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  2. Arkadaş slotta ana bacı küfür etti. Nick: Pasley
  3. Slotta arkadaş ağır küfürler etti. Nick:torbaci
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  5. Merhaba, Ban sebebiniz AFK macro ile farm yapmak değildir. İllegal yazılım kullanımı yüzünden sınırsız uzaklaştırılma cezası aldınız.
  6. Can Raptor (cannot be traded or Sold) (+7) turn into <Selfname> Two-handed Sword (+7) using PUS <Selfname> item?
  7. Macro kullanırken ban yedim GM tam beni başka bir yere çekti yetiştim hatta pm de attım k.bakmayın diye pc başındaydım yani ama banlandım ve ilk banım olmasına ve macro kullanmama rağmen 5 gün oldu hesabım açılmadı Hala mağduriyetimin giderilmesini istiyorum ID : ottokadir1
  8. 1: This is the theory when you also have 2-3 packs genie with lots of hammer,maestro pots (also 50m in your pocket) wing and 7 more players maybe clan mates (or multi client and those PUS things been included) in a party. This should be hard so there are many players who still didn't reach 80 lvl yet. It was easy to hit 70 because the game lets you done it with quests step by step and with fun ofc. But for +70 it doesn't let you done it without paying usd. Juraid is the best way to get easy coins. But people kick you from juraid and/or insult you as hell if they see you as a farmer or naked (but you look exactly like that as a beginner). The exp and farm spots are full with genie clans. By archer, you can exp there and farm +1 rappy with bus, bes so you can easily hit them +6 and reach your daily profit. Do you have any alternative way to reachy daily profit and hit 80 lvl without paying any cent in the game? 2: Please guide us about it. What would we do instead farming +1 rappy, bus, bes in dk or exp and high class items in ewil (which are always full)? Don't ask for CZ because we are still around 70 lvl and no coins in our pockets in the game recently. 3: i've tried it many times but the problem is atross. People do not touch it. (i even lured it inside a party and asked for help) But it should be worse than harungas. Or i have no luck.
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  11. As pointed by @yapsyyy this mostly just affected mages. Archers and Warriors don't really loose to much by this change since they were killing (4 or 5 mobs spots) 1 by 1 anyway. The consequence is that now these classes (and BP) can show up at any spot they want and take it. If a person was there before it doesn't matter anymore, whoever has the highest DPS will end up having the spot for themselves, whereas before the spot was, at least, contented, due to the fact that 4 or 5 mobs were spawning at the same time splitting the profit between both sides (since you can't possibly attack all the mobs at the same time, unless AoE). Now, with this change, once the spot has been cleared, mobs will respawn one at the time, thus enabling the highest DPSer to get 100% of the drops. Ever since the change this has happened to me so many times, it is frustrating. It seems like I have no option but to class change from mage to a different class in order to maintain some degree of viable farming against these type of players.
  12. Just to alert everyone don't party with these noobs (WhyNOT CLAN), they call you for Isilon in Ronark Land so you can drain for them and than when it drops you are simply out of share... I am adding some photos as evidence... Dropped ROC: I pm Peder4Minx and he simply ignored all messages Again don't party up with these scammers!! Piece, Aragami
  13. 1: You can be 0-80 in 48h afk genie in paramun with %30 exp wing. No1 exp&farm in this spot. 2: If everyone farm whatever they want for example Dark Knight, Raptors will be 1M which is mean you will waste your time on spot. 3: Atross&Riote you can even do this quest with naked character. Just go when your nation dominate bowl. You dont have to kill by urself just touch.
  14. Aynı arkadaş banada hakarette bulundu
  15. This ruins the slot for mages to nova tho. Can't you make the respawn time of mobs, if for example they are between 10-20secs now just to 15secs, so they all again spawn at the same time?
  16. Arkadaş ailevi değerlere hakaret etti. Nick: HanSoL0
  17. CZ farming, at the moment, is at roughly 3x the rates of Eslant. The change was aimed at reducing average coin per hour from all slots affected.
  18. Arkadaş ailevi değerlere hakaret etti. Nick: ElDiabloNegro
  19. You can ask, but I won't be going through the painstaking process of finding your (admittedly only once, kudos there!) screwup over the past 2 months again just to prove to you that you indeed are the scumbag I make you out to be. You may leave now, bye.
  20. Well more intance won't solve it tho. Unfortunatelly it will stay like this until genie and macro exist. As they can just come to the spot with numbers and eventually ks it, doesn't matter if it's 10 mins or 3 hours since they are not at the pc anyway. Back in the old days w/o genie and macro when ppl actually farmed, there were always empty spots as manually farming 24/7 is just not possible. But as long as you have genie, magichammer, unlimited potions and macro as well as no threat to die (not in CZ, can't be killed). You can own a spot forever which is exactly what happens. As for your topic, it's only a problem with farm. Don't try to lie and say it's hard to exp, aside from EW and DK (which ppl does for farm) every other spot, aoc, etc is free. You can also easily can get in a minion party at eslant which is even better exp than dk. So ye exp is not a problem, farm is and that's because manual farming doesn't exist and ppl just genieing. Cz farming should be way more valuable, ppl can still genie there but atleast they can't leave it there overnight as you can easily raid them. But atm eslant and cz droprate still pretty similar unfortunatelly.
  21. I don't have any other suggestions. But there's a problem about exp&farm now. Genie parties add only clan mates to their parties. If you come late to the spot, then you try KS to kser party (other than genie party) in eslant ewil and dk spots. Only way to make coins is JR for now. You can't enter the CZ with low level and low geared chars as expected. Unfortunately it gets harder to stay in the race. Hope you find a better way than adding a new instance to eslant.
  22. Evet arkadaşımız Ban sebebi için HACK denmiş ama ortada herhangi birşey yok Karakterin trade loglarına ait SS istiyoruz Hack varsa gerçekten bunu kanıtlamanız gerekir.Kolay gelsin
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