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I really appreciate the initiative, I do.
But what is there to stream? The idea is to advertise the server to bring more people, and right now, what I just watched, will have the opposite effect, guaranteed. 

You, running around an empty CZ, killing a few AFK players while hitting some mobs in the bowl. All the things people don't want to see in a server.

Now, this is not your fault, not at all, the server has entered into a stage that I don't even know what to call it anymore and I hate to be cynical, specially when people is just trying to help, but if you really want this stream to have a positive effect towards the server progression I'd say stick to streaming CSW and Wars, join a clan that can put some nice footage in there and show that instead.

Apologies for being so blunt, just my two cents.

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Oh no, I get it. But, believe it or not I was streaming during peak today and got several PMs via Twitch about the server. I completely understand what your saying though. It's nothing fun to watch a full geared priest solo with no PK. I don't go to War or CSW. I've been solo lately and I have been enjoying myself tbh. I get what you mean though 100% and I appreciate the feedback. Good content = more viewers which then equals more followers,questions and new players. Again, thank you for the feedback, for a minute I thought I was going crazy because I'd always end up streaming doing laps in CZ LOL.

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