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  2. Wintrading

    Sick's Buying / Selling

    Lailik Elden gidiyeah
  3. Wintrading

    Dark knight

    TukeOwnz sucks i won him 1vs1 with hellblade and iron impact for 50k kc and i think best way to make this server active is spawn more harunga in bowl. kkthxbb
  4. TukeOP

    Dark knight

    Tons of fans over here gg ❤️
  5. TukeOP

    Tuke Selling Items

    up up
  6. Yesterday

    ----- SELL ELITE ITEM LIST -----

    š§Ö÷¦¦æò‰“Æž ¦¼¶-
  8. Last week
  9. Dragon

    Dark knight

    Still no answer from admins... All the time that was problem minimum support from admins
  10. BroOk

    Dark knight

    yes more farm will bring alot alot players to this old server sure. need new event like deadmatch daily bonus in cz and activity from gms on ronark land in wars . make red pots alive already .. give sins the power they supposed to do and make warrior dmg fair once. darkness good idea with the fair stun for rogues and the fair dmg for priest will be good to see. but GL doubt some1 will even read our suggest.
  11. fuckyou

    Dark knight

    Delete TukeOwnz's all accounts. It's enough to make all server balanced/happy. -Just an idea.
  12. popo1783

    Dark knight

    lol .......... come on , don't be silly where are the new players?????(this is problem) I just saw some people out but not new players in ...
  13. ImmortalOne

    Dark knight

    no need dark knight ingame the problem is old players with full items +11 they should open upgrade to +14/15/16 for everything and let old players burn those all +11 krowaz weapons/armor this would balance market +change drop list from medals/chests or add new farm spot
  14. ImmortalOne

    rogue uniqes

  15. Dragon

    Dark knight

    Hi guys, I suggest to increase drop rate for utc weapons materials and add dark knight items in game. No one buy krowaz weapons this days u need shout days and cant sell it after days of shout. We need New items here badly. UTC once Weekly (3 times if u can join but hardly) only item easy to sell this Day is moonlight fragments and jamadar. Comounity should add utc 3 days per week and open dark knight weapons to farm too. Lets hear ur oppinons guys. Thx have a nice time.
  16. Succinict

    CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO

    You noob melodi bot


  18. BabySh0ckeR

    Buy>kro warrior helmet+11 rev

  19. IIIAmJohnWick

    ScreenShot Movie -- IAmJohnWick Sold ! Goodbye Apexko/ApexGaming <3

    Thanks bro ! ❤️
  20. IIIAmJohnWick

    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie

    Good movie ! Amazing Edits ! ❤️ - IAmJohnWick
  21. TukeOP

    Tuke Selling Items

  22. popo1783

    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie

  23. Humburger

    S>Chaos baal +11 [10000KC]

    As topic says.

    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie

    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie
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