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  2. sad to hear that, could u also give some suggest what willl help ur mates then? to start again ? thats topic we talk about
  3. I have the dislike of telling about the bad experience we had... long 2 weeks ago my team and me try join again in apexko soo we think in give a chance. wasting like 2 days in get lvl cap 80 but after that we got stuck, the skills requerimients was ridiculous for a benginer users, the basic quest for things are in cz in mid of the bowl wtf??? really?? we lost 2 weeks in try to join in the BF event and for nothing... the farm spots are horrible on human side EMC ppl got monopoliced farm spots.... soo lets try farm in cz hahahahaha really its impossible farm anithing in cz for benginer users, assasins orcs keep raid all spots and kill benginers just with 1 hit.... ZZZzzz sooo lets try farm in slant, what could be worse?? xD the drop rate in slant is horrible take hours for get a few drops valued in 2-3m.... so we try buy a Prem with many characters ohh sorpriseee the fvcking rate of DC prem ''with flashh'' is the same sh1t as not having. We no longer know what could be worse? Soo lets try make a suicide party and try get some quest in ronarkland and maybe find pk.... of course we get raped for macro users, x3 range warrior atack and for more fun 80% HP requeriment for /town comand hahahahahahaha i dont know who was the one with such a great idea, I can't imagine the hours and hours they spent thinking it could be a good decision. once again the magic class was oppressed, for a change.... well that's not new to administrators, they enjoy suppressing magic classes and improving mele classes. and to end up disappointing us of the server, we were robbed by the anvil and its stupid rates... we start with 17 players.... now we are 3 but we r tired wasting days and nothing change, we stoped to play and only wait for 83 patch hoping it brings something good for new users. unfortunately there are things that never changed and that will be the cause to fail again in the same way, apparently administrators do not learn from their mistakes. ''a private server cannot be more difficult than an official one.'' think about that. @twostars @Heung @Aesteris
  4. Hi, So I bought 20$ in pus on fast play worked great the 1st time now don't work. Just keeps loading after I click amount . Please help thanks
  5. Yesterday
  6. 1 magic jewel powders already trash 2 u can still buy scrolls with lupus pendant 3 dont afraid from new players they will be ungeared not like old apex rosetta set rev9 jewels+2 weapons etc
  7. This. And mainly agree with Balu's 3rd point. Lobo-lupus-lycaon-shaula-lesath-bakirra's value won't change as people want big scrolls, tatoos, duration pots, red pots, so they will always farm certificates / these items. At this point skills doesn't have much value anyway, it's just a pain in the ass for newcomers to open them and while they are farming skills, they can't farm items, getting bored and quitted. So ye i prefer opening every skill aswell, and simply rework the daily / weekly harunga / undying quests to give like 3m or smth like that (same value as crystals have now) Oh and as for 5.: You can store the mentioned items now, the old ones still unstoreable, but oh well, use them first, and the meantime you can put the new 2k scs etc to inn already.
  8. i believe 1 day ban from events is too little. 3 day or a week i could agree on
  9. 1. Agree 2. Agree (if 1. is applied though then this is pointless i think.) 3. Disagree with this one. I think all skill should be free, that way the only thing that would be useless is magic jewel powder (which is around 3m now) and the daily quest in cz (harunga / undying. This can be easily reworked though for like 1 or 2m each quest or some other items, so it's not a problem). On the other hand lobo / lycaon / lupus pendant and tail of shaula / lesath and fang of bakirra will be still valuable just like now (20-30m each) because people will still need red pot / 2k hp / 350 ac scroll / tattoo etc. So open all skill for everyone, it won't hurt the economy and the newcomers will like it aswell. It will be enough for them to farm their armors / weapons / uniques. 4. I don't really care about eslant bosses so no comment on this one. 5. Items from pk chest is storable since last patch. "Consumables obtained from the PK chests are now account-bound, and may thus be stored freely." If you have red pot that you can't put in the inn then just go 255 int BP and use all the red pot you have and kill everyone.
  10. I agree with brook
  11. Hi guys: I´m selling Shard+8, dual roll+1, aod+1, personal dagger+2 rebirt. Check Icantouchmysoul. Only kc if you are peruvian in soles I waiting yours oferts. Pm or letter Whosyourdaddy or Icantouchmysoul
  12. Before 83 patch come out fix few things to make more balance game : 1. Make Mobs in bowl Like " bach, duke , lobo , lycaon etc " more random respawn time; theres always same people waiting same bosses every day which means no items for random bowl players. 2. Make Like cant be possible to relog with same IP from human to orc or otherwise, why? theres too much unbalance when 1 opposite side became stronger, Farmers just re log their another account just to keep farming bowl or keep camping bosses; do like at least few hours request every time u relog different NATION . 3. Skills for newcomers. If u give free skills when 83 cap comes it will make 0 merchant for opal crystal crudes, and for all those Magic powder,lycaon ,lobo etc people were farming all those months. thats not fair . if people want items before 83 patch they can always log now and start to farm. still what can be done is instead to open all skills from 60 to 80 free, you can just give like 70 skill free open then people must still go farm and re work for the rest skills. dont do same mistake like old times giving all free and ruining economy on game. more new people means more farmers more gbs incoming, not all free and easy. 4.Eslant bosses its still a joke : theres no point to camp eslant bosses, once again this the easy example how easy can be obtain " even if never drops almost " 1 of the best items in game like IN. and also here, theres always the same people killing all those bosses, not giving no1 else a chance to obtain or at least to hit 1 time thoses bosses. Most of those players before was just camping those items to sell them for real money. Like apexko staff you guys should do everything possible to give those people 0 chance to obtain easy items; one solution can be like when boss is about to respawn to let all nation know there will be in like 1 hour time respwan , at least there will be chance for every1 in same way, doest matter how many u are; second option deleted all those bosses from eslant and spam them always on moradon for both side with the announcement; 3rd but not fair for new comers , its spam them in CZ for pvp but guess this can be done later on. Zombie farm must be dead, no need those zombies pc waiting bosses always. 5.PK chest?mm ookey , what i supposed to do with 4x packs hp/ac each on invetory all time and 5x redpots + when im playing as priest?? i mean buying all time bags to put them there its kinda anoying :S make them able to be storable already , no1 will make account seal for sell with scrolls or red pots? instead dark mithril materials are good like that.
  13. HellZero

    BUY FR+1

    hi guys im searching fr+1 if any sell send me letter to KUASAR
  14. Em-re


    Nick: SarBeni
  15. 61 lvl account. Just created two hours ago. R u sure to disable Archer's Fatigue??? IP BAN please.
  16. Makes it better for new comers get some money, also people whos not able have many pcs farming or time to play. Basically no reason try sell lower items. Understand why we have it. Idea IS good and was great at that point. Can see merchants overpriced, one reason for overprice is that, people dont want sell normal price because tax is so huge. Means people won't buy. This also makes people spam trade messages to get items sold. Take off or find other solution please.
  17. Last week
  18. Estimados Apexianos! Sabemos que todos lo han estado esperando! así que finalmente lo haremos llegar! La tan esperada expansión a nivel 83 será lanzada el 2 de Octubre de 2020, a las 19:30 GMT (+2). El servidor estará en mantenimiento a partir del 2 de Octubre de 2020 a las 05:00 GMT (+2) hasta liberar la expansión Avísale a tus amigos, familiares y rivales! ~ El Equipo de Apex Gaming
  19. @Aesteris I tell my rivals what? Open acc collect 1 month certificates to open only skills then 1 month for scrolls then 1 month for items? They need better start otherwise only small part will gonna start to server. Unlock all skills then they can up to our lvl and pk straight understand kardesim?
  20. Heung

    apex points

    If you are sure that you had more Apex Points before, it means that all these, except for the remaining 500, were not directly purchased from us but rather obtained in trades, as drops etc., making their transfer to Apex Forever ineligible.
  21. DrMcStinky

    apex points

    hey apex team im pretty sure i had alot more apex points on the old server and its only showing i have 500 points in the there anyway u guys can get all my apex points before u guys made this new server
  22. Sierra


    No, read the rules before playing.
  23. xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd all i can say
  24. eleman yerde yatarken daha sağlam duruyor ayakta durduğundan
  25. Jakko


    I didn't know it was account has been completely closed.Is it possible to apply a penalty reduction?
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