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we know same us ko but maybe

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We are tired of mage damage problem. Please don't say us same Official KO. Mage damage should be fixed because mage damage is so low and mele is powerful.


sin's critical rate to much always %90 sometimes %110 pls help us, archer stun or slow never working


help us thank you

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2 hours ago, TheSupplier said:

Topminds of apex such as kissofneo already spoken deal with it

Top minds 😐 i think not....    I found mage to be weak in server  but as  usko was  there were  low ac  cast fail easy.

Sins have to many fails on skills  but  in usko was alot as well ...


Im no one special in game but happy to play any char in game  and i do play all     better on some that others   and i know if i can make Ns on a mage survive get kills  anyone can  same with Sin  warrior priest portu  archer .

It snot gear items   its the player  have to be smart and play to what is best for yourself .

Skill change  can only  cause trouble for next ones to want more damage and it never ends....

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