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Staff expectations/requirements: please read before posting!


General information

As a staff member at ApexKO, no matter what your role is, your ultimate task is to help the server and its community to continue thriving.
This, in a nutshell, is why we're all here. All of us want the server to succeed, despite any kind of problem we may experience along the way.

Sharing this attitude is an absolute requirement for being a staff member here. =]

It makes sense then that for game master & forum moderator positions, we require you to be an existing active member of the community. If you're already helping people/the server, we can see firsthand that you share our attitude and will for the server to succeed.

Game master & forum moderator positions heavily require a social aspect; that is, answering questions from the community and relaying information to other staff members.
As a game master or forum moderator, whether intended or not, everything you say is said on behalf of the entire staff.
That is, whatever you say is reflected upon the entire staff and in some cases may be treated as fact (coming from a staff member) rather than the intended personal opinion.

As such, staff members are expected to keep a friendly attitude towards all players at all times and, while we don't expect you to remain silent, you are expected to be extra careful with what you say in public (if unsure, you can query Aesteris or twostars on whether you think it's acceptable / not open for interpretation). So just think twice about anything you post; we just don't want anyone misunderstanding anything. :)

Forum moderator

As a forum moderator, your job entails:

- Monitoring & moderating the shoutbox, keeping players up-to-date in times of downtime and answering any questions that they have.
- Ensuring all mentioned bugs are reported correctly in the bug reports section, and relaying any issues of concern to administrators (Aesteris or twostars).
- Moderating and responding to players via regular forum threads.
- Keeping the forums organised so that players can find relevant information (e.g. via pinned topics).

Game master

As a game master, your job entails:

- Monitoring & moderating the ingame chat, keeping players up-to-date when there's large-scale issues (i.e. that players are asking about repeatedly), and answering any questions they may have (via PM or otherwise).
- Ensuring all mentioned bugs are reported correctly in the bug reports section, and relaying any issues of concern to administrators (Aesteris or twostars).
- Monitoring events to ensure there's no issues (and if so, reporting them to an admin promptly), and dealing with them if possible (e.g. players AFK'ing in events).
- Being available to look out for cheaters and look into any players that have been reported. These players should be dealt with as per our punishment guidelines; if unsure, an administrator should be contacted.
- Running any pre-organised events.

Applying for staff

To apply for a staff position, you will be expected to submit a brief application containing the following:

Position being applied for (forum moderator or Game Master):
Experience (both Knight Online and any relevant experience you have related to the position you're applying for):
Known language(s) [written] (English is a must):
Availability (in general, which days and for how many hours you're able to perform this role):
Contact info (preferably Skype):
Time(s) we're able to contact you:

Following submission, we'll get in touch with you to work out specifics, including payment details.

Please note that you will be expected to perform this role for the times we've agreed upon on applying. An exception here or there is fine (so be sure about the times you provide), so if you're unable to make these times, an admin should be notified so we can deal with it appropriately.

Additionally, for the first 2 weeks staff will undergo a trial process, so that we can assess how well you fit into the team.
During this trial period, you will be paid at half the regular wage (which will be discussed with you personally).

Finally, thankyou very much for taking the time to read this post. We very much look forward to working with you!