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  2. Sierra

    1000 kill quest bug

    Yeah it was bugged and showed up twice, which is now fixed and you can't do it twice. Hence 'monthly', you can only do this quest once a month.
  3. Nancy

    1000 kill quest bug

    heung said i can do it 2 times , And when I was a carousel, I took the task, I did half the task, and the mission later disappeared
  4. I'm quite sure that skill is the easiest one to cast, it's definitely NOT failsafe.
  5. Donappi

    S> HB +7

    Pm Heinz ingame with an offer
  6. ROAR

    BUG !

    sen bizi bitirdin
  7. rosewell

    BUG !

    1 : Desturation Set & Goblinler Magic Hammer ile RPR Edilebiliyor. 2 : 70/80 Questleri IRK değiştirilince yenileniyor ve oyundaki diğer silahlarin bir önemi kalmıyor. 3 : Orc Bandit Leader'den çıkan Holy water temple CZ ARKA SLOTTAKI ( Orc Bandit Warrior, Sourcher, Archer ) Slotlarından çıkıyor ( HATALI DROP ) 4 : Anvil Previev yapilinca alttan efect veriyor ( bu normalde vermemesi lazım item loglara basıldı olarak girilebiliyor olabilir ) Nick : JJAGUAR
  8. Provide your characters name and times or at least a timespan when this happen please.
  9. It says on info bar "Using Group complete healing" but we are not getting any heal and its not working. Its not about lag its happen also when i still alive.
  10. --- MYTH ITEM LIST --- ----<<< SELL OLD ROL <<< ----- ( IN STOK ) Offer : Just GB PM : Myth
  11. thanks man, im orc atm but i think iv figured it out. made it to 66 tonight drom 62. so i think i found a nice method its not the fastest but it works nicely once im out of quest, also need to work on my gear its very hard to farm the CZ quest atm for me solo but ill try and fix that in the future for now ill just stick to my method in eslant and hope for the best making about 50mil and hour i think so its not terrible and ill get there i have primo so it shouldnt be to much longer
  12. This beautiful erratic lady was moved back to her intended spawn spot. Thanks for your report!
  13. Think she should have some way to go back to her place after it's over? Unless she went sightseeing, then np.
  14. lan char orda kasıyor hala . gitsin yetkili baksın loguna da, her şeyine. orda char kardeşim. sen yoksun ama ? Bir anda oto ban falan çıkınca kayboldunuz burdaki kutu vermeyen arkadaşlar. Kxpunuza güncelleme mi gelmedi ? Bu video çekip yazan arkadaşın kxper oldugunu gösteren 15 videodan fazlası gm lere atılmıştır. Burdaki amaç bok at izi kalsındır. Fakat gereksiz ve amaçsız. Çünkü eldeki bow crossbow, skill atışı o şekilde. Herkes genie altı makro açıp deneyebilir. Oyunu bilen bilir zaten. Herkese iyi oyunlar.
  15. If you’re using a program that allow you to do attacks faster than the game allows that’s a hack and therefore a reson to be banned. If you are farming AFK with a macro without genie that’s a reason to be banned. You can however use a macro combined with genie or play ”manually with a macro”, that is allowed. There are no rules against ks’ing, that would simply be near to or even impossible to enforce equally for everyone. We can’t outright ban people for using macros, it’s too widespread at this point. And we allow it with genie simply because genie isn’t that great all the time.
  16. Add a third option in the poll the poll maker is a noob and needs to learn how to play the game
  17. if u are human i can help you 100% to 70.
  18. Hey gang, so it feels like the Apex team has thrown in the towl on "'Mouse'" macro with Genie. Not sure if they can find a long term fix for it or what but it's killed the game complety. Most people are not using a mouse macro anymore but more advanced programs that can shoot arrows almost twice as fast as genie. Now the 2nd issue, Ksing. U can't active farm anymore because of ksing. Example I'm with 3 active people farming HW, and a guy brings 2 accounts and sets up a macro genie and then goes afk. We leave the area and it repeats over and over to the point that legit people start quitting. Very annoying... OF course we can't lure on the hackers because they seem to be protected. Would be nice to hear why the rules are the way they are. Kurtis
  19. Razordagawd

    CHD +6

    i think bifrost glow at 6 too but i cant be sure
  20. nah im a warrior, managed to make it to 63 last night in a clan party at paramons. they told me it was alot easier to lvl before. I guess ill just have to wait till 80 is released it seems or hope for a lucky party invite
  21. Yesterday
  22. Yes, you are right so the archer character disqualification congratulations.................
  24. Sierra

    1000 kill quest bug

    You can only do this quest once a month, no matter what nation you are.
  25. Hello when i was human i did 1000 kills monthly quest in ronarkland. i have asked to gms They said when i national transfer i can get again monthly 1000 kills in ronakland. so i used national trasfered and recived quest and killed 300 kills but after monthly kill dissepeared from quest tips and monthly quest doesnt exist anymore at npc doesnt count anymore. If we can only do it only one nation why gms said that we can do it again or when everyone else did this Monthly 1000 kills on two nation . why this monthly quest exist in npc if not repetable. Could you please Help Thanks in advance Best Regards
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