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Incoming Changes to Drops and EXP

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Hey everyone!


Now that fishing and mining has been 'nerfed', we feel it's more important than ever to revise drop rates and EXP rates on monsters.


Therefor, we're re-evaluating the EXP monsters give, and drop rates associated to the monsters by their difficulty to kill.


We strive to get most (if not all) monster in-line with each other so that each of them become 'worthwhile' to farm (or EXP on).


These changes won't come overnight as a significant amount of (manual) calculations go into this to ensure we don't screw them up.


In most cases this will entail the higher tier of a family to be boosted, as those should be the ones parties want to farm, as we believe the lower ends are fine as-is.


When changes are made they will be announced and we'll want to hear your feedback on them!


Thank you for playing Apex KO and supporting us the way you guys do!

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