character with the krowaz set on (IThinkYouNeedHelp) and logged 4Suns i traded him the CSS to seal the char he claimed he dced and he then sealed the character the guy didn't dc. he logged out and made a new char named LThinkYouNeedHelp. which ofc didn't have krowaz or anything on. i lost a Rosetta set 11/ 4 kc kc (2 k involved in the trade, 2k for the CSS) and 10gbs!!!! i traded on the character ItzChayni. i hope you can restore what i lost. or give me what is rightfully mine. you can see IThinkYouNeedHelp still has the set.. (trade happend around 17:00 Belgium time) https://www.apexko.com/character/Ithinkyouneedhelp https://www.apexko.com/character/4Suns i wanna add that this wouldn't happen if all the items were indeed tradeable and ppl wouldn't have to take this risk. i did a similar trade yesterday for a moonlight 8 and that went without problems...
  11. What is your suggestion exactly? Please be specific.
  12. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  13. Last week
  14. Selling 2000 Kc Voucher for Rogue armor that is worth 2000 KC, pm me in game (Rabbit), or Msg me here.
  15. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  16. portu krowaz, nepilim, portu holy knight, portu secret armor are droped from all events, there have no reason if kurian class is dead now... The items of the kurian players are devalued and never received a compensation from the administrators as is customary they just stay silent before their mega FAIL patch 🤦‍♂️ kurian class are nerfed to dead and nothing change in the server, new ppl not join old ppl dont back. Players complain about bored pk, events make more stronger the old strong players. The dead hours in ronark land are total desert and the reason is simple... The ''SOLO CLASS and FARM'' keeps the server activity alive, im talking about rogues, batle priest, mages and kurian but every patch limit this class more and more with disastrous results. Unfortunately these classes were repressed by desicion of the administrators based on their favoritism and in a very bad advice as they said on another post . The server becomes boring cos there is no variety of choice, If you dont have a mele team or get a some party its better to uninstal the game. Excuse me for leaving the topic but it is an attempt to raise awareness among the stubborn administrators.
  17. What for rewarded? Isn't MP Kurian class dead? Items such as Nepilim+6? (can't be upgraded, WTF) Portu Krowaz? which require magic bonus. Any reason behind it? @twostars @Aesteris @MERET _GM_ @BroOk
  18. since 2017 deleting all droprs +3 from chest i.e chaos krowas etc .. you should join a big turkey clan like loseyourself or osmali to run in bowl with 10party so u could make some nps to buy items imo.
  19. agree with u ! i miss OOOVEOO skills with darkness mace.! UP !
  20. 20K for a staff+5 is nonsense...
  21. Does anyone know how to craft Light Codex Gigas, when I try on the NPC only drops Fire Codex Gigas?....... Is it random?, Is it bugged?. Thanks in advance.
  22. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  23. https://apexko.com/character/B1T1R1MMMM Created 4 days, 10 hours ago and last seen 6 hours, 53 minutes ago. Never trust new chars, always ask GM to help you with trading set items. (no supports for $$$ trades)
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