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    B>HK Priest +8 -Pouldron Pad Boot Helmet B>HA+11 B>Draki INT SSS S>Rosetta Rog set+11 S>EB+3 , AOD+3 , COC+3 , EME+3 S>Bomba Raum+11 S>Draki DEX SSS S>Draki STR SSS
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  4. U dont have kc for Leonards bb
  5. 4 years old server and still hard to find dual mean leo11.. gg
  6. What's wrong with stacking? Personally speaking I won't head Anvil with 1 Tears! And since the reward is being expirable I've refused to join BDW as well. Maybe other players thinking the same?
  7. Point of them expiring is to prevent the stacking. Thank you for the feedback though
  8. Last week
  9. gm meret can u help me trade maradon? eyv
  10. Make it untradeable instead. That way players could store a few to upgrade something whenever that's convenient.
  11. The abuse of TP - both call party scroll and tp to friend scroll is outrageous. It has been harming the PK at invasions for quite some time. So much so barely anyone even goes anymore (for more reasons than just this of course...) Slightly offtopic but related: With gold bar inflation as high as it is, it is pretty much free to spam the crap out of tp to friend scrolls. As an added bonus if you add a cooldown or restrict their use entirely then maybe people will spend Apex on respawn scrolls? :P
  12. I am looking for 2x rogue kro +11, could be any part and my offer is Diet raum +11... if your interested in the deal send letter in game to Kurd
  13. Selling Rogue items: diet raum+11 2x coc+3 ib+3 2x eme+3 bomba wf+11 mythril set+11 Warrior items: Rosetta upper/lower+11 2x pe+3 aos+3 2x opal+3 sos+3 chaos baal+11 4x krowas +11 (no boots) shell boots+21 2x roc+3 1x hv+3 KC ONLY not interested in trades! PM in forum or ingame: DaVinci0fDeath
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