Server is down for extended maintenance to replace a problematic disk drive which is causing lag (requiring pulling data off an existing RAID array and reinstalling the operating system).
It is expected our provider will begin this procedure at 9:00 AM server time (UTC+2), so before then we need to ensure all of our raw data is backed up for quick restoration.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE (15/11/2018 10:40 AM UTC+2): Everything is backed up, however provider has yet to commence hardware changes. Waiting on them at this point.
UPDATE (15/11/2018 05:45 PM UTC+2): Provider hasn't yet started. They asked for confirmation, which they received but haven't yet begun as of this time.
It will likely be down for several hours longer, while we sleep and they hopefully do their thing - eventually (we waited around as long as we could). Sorry for the inconvenience.
UPDATE (16/11/2018 12:00 AM UTC+2): We've (finally) been told that due to unexpected technical limitations, our intended setup isn't actually possible.
So instead, we've been forced to swap another storage drive to the same SSD, and bump both of them up as they're too small for our needs if both are required to be the same (installed independently, not in a RAID together).
This is a lot less ideal, but it'll do for now until we can re-evaluate and perhaps start looking at other providers in future (again. RIP).

We'll update this again once they update us further (which they may not do until after they're done, judging by their previous update). Thanks for your patience.