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  2. 1 year after the most horrible patch in the game ever, 90% of players of apexko leave, the economy of the server fall to the floor probably the admins dont gonna do anything now, they just let the server die slowly. the majority of users suggested that it reverse the radical changes suffered by the patch to such an extent that it became unplayable, a year later the facts proved us right, unfortunately the administrators are very stubborn and hardheaded do not understand reasons, probably humanity will perish before they change their minds 不不
  3. renesmerr would be disappointed
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    Bushlaff KingTeram Camwhoore AlexanderWalker Justmros
  6. Last week
  7. SELL ROUGE KROWAZ SET +11 pm me forum krowaz sat覺l覺r yan覺nda tak覺 setde hediye edilir 2000 kc lik
  8. What better time to help bring more ppl back into the game.. Most of the world are stuck at home and some paces will be at home for many months to come.. Nice time to try work a little maybe 1 hour a day into game and bring life back into it
  9. check check why can't log in? hurry up check plz~
  10. Should all be updated now. Thanks for your patience.
  11. This is nothing wrong on your end, its the Allowed countries feature we have thats not updated properly. Well get on in right away.
  12. Quarantine in apex, not allow for espanyole kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  13. this is the mensage "! help me '"! help me
  14. hey Master must 覺 talk about money for your interest dont you intresting players without money ???
  15. Earlier
  16. congrats !!! nice pvp video! Can you sign my mousepad bro?
  17. Sierra

    Unable to buy KC

    Are you using Mastercard? That probably wont work sadly.
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