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Weekend events (10/07/2015 ~ 13/07/2015)

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Hey everyone!


During this weekend we'll be holding a 50% EXP event for everyone to enjoy, furthermore we'll be hosting 2 Lunar Wars :






Furthermore, King nominations and elections will be held starting from 00:00 server time on the 11th (for nomination), 00:00 server time on the 12th (for election), and finish 00:00 server time on the 13th!


We hope everyone will enjoy themselves this weekend, there's a possibility of a kill the GM event on Sunday - more details on that later!


The newcomer event has ended, however we believe we should keep this event running for everyone to enjoy - it has helped us grow quite a bit!


Changes to the newcomer event package (from here on out) can be done at any point and at our sole discretion (we will be announcing any changes to it when we do so), so if you haven't yet claimed it - be sure to do so!


Have a great weekend!

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I have just read the change logs & event post and im really happy for the changes. This is definitely the correct road for a server to move on with.


Now it's up for the players to adapt to these changes and more importantly try them out. I'm pretty sure EW & DK -farm is worth doing now since +1 high class weapons still have good value.


Keep it up!





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Glad to see king nominations :)


Will we soon have our first csw? <-- Favorite event lol

true that, remember the good old days man, MH + HF in csw, hahaha omg we raped that shit man

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