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  2. why no check this zone (cheater report) 1 or maybe 2 years ago u can read many reports about the same guy and never got ban... come on
  3. Yesterday
  4. Is it possible to add items for bp?? Like +9 str/hp paper even +9 str/hp FP or chitin, im sure im not the only one who wants to see more bps around.
  5. He just knowns how to play, unlike some .. you can find a video on youtube how he plays u make sure that he is without TBL You just need hands from the right place xD
  6. we are still waiting for real cheaters get ban and never happens YouGotPwnBymyTBL still playing.... sooo wtf, you want ban ALX for bug zone? really?
  7. he got TP when he arrived is bugg zone, ALX probably he dont know anything abouth this... we can say same thing about Artemisa when he use pull skill 100% rate and he use it in bugg zones...huhh!!??
  8. sad but true, solo class still suck
  9. Last week
  10. i hope you get banned, he deserves it
  11. ALX Bug abuse in cz , cant atack , all time he use bug , we cant kill he there
  12. 83/10 kinda good make people go events now to exp
  13. any priest items basicly. pm Chayni ingame
  14. it would be nice yes, make it abit hard , but still , after every1 get 10 rebirth will be same . server its so faking tank, pk takes too long to finish ...myb u can get some more str with rebirth , but still not enouf... deleted draki pendants ?? or any item which make pk alive for 3 hours instead to finish faster. ps: when BPS will come back? bah.
  15. admins should give NPs reward for those who win events or something interesting at least to bring back players join on it.
  16. Lupine range is very short. Considering how this old game got range bugs/visual bugs, in my experience every invisible rogue I see is in range to attack me with dagger and with Jamadar (main hand) they hit me before I see them coming. lol
  17. Oh, is it new system?
  18. Would be nice to add this system also in here, to EXP actually gain some EXP..
  19. Why you remove PayPal Payment was the easiest way to buy Apex Points. For anyone in the world, Korea & Chines and America always used this Payment.. Right now there is like zero Apex Points in the server and no one uses those payment.. Please put back PayPal Payment, thanks. Greets, Eden || Melody
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