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Sick's Buying / Selling

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                                                                                                              ~-< SELLING >-~
  Taking Serious Offers!i!i!i!i!
                       Willing to trade for Full Warrior Or Rogue Items!


Priest Krowaz SET +11
Priest Holy Knight Helmet +11
Priest Trial SET +11/19 INT


Ruahue +11-[Strongest Attack 1H Mace in Game for Int BP]-
Lycaon Hammer +11
Garges Mace +11
Bombastic Leonard +11
Holy Animor +14
Stone Splitter +14
Smite Hammer +14
Undefeatabal Baal +11

Garges Shield +11
Adaga +11
Gab's Blessing +11
Scorpion Shield +14
Defender of the Lord +14
Juraid Shield +14


x2 Ring of the Felenkor +3
x2 Legionnaire Band +3
x2 Secret-Silver Earring +3
x2 White-Silver Earring +3
x2 Golden Earring +3
Iron Belt +3
Glass Belt +3
Light Belt of Life +3
Amulet of Goddess +3
Elemental Necklace +3
S.S.S Int


                                                                                                              ~-< BUYING >-~





PM 'Sick' Here or in Game

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