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Patch notes (29/01/2018)

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  • Removed Christmas decorations from Moradon. This should fix the issues with the arenas.
  • Added various new items to the [Gear Dispenser] in Moradon.


  • Moved our servers to a new, more stable provider (located in a similar place, so regular latency shouldn't be affected).
  • Upgraded our hardware for further increased performance.
  • Upgraded most of the software we rely on (and operating systems).
  • Removed Cloudflare. Their nodes are often the cause for our website timing out, so this should solve these issues.
  • With Cloudflare removed, setup our own SSL certificates for complete endpoint-to-endpoint encryption.
  • Improved backend database communications, removing a couple of bottlenecks.
  • Switched over to using SendGrid for sending emails, instead of our own mail server. This should greatly improve receive times and deliverability. The forums are also using this.
  • Updated our backup strategy. We've increased how far back our backups extend to, increased the frequency of our incremental backups and allowed for exact point-in-time recovery. The performance hit during these backups should also be even less noticeable now.
  • Updated the compiler the game server's using. This should hopefully improve performance as key logic should now be correctly optimised.
  • Made some tweaks to the website:
    • Resetting seal & VIP storage passwords now behaves like most other requests. You can only initiate one request at a time, and you must click the link in the email for the passwords to change. This helps avoid a lot of the confusion when resetting these, as they could previously be spammed (and thus changed many different times to many different things).
    • Pending emails no longer expire. This was also a source of confusion that not even the website handled correctly in a couple of cases.
    • For pending email reset requests that did expire, a new one will be automatically created on login.
    • Reworked caching. Things should behave a lot more consistently and cause far less issues.
    • Improved general site security and access.

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